Lost at Sea


Hannah Gage


Captain John Mercy spent the morning of departure making sure everything was in check. He made sure that his high tech map was updated and ready to lead the ship. This ship was old- fashioned but in fact wired with a ton of new technology. This was the first time John would be taking this particular ship out for its first voyage. This ship succeeding could make history consider it sailed itself which inspired John to sail it in the first place.

The Lee family was all but eager to get on one of the smartest ships they had ever been on. They were a rich family that always kept to date with the latest and greatest things technology offered. So it was really a no brainer that they would travel on this amazing new ship.

All aboard and ready to go the ship took off in its month long voyage! So far so good John thought as the ship gracefully took to the bright blue ocean!

John Mercy was very pleased that the ship was doing so well going into the second week into the voyage. At this point they were very deep into the Atlantic Ocean, definitely no turning back now. On the third week of the voyage a huge storm was rolling in and it did not look like a very nice storm. It was going to be big with wild winds and hard, fast rain. John was extremely apprehensive about the storm. He did not anticipate getting caught up in storm like this one. He had never tested out the ship to see if he could handle this kind of weather. So he decided he needed to let the passengers know what was happening but in a way so that the whole ship would not be a chaotic mess of worried people.

Ashley Lee was sitting pool side drinking a soda when all of a sudden she heard the captain's voice come on the speakers. Ashley was irritated because her favorite song started playing just when the captain decided to make his announcement. He informed everyone of the storm that was headed their way and that everyone should stay inside their rooms. He said that he was not sure what was going to happen to the ship, if anything, so all beware. Ashley was now fearful of the coming days. What happens if the ship sinks?

Three days later everyone on the ship saw the huge storm clouds in the distance. The ocean was about as unhappy as the clouds appeared. The ship was uncontrollable already, and the storm was not even upon them yet.

The storm was raging and it was not showing any mercy what so ever. The ship was rocking and taking on unbelievable amounts of water. The ship would not last much longer and Captain John knew it. He tried his best to control the ship but the raging sea was talking the ship in every direction. John decided that he needed to warn the passengers.

Ashley was in her room on the ship waiting the storm out. She noticed that there was water leaking in from the hallway and knew that it wasn't good. The ship was violently throwing her and her family all around the room. She was so scared. The captain announced that he did not think the ship was going to make it through this storm and to put on safety jacket. The Lee family did just that. They were all so scared and horrified at the announcement. All they could do now was wait and wait to see what lies in the coming hours.

John was horrified at the fact his ship was going down, literally. There was no stopping this ship now. It was headed for an island in the middle of the ocean. John knew that this wasn't good, but he could not do anything about it.

Ashley heard a huge thump and then the whole ship abruptly stopped dead in its track. She could still hear the storm raging just the ship was no longer moving. All of sudden she heard John come on the loud speakers again saying they had crashed on an island and just after he said that the whole ship went dead. No lights, nothing.

They were now on an island, the ship had crashed and all the people inside were okay. They couldn't call for help or anything. So Captain John had to announce to the whole ship just what was going to have to happen. They would have to forever live on the island because there was no hope in ever getting off of it.

LPH Writing Class stories 2012-2013