The Lark


Rachel Pribble

The Lark is a big red beautiful ship. It has 3 stories in it. It takes at least 15 people + 2 captains to run the ship. The Lark is owned by an old couple named: George and Colette.


George inherited the Lark when his father died of a heartache in the early 1940's. George's mother drowned and died when he was only a man of 20 years old. George was the only child in his family, that is why he inherited the Lark. George is a very kind generous man. He now has a wife named Collette, and has 5 children: 2 boys, named Jacob and Andrew, + 3 girls, named Audrey, Collette Jr. and Elizabeth, who are all grown up now. George and Collette's 50th wedding anniversary is coming up soon in November. George is 68 years old and Collette is 66 years old.


George and Collette live in Virginia. George and Collette are both going away this week for their 50th wedding anniversary; they are going to Hawaii for a whole week! They are going on the Lark the whole way (because there were no airplanes then). The name of the island where they come into a storm and get shipwrecked is called Grizzly Island and its called that because there are a lot of grizzly bears on that island. The island is very pretty with lots of green trees. But it's also very dangerous because of all the grizzly bears.


Collette has 3 brothers and 2 sisters and her parents are both still alive. Collette is 66 years old. Collette, like George, is also very kind and generous. Collette had a twin sister but she died a long time ago during a tornado. Collette was born in Florida and moved to Virginia when she was 12 years old where she met George.

Dream: Captain Vince

George and Collette are on their way to Hawaii!!

Just when everything was going so perfectly, George fell asleep and started to dream about Captain Vince, the mysterious pirate who sinks other ships and gathers lots of riches. Now, George and Collette are both very wealthy. George is dreaming that he and Collette are sailing on the water. They suddenly run into the big ship named: The Courageous The Courageous is much bigger than the Lark. Captain Vince now sees it very easy to sink! George is now suddenly afraid and begs captain Vince to spare he and Collette. George offers Captain Vince all the money they have along with the Lark, in exchange for their life. Captain Vince does not agree and takes all their money anyway and sinks the Lark with George and Collette on board. Captain Vince runs away, never to be seen again.