La Bella Vita


Olivia Gage

The ship has a beautiful name, it is La Bella Vita. Which is Italian and means Beautiful life. The boat is quite huge and was built in only a month. It was built in the 1900's and looked very similar to the Titanic. It had three floors, the sky deck (or the first floor) was quite big, so they had lots of games there and a 'Snack Away' Tikki Bar. On the second floor it had all of the history of the boat and how it came to be. It also showed a picture of the man who had built it who also became the captain of the ship. And finally on the third floor it had the rooms which the guests were to stay. Then there was a secret passage way for the Captain and his crew to sleep. There is also another secret passageway that only the new captain's daughter knew about. The secret passageway used to be an old infirmary in the far back of the ship. The most extraordinary thing about this ship that separates it from all of the other it is haunted. It is said that the man who built it, died in the ship so now his body is haunting it. People say they have seen him and heard him. Sometimes at night, when the wind is light, you can still get the smell of his pipe!


Vada Wolf

Vada Wolf is her name. She is fourteen years old, she has dark brown hair, Hazel eyes, and when she smiles she has two dimples on her cheeks. Vada loved that her dad had a boat, but she did not like that she had to stay on it twenty-four seven; Vada has been on the boat since she was three. She loved being home schooled, but she also wondered what it would be like going to school, or even getting off the boat.Yeah sure there were kids on the boat too, but she would never really get to know them, in a week they would be gone. Despite that, she was always smiling and having a good time. Her mother is a teacher/boat manager, and her dad is the Captain. Vada has one brother who is sixteen years old. She loves her brother but also wants him out of her life. Vada guessed that others wished the same about there siblings. Her brother manages the 'Snack Away' Tikki Bar and is Co-Captain of their ship.As for Vada she is a maid, waitress, and a tour guide. When she is not doing that or school, she likes to draw, and take care of the animals on the ship. One day she hopes she can be a Veterinarian or and Artist. Vada always took a interest in the history of the boat. When she found the old infirmary, she might have found out too much about the boat than she bargained for.


Mysterious Island

The ship is a cruise ship so it sets off in different places. However, the last stop was Honolulu, Hawaii. The cruise ship was going to Okinawa, Japan, but Vada made a wrong move that led them to a mysterious island.

On the island it had a lot of coconuts, palm trees, mangos, bananas, and a waterfall. It seemed like a perfect place to crash. In addition, it was on a beach were they could catch fish, scallops, oysters, squid, and crab. However, the island had a lot of Boa Constrictors, baboons, sharks, and various types of harmful insects/animals.

In addition, once a month there is a rare moon called the Chubaka Moon that awakens the plants; one in particular is the Wanna-Hock-A-Loogie-Squatch Flower. The Wanna-Hock-A-Loogie-Squatch Flower gives you immortality; if you eat the Baby-Squatch Fruit from the flower at midnight of the full Chubaka Moon.

It also has a tiger, and a White Tiger living on the island. A little ways down from the crash site is a village where both tigers live with two families. The families learned how to survive with rocks, spears, teamwork, and their tigers.

The weather of the island is rather comfy. It usually does not get hotter than 75° F or cooler than 60° F. This is no ordinary island.


Marshal King

Marshal King is the boat's original owner. Marshal King has brown hair with brown eyes. He has a slight cleft chin, and is rather chubby but loves to run. Also he was 48 years old when he died. Nevertheless, he was a rather cheerful man; he had all he could ask for a beautiful healthy family, and business. With his life being so perfect he called his boat La Bella Vita. Marshal King built his boat from the ground up. He used his boat manly for people to get one place to another. He would always take his wife Martha, his daughter Mackenzie, and his son Mathew out for boat rides.

One day when they had a new boat load of people, one in particular, was a witch. The witch's name was Lady Helga. One day Lady Helga went up to Martha King demanding to speak to the Captain King, Martha did so. When Lady Helga met Marshal King she said that he has to kill his family or she would have them stranded on an island and kill him. Not knowing that Lady Helga was a witch and thinking she won't do anything, he had her in a tiny jail until they got to land and he would contact the authorities. Marshal King thought everyone on his ship would be safe now that the crazy woman is locked up, until she broke free that night. When she broke free she crept into the Marshals room and said to him, "Say good-bye to your family" then she stabbed him in the heart. She also had him cursed so that he could never leave the boat unless he had a young girl open up a secret chest. Once she was done with Marshal, she shut the boat off and dropped the anker. Then she put chloroform over Martha and the children's mouth, and put them on an emergency boat. She brought them to an island where the could never escape. When she got back to the boat she sailed back to land and said to authorities that someone killed the captain. That boat was quarantined for a long time until Vada Wolf's dad bought it. Seeking the opportunity Marshal tricked Vada. But before he could he was haunting the boat.


Dream: The Undemereth


"Vada go to bed okay?" said my mother Alex.

"Okay Mom." I said in reply. I went up to my Cabin and laid in my bed. It usually takes me a while to go to sleep, but when I finally did I had a reoccurring dream. I have it every night but it sometimes changes. I always dream in a place called Undemereth. I know it is called that because next to me it always says 'Welcome to the Undemereth J'

"Vada are you awake?" said a mysterious voice. I could tell it was a man but could never see him.

"Mhm," I said so tiredly.

"Vada do you remember last nights dream? What I said to you?" he said very desperately. You could tell by they way he was talking he did not have a lot of time to talk before I awakened.

"Not really. All I remember is you telling me about an old Infirmary," I said more awake this time.

"Good, good. Now tomorrow when you wake up, go to the old Infirmary. Okay?" he said more excited.

"Okay...? But why do I have to go there? Isn't this just a dream?" I asked. "I checked this ship a million times and never came across an old Infirmary. Maybe this is just a dream and I shouldn't go looking," I said. I was very confused. The man was very convincing, but it was just a dream... wasn't it?

"No! No! It's not just a dream!" he lowered his voice to a more soothing tone. "Trust me you will find out soon. It will all make sense, but for right now you just have to trust me okay?"

"How can I trust someone who I can't even see? Who knows if this is just my imagination. I don't even know your name or who you are or where you are from. If you can answer my questions... I might believe you," I said with a more firm tone.

"I'm... I'm Marshal King the boats original owner," he said.

"Marshal King? Really? Now I know I'm making this up. Marshal King? Ha, ha! Marshal King died over 122 years ago! Ha, ha! Good night figment of my imagination. Good night!" then I whispered to myself "Ha, ha! Good night Marshal King. Ha, ha,"

"If you will let me explain. It's all true, yes I died 122 years ago, but no one knows the real story," Then I saw one foot come out of the shadows. Then came legs; a torso, and a whole body... It looked exactly like Marshal King. He didn't look like a ghost nor a real person, but he did look solid. It was amazing! "When I was on this boat for the last time is was May 26, 1890 and my family and I got a new boat load of people in. One of them was a witch, a witch named Lady Helga. Now Lady Helga, she told me to kill my family or she would kill me and set my son, daughter and wife to an Island where they can never leave. I don't believe in witches and I don't think they are real, but some how she got out of a jail I put her in-"

"Wait, did you notice if she had any pointy things, like a needle?" I said very curiously.

"Yes, I saw a needle in her clothes. Why?"

"And was there a lock on it for her to reach?"

"Yes. But-"

"That's how she got out. She used her needle to unlock the jail,"

"Oh- Well anyway back to my story. She snuck into my room, put her hand over my mouth so I wouldn't yell and said 'Say good-bye to your family' and stabbed me in the heart. Then I don't know what happened next. She might have done what she said to my family but I had no way of knowing," he said with tears filling up in his eyes.

"So shouldn't you have gone to Heaven or Hell? You're a Christian right?"

"I thought the same thing, and yes I am. The only thing I remember is someone telling me I had to do something. Then bada bing bada boom I am stuck here unless I can do what the person told me,"

"This doesn't make sense at all. Was it God who told you to do something? And what is this something?"

"I don't know if it was God. All I know is that I have to do something, and you need to help me,"

Okay now I'm really confused "Okay what do I have to do?"

"You need to go to the old Infirmary, there you will find a Chest. It will have engraved on it 'The Way To Your Loved Ones Is Only A Dream Away' don't open it just bring it to your room. Then when you go to bed you must hold it in your arms, and I will tell you what to do then,"

"Okay... What is the Chest supposed to do?" I asked

"Send me to my loved ones"

"Vada wake up its morning," said my mom. Let the adventure begin.