The Courageous


Luke Reed

The Courageous, a pirate ship owned by Captain Vince and his crew of one hundred men, sails the Indian Ocean. The ship is 1300 feet long by 100 feet wide. The ship has three decks. The ship is stocked with a total of eighty-one cannons. It has sixty gold canons on the middle deck, thirty on each side. There are twenty-one canons on the upper deck with ten on each side, and one in the middle. A storage room, 100 feet wide and 50 feet long, contains fifty pistols, two hundred swords, wine, beer, and different kinds of food. There are also gold and silver bars to use for trading. The bottom deck has a bar for the crew to eat and drink at. The bottom deck also has one hundred and one cells. First mate is Pompom the monkey and second mate is Wadley the parrot.

Captain Vince

Captain Vince, owner of the Courageous, is a very mysterious character. He has a bad temper. He had once been a scientist. He had broken a glass tube filled with a special potion and got a piece of glass stuck in his hand. Now some men on the ship say they hear howling in the night. He is twenty-five years old but he appears to look older. He is tall and has black hair and green eyes. He wears a red coat with gold buttons and carries a gold sword and pistol. He is on the pirate ship to sink other ships and gather lots of riches.


The Courageous' shipwreck will take place in the Indian Ocean. There is an island in the middle of the ocean called Swapland. On the island there are many things like Scum trees and a pirate lounge where there are other bad pirates. There are huts, palm trees, and the laboratory where Captain Vince used to work! The ocean has a giant sea monster that will try to eat everything but the native pirates. Captain Vince has heard the pirates there have hidden treasure! Captain Vince is eager to find the treasure hidden on the island and is headed there from Bangladesh.


First mate Pompom the monkey is a very smart monkey because he came from Captain Vince's laboratory. He wears a red coat with a black hat and walks around with a pistol all day. He goes to the bar every day to take a look around. He is a brown monkey with an eye patch even though he has two eyes. He is a happy monkey running around a lot.

Dream: The Star Sailor

"Oo oo, ee ee" says Pompom the monkey, drifting off to sleep on the railing.

Suddenly he's in a spaceship running and firing his pistol breaking cabin door windows. The captain appears out of nowhere and chases him down the hall. He turns right down another hall. Then a large crowd is running after him. He shoots a button on the wall and two doors open in front of him. He runs into a wall as he starts to go down in an elevator. As the two doors open, he runs out into a control room while reloading his pistol. He feels something hit him in the back and starts to feel drowsy. He wakes up in a cage and since he's such a smart monkey easily figures out how to unlock it. Running out of the cage he realizes he's running down the railing on the Courageous.

As he opens his eyes, he hears Captain Vince say, "Come here, wild monkey!"

Then he's on his way to the bar with Captain Vince.