Only a Dream Away


Olivia Gage


Today my family and I are getting a new boatload of people in. We are going to Okinawa, Japan. I've never been so maybe my mom and dad will let us stop to get traditional sushi! Mmm! Honolulu, Hawaii, was beautiful (that is where we are dropping/picking up the people). The sky turned kind of a pinkish orange color since the sun was setting. The smell of the ocean just filled your lungs and I just loved the sea breeze against my face, I felt like I was in paradise. It wasn't long before my mom Alex said to me, "Vada, stop daydreaming and help us greet the guests," My parents hired people to help us on the ship so it wasn't just four people working, more like 15-20 people.

"Oh, yeah, sure" I popped the daydreaming bubble and greeted the guests by saying things like 'Aloha' and 'Is there anything I can do for you (ma'am or sir)'. I was used to the servant life by now. I greeted a really rude kid who spilt his drink on my shoes, on purpose! I could tell because he had that smug look on his face. I could understand if it was a little kid, but no this kid was about my age maybe a bit older! Ugh, every new load there is always a kid like that, and then the spoiled brat princess was next. She didn't even make eye contact; she only started yelling at her father to buy her more stuff! People these days are so inconsiderate! It took forever to get through with greeting the people. It was almost dark, and I got to greet the last person while everyone else was showing the people to their rooms. "Aloha" I said.

"Aloha to you to," said a boy that was about my age. He was kind of tall but not a giant. He had blonde hair and blue eyes that matched the color of the sea, and a twinkle in his smile.

"May I take your bags sir," I asked. Hopefully he didn't notice the soda stains of my shoes.

"Oh, no it's okay. And my name is Blake" He put one hand out for me to shake.

"Vada" I shook his hand back. "Let me show you to your room" But before that I gave a sign to my dad that it was all good to sail off.

"WAIT! WAIT!" I heard a loud screech, I looked over my shoulder and I saw a kid run towards the ship. I had a walkie-talkie on me and told my dad to stop (I knew that he wouldn't see me if I signaled him). As my dad was backing up the guy ran and jumped on the boat. The boat had to be at least 5 feet away from dock and he just barely made it on. "Hey thanks for waiting," He said looking at me and out of breath; he wasn't being sarcastic with his comment because I could tell he was truly grateful. "Thanks for leaving me behind, Blake" he said coldly.

"Dude, I thought you were on," He said. I could defiantly tell they were brothers.

"Uh, aloha" I said trying to make this less awkward. "May I take your bags sir."

"No thanks I got it," He kind of looked like his brother but he had brown hair and green eyes, and yes a faint twinkle in his smile. "Jaden," He said with his hand out.

Of course I shook it since I had to be polite. "Vada. I will show you and your brother to your cabin. Do you both have separate rooms?"

"Yes mine is 105 on the third floor I think" said Blake.

"And 137 on the third floor too," said Jaden.

I had to look in the room board and see if the information they gave me was correct. "Blake C. Hunter and Jaden E. Hunter, is this correct?" I said.

"Yep" They both said at the same time.

"Okay follow me," I said with a smile on my face. First I showed Jaden his, then Blake's. They both said thank you and now I was off. Only a half hour left until I get to swim in the pool and then go to bed.

"Yo, Vada" I heard my brother Jack say. He was over by the Snack Away Tikki Bar polishing the counter.


"Can you give me a hand? There is a case of fruits in the back, can you get them for me?"


After getting all 20 crates of assorted fruits the ship was closing and the people were ordered to stay in their cabins unless needed to come out. I went to my cabin put my bathing suit on and swam for a while. I got out of the pool and took a shower. When I was out and dressed for bed I heard a knock on my door. It was my mom. "Vada go to bed okay?" said my mother Alex.

"Okay Mom." I said in reply. I went up to my Cabin and laid in my bed. It usually takes me a while to go to sleep, but when I finally did I had a reoccurring dream. I have it every night but it sometimes changes.

"Vada are you awake?" said a mysterious voice. I could tell it was a man but could never see him.

"Mhm," I said so tiredly.

"Vada do you remember last nights dream? What I said to you?" he said very desperately. You could tell by they way he was talking he did not have a lot of time to talk before I awakened.

"Not really. All I remember is you telling me about an old Infirmary," I said more awake this time.

"Good, good. Now tomorrow when you wake up, go to the old Infirmary. Okay?" he said more excited.

"Okay...? But why do I have to go there? Isn't this just a dream?" I asked. "I checked this ship a million times and never came across an old Infirmary. Maybe this is just a dream and I shouldn't go looking," I said. I was very confused. The man was very convincing, but it was just a dream... wasn't it?

"No! No! It's not just a dream!" he lowered his voice to a more soothing tone. "Trust me you will find out soon. It will all make sense, but for right now you just have to trust me okay?"

"How can I trust someone who I can't even see? Who knows if this is just my imagination. I don't even know your name or who you are or where you are from. If you can answer my questions... I might believe you," I said with a more firm tone.

"I'm... I'm Marshal King, the boats original owner," he said.

"Marshal King? Really? Now I know I'm making this up. Marshal King? Ha, ha! Marshal King died over 122 years ago! Ha, ha! Good night figment of my imagination. Good night!" then I whispered to myself "Ha, ha! Good night Marshal King. Ha, ha,"

"If you will let me explain. It's all true, yes I died 122 years ago, but no one knows the real story," Then I saw one foot come out of the shadows. Then came legs; a torso, and a whole body... It looked exactly like Marshal King. He didn't look like a ghost nor a real person, but he did look solid. It was amazing! "When I was on this boat for the last time is was May 26, 1890 and my family and I got a new boat load of people in. One of them was a witch, a witch named Lady Helga. Now Lady Helga, she told me to kill my family or she would kill me and set my son, daughter and wife to an Island where they can never leave. I don't believe in witches and I don't think they are real, but some how she got out of a jail I put her in-"

"Wait, did you notice if she had any pointy things, like a needle?" I said very curiously.

"Yes, I saw a needle in her clothes. Why?"

"And was there a lock on it for her to reach?"

"Yes. But-"

"That's how she got out. She used her needle to unlock the jail,"

"Oh- Well anyway back to my story. She snuck into my room, put her hand over my mouth so I wouldn't yell and said 'Say good-bye to your family' and stabbed me in the heart. Then I don't know what happened next. She might have done what she said to my family but I had no way of knowing," he said with tears filling up in his eyes.

"So shouldn't you have gone to Heaven or Hell? You're a Christian right?"

"I thought the same thing, and yes I am. The only thing I remember is someone telling me I had to do something. Then bada bing bada boom I am stuck here unless I can do what the person told me,"

"This doesn't make sense at all. Was it God who told you to do something? And what is this something?"

"I don't know if it was God. All I know is that I have to do something, and you need to help me,"

Okay now I'm really confused "Okay what do I have to do?"

"You need to go to the old Infirmary, there you will find a Chest. It will have engraved on it 'The Way To Your Loved Ones Is Only A Dream Away.' Don't open it just bring it to your room. Then when you go to bed you must hold it in your arms, and I will tell you what to do then,"

"Okay... What is the Chest supposed to do?" I asked

"Send me to my loved ones."

"Vada wake up its morning," said my mom. Let the adventure begin. "Vada are you okay your sweating. Are you sick?"

"No, no, I'm fine," I said.

"Okay you have ten minutes to get ready and at 6:00 am we are opening early okay?" She said, she was trying to hurry since she had other things to do before the people awoke.

"Yep," I would have asked why we were opening early but I thought I shouldn't. I got out of bed got into my uniform, pulled up my hair and put on the tiniest amount of makeup. My mom wants me to wear it but I am personally fine with the natural look. I looked at my computer and looked at what I had to do for school today. I had five minutes to kill why not start on math. I read over my lesson and finished with my practice in time for me to go meet my parents on the skydeck.

"Vada honey, go help your brother wash the floors," my mom said. Ugh! That was my least favorite job to do! But I had to do it with no question.

I went over there with a bucket of hot soapy water and washed next to my brother. "Hey Jack" I said to him.

"Hey Vada" he said, it looked like he wasn't happy. Maybe it was because of the morning. After cleaning the floors with the awkward silence between a brother and sister it was time to open.

I was over by the tour guide counter when Blake came up to me. "Hey" he said with a smile.

"Hello, Blake. Are you here to sign up for a tour of our boats history?" I said. There was no other reason why he would come up to me right?

"Oh, um, yes. When will it be?" he said.

I looked down at my clipboard and saw all of the times that were available. "Well do you want to have the tour in the morning or afternoon?"

"Well when do you give the tours?" he said.

"In the mornings," I said.

"Okay then what time?"

"There's one at 8:15, 9:10, 10:00, and finally 11:00," As I looked up from the clipboard I could see a line of people wanting to sign up.

"Um, how about 9:10" He said

"Okay thank you. Have a great day" I said. I was obligated to say those stupid words, and all he did was smile.

As the people came up the list kept growing and growing. After a while I had put a sign up that said 'Morning tours all booked up, please sign here for afternoon tours, thank you. Have a wonderful day.' I finished giving the 8:15 tour and I had ten minutes to spare. I was over by the Snack Away Tikki Bar; I already asked my mom if it was okay until I went back to the tours, she said it was fine. I drank a caramel espresso, with cream and a dash of cinnamon (my secret recipe). It was delicious. As I took my first sip I got cream mustache not knowing of course, when Jaden tapped my shoulder. "Hey- Oh you got a little something," he said to me pointing to his upper lip. I took a napkin and wiped it off. "Um, I was wondering if there was any openings in the next tour you do,"

"Um let me check, follow me please," I took my coffee and headed over to my station, and he followed. "It doesn't look like there is any space left, but if a person doesn't show up on name call then you can come. I will put you down on the waiting list. If this doesn't work out would you like to go to the afternoon tours?"

"Okay thank you, and that's fine," He waved good-bye, and I waved good-bye.

My break was up, and I had to do 3 more tours. I roll called everyone and one person wasn't there so Jaden could come on the tour. "Hello and welcome to La Bella Vita Historical Tour, I'm Vada Wolf I will be your tour guide for this evening. If anybody needs to go to the bathroom and or needs to leave for some reason please notify one of our staff that will be accompany me on you tour, thank you. If you would like to ask question just please raise your hand," I said with a smile. I always had to say that every single tour! "Okay, on to your tour. La Bella Vita was built around the year 1885. Marshal King was the boat's owner/ builder. Marshal King built it in only one month with the help of his son, Mathew. Marshal King was married to Martha in the year 1865. They had two children, Mackenzie, and Mathew King. Historians say that Marshal had a lot of financial problems, so he made this ship to help get money. And he named this boat La Bella Vita. La Bella Vita, is Italian for Beautiful life. Around May of 1890 Marshal king and his family died. People don't know for sure if he was murdered or if he killed his wife and children and then himself. The wife's body and as well as the children's bodies were never found but Marshal's was. He lay in his Captain Cabin, with a dagger in his heart. Many people believe that he threw them overboard and animals in the ocean ate them or it simply just decayed, but no one knows for sure," After I finished all my tours I went looking for the Old Infirmary.

"Vada, could you please go down to the second floor and nail these carefully into the walls?" My mother asked.

"Sure" I said in reply.

I went down and nailed signs on the wall. I was doing them one by one, I nailed the last sign, and I heard hollowness in the wall. I banged lightly and what I heard before was the same. I banged on another part of the wall but this time farther down and it didn't sound the same. Then a door opened. I walked in and heard "Vada? What are you doing?" It was my mom.

"I was nailing in the signs when this door opened... What is in there?" I asked, I thought maybe she would know.

"I don't know but don't go in there. It might no be safe," she said very worried. I backed away, but I had to know what was in there, I just had to.

When we were closing the boat again later that night, I told my mom that I was going to bed early. I was lying to her, and I headed towards that secret door. I banged on it like I did before and it opened. I went inside and turned on a flashlight that I had on me. I looked around and then saw a chest! I found the infirmary! I looked on the chest and it had engraved on it:
The Way To Your Loved Ones Is Only A Dream Away.
It was what my dream said it would say! I quickly put it into my bag and headed out. I closed the door and went to my room. I took a quick shower and went to bed. "Vada?! You did it! You did it!" said Marshal.


"Yeah I guess so, so what know?" I asked

"Open it Vada and say what it says on the chest," he said very happily.

I opened it "The way to your loved ones is only a dream away," at first nothing happened then it felt like we were going through a whirlpool, then ­Whoosh- my face was planted in sand. I thought to myself 'Vada what did you do?!'.

I thought to myself 'Vada what did you do?!'

It felt like I was unconscious but when I felt the ocean water splashing on my feet I knew I was okay. I lifted my head, while spitting out sand. There was someone in front of me. It looked like they might have just swum in the ocean because sand was sticking to its feet. I think I might have stood up too quickly because I fell into the person's arms. When my eyes finally focused on the person, I could see it was a boy. He was quite muscular, with shaggy brown hair, and hazel eyes. He looked like he was fifteen or sixteen. His lips were moving but I couldn't focus on what he was saying. I think I might have blacked out because when I awakened I was in a room, or a tent. It looked like a tent, but it had doors. "Hello? Can you hear me?" said the same kid.

"Mhm," I said. "Where am I?" I asked the boy.

"You're in our little hospital," He said flashing a light in my eyes.

"What are you doing to me?" I said pushing his hand away from my eyes. "What happened?"

"Whoa! I'm just trying to see if you eyes are dilating okay. Don't worry I wont hurt you. And you're on the island of Wanna-Hock-A-Loogie," his voice kind of reminded me of Marshal's... Wait where is Marshal? Where are my mom and dad? Where's my brother? I had to get out of here.

"Oh that's nice..." I said then got up from my bed and headed straight for the door. I twisted the knob and pushed it, it didn't work! I tried pushing it again, until I realized that I had to pull it! Duh! I pulled it and pulled it nothing happened! I'm locked in! "Let me out! Let me out!" I screamed. I banged the door as hard as I could. Someone slid the door open, and I accidentally banged the person on the head. I was about to run out but the guy caught me before I could.

"It's okay, calm down. It's okay," He said picking me up so my hands were pinned to my side. He was really strong! All I wanted to do was find my family and leave. I was squirming and squirming, until I kicked him in the groin to let me loose, and I ran over the guy that I just punched in the head... "Ow! Ow!" is all I could hear from that guy. I felt really bad but I had to do it. Now that I knew how to open up the doors, I finally got outside.

"Mom?! Dad?! Jack?! Marshal?!" I yelled maybe someone would hear me. Then I bumped into someone. He caught me and I saw that it was Marshal. "Marshal help me!" I said grabbing tight to his shirt and crying. My head was pressed up against his chest.

"Vada, it's okay," he said putting his hand on my head. "You're going to be okay. These people are trying to help you. Trust me, okay?" he said.

"Okay... But where is my family?" I said. The tears slowly started to stop and I looked up at him.

"They are getting help, to make sure that they are not hurt," he said. "Now let's go back to the room that you were just in to make sure you're fine, okay?" he said.

"Okay..." We walked back to my room Marshal saw what I did to these two guys. The guy that I kicked was still on the floor moaning.

Marshal looked at me, then said, "What did you do to these people?" he said very shocked that a girl like me could fight, and win against two guys.

"Um... Cute story, I thought that they were going to hurt me so I kicked that guy in the groin," I said pointing to the guy still moaning on the floor! "And accidentally punched that guy in the head..." then pointed to the other guy.

"How can you accidentally punch someone in the head?" Marshal asked me.

"Well I was banging on the door and while I was banging he opened the door and... yeah," I said. Marshal helped the guy I punched off the floor and onto the bed I was just on, while I helped the moaning one. "Hey... Um... I'm sorry that I hit you... I thought you were going to hurt me..." I said helping him into a chair.

"Yeah, I kind of figured that when you were trying to run out of here!" he said. Great first impression huh? "You put quite a fight there,"

"Yeah, my dad taught me how to defend myself if I ever felt threatened..." I said.

"Well your dad taught you well," he said. It took a little while, but then he finally recovered.

"Um, what's your name?" I asked.

"Sawyer. You?" he said.

"Vada," I said. "Where is my family?"

"I don't know. I was just taking care of you," he said.

"Well I need to find them," I said "Is this island really called Wanna-Hock-A-Loogie?"

"Yes. Don't worry this will all make sense at dinner,"

"Okay," I said.

Dinner came around, and I had fish, and I think they said snake. It was really good! There were a lot of people at the place we were sitting at the table. There had to be at least 12 people (not including me). Sawyer was next to me, and my brother was too. "So what is this place? How did we get here?" I asked.

"Well Vada, remember when I would tell you things in your dream?" said Marshal. "Well I was making a plan so I could trick you into getting me here," he said.

"You tricked me?! Why?" I said so angry, sad, and confused.

"I wanted to be with my family, and this was the only way, I'm sorry... I had to," he said "And you helped me, and I'm sorry that I had trick you but I couldn't stand being away from my family for another second," he said.

"Vada you did this?" asked my father.

"Well I guess but I didn't mean to! Marshal has been coming into my dreams for as long as I can remember. When I was nailing up signs that mom told me to, I found another room with a chest that Marshal told me about. Mom told me not to go in but, I did and I opened the chest and said what Marshal told me to say. And I guess I wasn't thinking about what could happen if I did, and when I did I guess we ended up here..." I said looking down at the sand.

"Please don't blame this on Vada, it was me. I was the one who tricked her and made her do this," Marshal said to my parents. I was glad and still angry. Glad because at least I wouldn't take all of the blame and angry because he tricked me.

"I think everyone needs some shut eye and we can continue our conversation later okay?" said a man that was at the head of the table.

As I got up I raised my hand and said, "Quick question, where can we take showers," I asked.

"Nikki will show you," he said.

After we all got up a girl with strawberry blonde hair, and blue eyes came up to me, "Hey, I'm Nikki," she said.

"Vada..." I said.

"I heard what you did to my brother," she said.

"Sawyer is your brother?" I asked. They looked nothing alike.


"Oh, I am so sorry..." I wasn't really sorry, but I wanted to be polite.

"Oh don't worry. It's okay. I would've done the same thing if I were in your shoes," She seemed really nice. "Okay so showers, we don't have plumbing so this is what we do. We go to the ocean with a bucket, we fill it up with water, and pour it into this," she pointed to some kind of homemade shower. "Then when it's at this mark, you come into the "shower", and you pull this side ways and water comes out,"

"Okay what about soap? And shampoo,"

"We don't have those things... maybe you still have some on your ship," Yeah maybe I did. I went over to the ship that had minor damage, and headed in.

"What are you doing?" I looked over my shoulder and saw Sawyer.

"What do you think I'm doing, I'm getting something," I said. I wasn't trying to be mean or sarcastic but why else would I go in.

"Well you should never go anywhere by yourself, you might get hurt," he said. With a smug look, and a sarcastic tone.

"I think I can survive a few splinters. Plus I kicked your butt this morning," I said. If he starts being mean I'm not going to stand there and take it, I'm not a push over.

"I should probably go in there with you just to make sure that you'll be okay, you don't want to break a nail," he said. You could definitely tell he was trying to avoid what happened this morning.

"Whatever," He was trying to be cool by doing this weird jump, but he lost his balance and fell right on his butt. I started laughing, "Smooth. Are you sure I don't have to watch out for you?"

"Ha, ha, very funny," he said. "What are you looking for,"

"Soap, shampoo, and my clothes. If you want you can go into all of the cabins, and go into their bathrooms and get them. When I'm done with my room, I'll meet you on the last floor, we might get more supplies there," I said.

"Um... Okay," he said. "Where are these cabins?"

"Second floor," I said. "Hurry, I want to get out of here before dark,"

Once he left I went into my room. I saw all my posters that my dad would get me for my birthday when we would dock, and I had to stay on the ship. I saw all the things I made, things I wanted to do... I can't believe twelve words, and a chest, could change my whole life forever. When I got on my bed I lifted my mattress and got a book. The book said 'Vada's Journal for her eyes only! I clutched my Journal in my arms and started to cry. I can't believe that my life was gone because I was careless and stupid... "Hey do- Vada... What's wrong?" said Sawyer, who barged in my room with his arms full of soap, and shampoo.

I quickly stopped my crying, and wiped my eyes, "Nothing! Why are you here?" I said. I had a little sass in my tone, I didn't mean to, he was being nice I guess I just didn't want him to see my cry.

"I was just wondering if you had a bag for all of this," he said lifting his arms. One thing of soap dropped, and when he reached for it all of them did! But he still had one left in his hand. How could he be a jerk one minute and then turn into a sweet guy the next?

I got a duffel bag out from under my old bed and said, "Here... I didn't mean to snap at you"

"It's okay. But do you mind telling me why you were crying," he seemed so sweet and sensitive. Was I with the same guy?

"I was just thinking about what would've happened if I hadn't done all of this What it would be like if my dad had never even bought this ship..." after he picked up all of the shampoo and soap, he sat down next to me with his eyes focused on me, really listening to what I was saying. I've never had that happen to me before It felt nice.

"Well if you hadn't done all of this you wouldn't have met me," he said.

I looked over at him, our eyes met, and he grabbed my hand, then, "Raw!"

"What was that?!" I said standing up.

"I don't know. It sounded like it came from downstairs. Do you have a flashlight?" he said standing up too. I grabbed two flashlights, one on my desk and one on my wall. I gave him one, and held the other one. I picked up the bag of assorted shampoo and soaps,

"Stay behind me,"

As we entered the last floor we heard the ear-curdling roar again. As we grew closer and closer to the sound, I was getting more and more scared. Then we saw a cage, which I had never seen before. Then we saw something come out from the shadow. I held Sawyer's arm really, really tight. Then we saw it was a kitty! It looked like a tiger cub! Aw! "How did this little guy make such a big noise?" I said.

"Uh, my arm," he said to me.

"Oh yeah sorry," I let go of his arm and looked at the cute tiger. "I should've known it was a tiger we all have one! When someone new comes to our island they get a tiger! Looks like you and your family get a White Tiger cub!" he said.

"Okay... That's weird. But I don't care he's cute!" I said. "It's a he, right?"

"Yeah we only get males. You can take it out of the crate you know,"

"He's not going to bite me right?" Sawyer shook his head in agreement. I grabbed a rope that was on the floor and opened the cage. As soon as I opened it, the tiger jumped out on me! I thought it was going to bite, but it just started to lick my face. He was so cute! I finally got him off and tried to put the rope on him, he didn't like it. After trying and failing millions of times I just gave up and walked away told him to come, and he did. "I see the boxes of soap and shampoo, let's go," I said

"Okay cool. Did you get everything that you wanted out of your room?"

"No, but I will when I'm done loading," I said

We were stuffing all we could into my duffel bag soon enough it was full and I went upstairs. I still had my duffel with me and headed to my room. I grabbed my suitcase stuffed my essentials in there. "Sawyer, I'm ready to leave now," I said to him. "Thank you,"

"No problem," Once we got to the edge of the ship he took my hand to help me down. "Okay so here is your tent, and Nikki showed you the showers, if that's all I'll see you tomorrow," with that he kissed my cheek goodnight, and left. I stood there for a while, but then got buckets and filled up the shower. After my shower I got one more bucket full of water and rinsed off my tiger. He was all wet, but clean. After getting changed I took the towel I had just used and dried him off. I got miss-matched pajamas on and headed to bed with my tiger at my feet. I need to give him a name soon.

It was morning and I was woken up by my tiger's butt in my face, while he passing gas! EW! I immediately got up and changed into something else that I had gotten from the ship last night. I pulled up my hair into a bun, and woke up my tiger. I really need to give him a name...Maybe Sawyer! I mean the human Sawyer helped me find him, and they both remind me of each other, mean at first but then cute and sweet once you get to know him. Sawyer it is! "Sawyer, c'mon buddy wake up! You want some num nums?" I said slowly waking him up. I always would say 'Num Num Time' when I would feed the animals on the ship.


"Vada, are you awake yet?" by the sound of his voice I could tell it was Sawyer.

"Yeah," I said shaking Sawyer faster so he would wake up.

"May I come in," he asked.

"Yeah sure," I said. Once he walked in Sawyer woke up. "Hey,"

"Hey! So did you give this little guy a name yet?" he said petting him on the head.

"Yeah, this might be weird but I named him, Sawyer" I said.

"Really? Why? Not that I don't like it or anything I'm just curious,"

"Because you guys remind me of each other. You both seemed mean when I first met you, no offence, but when I really got to know you, you seemed to be a very sweet person... I hope you don't think it's creepy or anything,"

"No I don't, I think it's really nice. Well the real reason I came here was to see if you slept well, and that breakfast is in five, but we probably were talking for about six or seven minutes so we were late. Let's go,, we have to run,"

"Oh I'm sorry!" I turned to Sawyer and said. "Sawyer come," after that we all ran to breakfast people were already eating and everybody was staring at us.

"Sorry we are late, Father," said Sawyer.

"Yes son," he seemed very strict. "Vada, I assume you had a good night sleep, no?" Sawyer's father seemed very short, with dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes. He looked muscular, like Sawyer.

"Yes I did, thank you," I said. For some reason I felt nervous talking to him.

"Looks like you got your tiger what's his name?" he asked.

Should I tell him I named him after his son? I don't want him to think that I like him, not that I don't, ugh I don't know! Sawyer must have known what I was think, so he said, "She hasn't named him yet, father," he said quickly.

I gave him a look like if I were to say 'Thank you', because he gave me a slight nod. "Oh, well I hope that the name of your carnivore will come to you quickly," he said.

"Thank you, I shall," I said.

"Well I guess now, since we heard your side of the story, you should hear ours," he took a sip of his drink and contained to talk, "When I first arrived on this island, my plane crashed, I was the only one who survived. When everybody helped me with all my cuts and bruises, I was back on my feet ready to work on this island. You could say I founded this island because everybody didn't care about it. When I first met my wife..." his wife was a beautiful woman with fire red hair, and emerald colored eyes, "...She was my nurse, the one who stood by my side and took care of me even though everyone thought I was a lost cause. You could say it was love at first sight, but all I knew was I wanted to marry her. Soon after we started dating we got married, once we got married all of the other people on the island just disappeared. All we knew was when we kissed; a bright light was showing on us, and a voice telling us that the people were safe and fine and to go on with our lives. So we did, and we had Nikki, Chase, and then Sawyer. Then the King family came shortly after Sawyer was born and told us their story. We were still exploring our island when we came across this one night with a strange looking moon shining in the middle of the island. We walked towards it and found a plant that had one single fruit growing out of it. We took that fruit, and showed it to the rest of the group, as all of this was going on, we were running out of food, and my wife was very sick we gave her the fruit and the next morning she was fine. The sweat, the fever, and the pain, everything went away, we all ate it and nothing happened to us. Then one day while we were all out hunting for some new food, a rattlesnake struck Nikki. We thought she was going to die but she didn't! Then we knew that it was the fruit, that made her not die, and that made her immortal!"

"Did you just say immortal?" I asked.

"Yes," he said. He probably thought that I asked a stupid question because he gave me a look as if to say 'did I stutter?' "Well anyway, we found that this moon would only come once a month, around this time. We named it the Chubaka Moon, and we named the flower after our island, named Wanna-Hock-A-Loogie-Squatch-Flower, and named the fruit Baby-Squatch fruit. So now I think you know all of what you need to know about this island, if that's it we all may leave,"

"Um, I have one," I said. "If you guys are immortal like you say you are then how long have you been on this island?"

"Too long," with that he walked away.

"Hey, Vada," said Sawyer

"Hey," I said.

"I was wondering if you needed anymore help getting stuff out of the ship, if you want of course," he said. He seemed nervous; it reminded me of when I was talking to his father.

"Yeah! I was thinking that we could get everything off the ship and we could give it to the people, like beds clothes, and food. And then if it's okay we can use the wood from the boat for firewood!"

"That sounds great!" he said still nervous.

We were heading towards the ship, both Sawyer the tiger, and Sawyer the boy, next to me, when a bright light appeared. It was too bright to look, I picked up Sawyer and covered his eyes, and my own. Then I heard a loud strong booming voice say, "Vada!"

Then I heard a loud strong booming voice say, "Vada!"

The light started to dim down, and human Sawyer held me in his arms. Then I felt a hand go on my shoulder... I opened my eyes, and I turned to see who it was. I did not recognize Him, but He was beautiful. He was indescribable. His face glowed, and He just looked amazing, but He did look a little old. "Um... Hi," I said.

"Do you know who I am?" He said.


"You should know Me, for I know you. I am the Lord," He said.

"What? You're God?" I was very shocked. I mean why would God come here? I didn't do anything wrong! Well except putting my family on Wanna-Hock-A-Loogie. But other than- Oh yeah I also disobeyed my mom when she told me not to go into the room where the chest was... Other than that I am completely innocent!

He gave me a hearty chuckle then proceeded to talk "Vada, I came down here, because I am both pleased and displeased with you," Why is he displeased with me? Is it because when I was five I blamed the broken vase on one of the workers? Because later on I did apologize! "Vada, I am pleased because all of you ended up on this island. That is why Marshal has been coming to your dreams," Okay so my putting my family on a deserted island, was a good thing? "But I am displeased, since you went behind your mother's back,"

Oh that was the bad part... "Well I couldn't tell my mother or else she would have not let me go in, even if I had explained to her she would think I was crazy and-and put me in my cabin! If I told her everything I wouldn't be where I am now, I wouldn't have known the people I know now... I know I shouldn't..." I said looking at Sawyer, then looking down. "...But something was telling that I had to. I am truly sorry God, I really am,"

"That's all I needed to hear. You knew what you did was somewhat wrong, and you apologized. Now I'm not saying that you're off the hook for what you have done, but your not as in much trouble as you were before," As He said that he lifted my head so I was no longer looking down at the sand. "And as for you, Marshal," He said walking over to Marshal. Everyone came running down to the beach where we all were. "You had tricked her. You could have done it differently, and yet, you were over come," He said.

"I am sorry," said Marshal.

"Lets say we can talk about all of this," said the Lord. We all followed Him like stranded puppies, to a table where we all sat. "Now I know all of you people would like to get off this island, but only two families can,"

I looked at Sawyer, and he looked at me. Only two families?! But... I don't understand, why can't we all! TS (Tiger Sawyer) was next to me with his head on my lap, and I was stroking his head. I think he might have known what was going on. Then I felt something touching my other hand, it was Sawyer. He held my hand tight, but not hurting tight. "Two families? Why only two families?" said Sawyer.

"If I were to tell you, your human minds would not understand. When all of you figure out, who is leaving and who is not, then you will find something on the beach that will send you to where you want to go. And now I must go..." and with that the bright light shined in our eyes.

I took TS in my arms and curled my head in Sawyers chest. When the light was gone, my head was still on him. "Vada, it's fine you can look now," tears started to sting me eyes. "Are you okay?"

I lifted my head from his chest and said, "Okay? Okay? Were you listening at all? Were going to be separated! Either your family is getting off the island, or my family is getting off the island-"

"But what if the Kings stay and our families get off-"

"You know that's not going to happen," I got up and headed for my tent, with TS trotting behind me. As soon as I got in I ran to my bed my hands in my head crying. TS came and lay next to me. It was a long day, and I fell asleep.

The next day I got up and put some new clothes on. I put on my favorite striped shirt, and a pair of shorts and flip-flops. Today was the day when everybody was going to see who stays and who goes. I took my food and TS's food and headed towards the ocean. I sat down in the sand and put TS's food next to me, and we both started to eat. I didn't want to hear about who was getting off the island, and who wasn't. I already know the answer. When I was done I put my plate and TS's bowl on the other side of me. I lay back on the sand, and closed my eyes. I felt TS climb on my stomach and lay there. I can't believe that another person I know is only going to be a memory now. I heard someone coming, and I just sat there. "Morning," I opened my eyes to see Sawyer. He sat down next to me. I got up and had TS still on my lap.

"Morning," I was trying to hold back the tears.

"I made something for you. It's called Mucoo Mucoo. It means always there," It was a shell sequenced necklace, that had a splash of blue color.

"Thank you," he put it on me.

"We need to go there announcing who is leaving, and who is staying,"

I just stood up TS in my arms and walked towards my family. "All right everyone after long discussion, we have come to an agreement on who is staying, and who is leaving," said Sawyer's father. "They family that will be leaving are The Wolf Family," Tears started running down my face. I couldn't make eye contact with Sawyer. "And The King Family. Thank you all for staying on the island for as long as you did. You might as well want to start packing," I can't believe it. I don't want to say good-bye.

I was in my tent lying on the floor, TS (Tiger Sawyer) on his favorite spot (my stomach). I heard the laughs from my family and Marshals. I could see the moon shine through my tent, and there shadows running across my tent. I just sat there with TS, didn't move, didn't say a word. I should be used to people leaving my life, since the being on the boat I don't get to know people, but there's just something different about this place. I can't leave my family, my dad would say to me every night "Do you remember the show Lilo and Stitch? Well my favorite thing about that show was they had a motto 'Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind or forgotten'" I can't do that now, I can't leave my Ohana. Then I heard, "Hey Vada can I come in?" It was Nikki I could tell by her voice.

"Yeah sure,"

She came in, and was wearing, shorts, sandals, and a T-shirt that had a mustache and it said "Bonjour", "Hey why aren't you packing? You're going to be leaving soon," She said with a puzzled look on her face.

"Oh, I don't want to pack... I want, I want to stay," I said.

I got up and sat on my bed TS still with me. To get into a better position, he put both his paws on my right shoulder, and nuzzled his head on me, purring softly. I was petting him soothingly, so that he would sleep. Nikki came and sat next to me, "I see, you don't want to leave because of Sawyer," I didn't say anything, and kept petting TS, "You know Vada, I was once in your spot as well. I had my Sawyer, but one day I made a stupid move that cost him his life. He was getting very ill and I wanted him to become better. I couldn't stand to see him..." tears started to sting her eyes, then one fell, "...Be so helpless. I needed to help him then I remember the Baby-Squatch-Fruit. I knew it would save him, but what I didn't know is when you eat of the fruit and it is not the Chubaka Moon, then you will suffer greatly. I thought I was helping him but, he started to choke, and I gave him CPR, then he said three words to me, then he... he died," TS was no longer on my shoulder and went over to Nikki. He crawled on her, and licked away her tears. She started to laugh then turned to me, "I know what your going through you don't want to loose the person you care about, and might even love," with that she gave me TS and left. She was right, but it wasn't only because of Sawyer, something was pulling me to stay.

Soon it was too late to pack, or eat. I changed into my pajamas, and went to bed. "Vada? Vada?"

"What?" I said, tiredly. I opened my eyes and realized I wasn't in my tent. I was in a dream! It's the same exact thing that happened to Marshal and me! Not again! "Where am I? I'm not going to do what you want me to do! No, I don't want my life to be ruined again! Not this time! Not ever!" I said, I knelt to the ground hands in my face; I wasn't going to cry I had to be strong, but I don't even know who is doing this.

"But you haven't even heard what I had to say," I looked up it was God.

"I'm... I'm sorry! I didn't-" He waved his hand, and I stopped speaking.

"I heard your conversation with Nikki, and I understand you do not like the predicament, you are currently in. Soon it will all work out for the best. For right now you have to get off the island, I promise you will come back, and be with who you want to be,"

"But when? Why?" I asked desperately.

"You will now soon, but for know-"

"Wake up. Vada, wake up," I opened my eyes a gasped then I relaxed and saw Sawyer with his hand on my shoulder, and looking at me. "Are you okay?" he said. He was very concerned for some reason.

"Yeah... Why?" I said with a yawn in between.

"You were yelling in your sleep, luckily no one else heard you but me,"

"I'm fine, just had a weird dream that's all," I said. I lay back down and rolled over to the wall.

"Vada... You know I don't want you to go, but you have to. You don't want to stay here for the rest of your life do you?" he sat on the edge of my bed and put his hand in mine, "You might not think it but I am trying to do what's best for you, even if you think I am not, I am," he took my hand and kissed it then left.

Next morning was another day in paradise. Not. It was the worst! Today I was probably leaving, and never coming back. But I couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking of my dream. It was very strange, I don't know if I imagined it, or what. I had to get up so I did I went over to get some new clothes on and put my necklace that Sawyer, gave me on. I called TS and we walked out of my tent. "Morning honey!" said my mom, "Guess what?! Where leaving today! Isn't that great?" My mom said and my two plates of food, one for TS then the other for me.

"Yeah. Awesome," I said taking the plates.

"You don't seem happy Hun. What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm fine," she was leaning in to give me a hug but I wasn't in the mood so I kind of scooted back and said, "I'm fine really,"


I walked down to the beach, there I at with TS, while I heard the laughing of my family, and Marshal's, and Sawyer's. I ate, then got up and went to my tent. There I started to pack. Probably an hour and a half later Nikki, came in and said it was ready for me to leave. I picked up TS and my bag and headed out. There everybody was crowding around a glass box. In the glass box looked like car keys, with a lock pad on the keychain. My dad opened the boxes grabbed the keys, and clicked the unlock button on the lock pad. Then La Bella Vita appeared, it was the same as we last had it. Shipwrecked. How are we going to sail, on a shipwrecked boat? No one said anything they just got on. My brother took my bag, and I had TS still in my hands. Sawyer came up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder. I put TS down and gave him a hug. He didn't expect it because it took him a while to register what I was doing. He gingerly put his arms around me, and put his head on mine. I let go and so did he, "I guess this is good-bye," I said.

"I will never say good-bye to you," he said. He kissed me softly on the lips and whispered in my ear, "I will find you, I will always find you,"

I said my good-byes to everyone and I picked TS up. I headed for the boat; before I got in I waved to Sawyer. I got on the boat, and went to my old cabin. There I will stay for the rest of my life.

I'm twenty-four now, and still waiting to go back. TS is still with me, he's a big boy now, but he is always glued by my side. There's not a day that passes that I don't think about the island, or Sawyer. I need to go back. But how? When nighttime fell I went to sleep TS by my feet like old times. Then I drifted off to a deep slumber. "Vada?" said God.

"Yes?" I was used to the dream talk so I'm not nervous anymore.

"You can go back know,"


"To the island. There you can be with Sawyer, and you can live on the island like you wanted to," He said with a smile on his face.

"Oh," I said.

"Vada, I know what you are thinking, and I already talked to your family. They said it was fine, and you can come back to the main land, whenever you want,"

"But if I can go back to the main land, then why can't Sawyer, and his family come here?" I said.

"You know why Vada,"

I can go back! "TS!" TS, lifted his head, and turned it, "Were going back! To the island! Were going back!" he jumped up and licked me. Now the only thing left is to find out how we are going to get there.

I found out a way that we could get there. I don't know if it will work, but I will see. I fixed up La Bella Vita, said good-bye to my family, and Marshal's, and headed off. Everything seemed like smooth sailing until, a storm came. The storm was nothing like I had seen before. It was ripping through the waves, and slamming on the boat. Before I knew it a log of wood cam down on my head.

When I woke up I was in the hospital, I was in before! It worked. "Ma'am? Ma'am are you awake?" I looked up, it was Sawyer! He looked older but I could tell it was him!

I got up and hugged him. "It's me Sawyer!"

"And you are?" He said.

I can't believe he doesn't know who I am! "V-"

He kissed me lightly like he did when I left, "I know who you are!"

"Vada? Vada?" I opened my eyes to see I was in a room. It didn't look like a tent, it looked like a room. "You were screaming in your sleep again? Are you okay? What were you dreaming about?"

"Sawyer?" he shook his head. "Weren't we on an island? Where's TS?"

"TS is down at your feet," I looked down to see he was there. "And we were never on an island,"

"Mommy! Mommy!" Two little kids ran in and jumped up on me. "Mommy! I made a painting!" a little girl held up some colorful scribbles.

"Oh. Good job? Um could you leave me and Sawyer here for a second?" they both ran off.

"TS go watch'em," TS went off trotting after them. "What's the matter?"

"Who were those kids?" I asked

"Our children,"

"Children? I didn't have any children!"

"Yes you do,"

I got up from where I was sitting and put on a coat that was on the rack. "TS COME!" TS came running towards me.

"What are you doing?" said Sawyer.

"Going back to the island."


LPH Writing Class stories 2012-2013