The Midnight Glider


Hannah Gage

Standing 300 feet high and 274 feet in length, this majestic ship is truly one of a kind. The ship is an old ship primarily seen in the 17th and 18th century. This type of ship is commonly referred to as a pirate ship, but this is not a pirate ship. The Midnight Glider has amazing handcrafted woodwork along the sides of the main deck and Captain's Cabin. The ship is mostly wood and stained with a shine, but the outter part of the ship is as black as midnight.


John Mercy

John Mercy is a middle-aged man with a love for sailing the vast sea. He is around 6'1" and has bright blue eyes that you could see from miles away. Always looking his best he wears the finest clothes and his brown curly hair is never a mess. He has a love for children, although sadly he does not have a family of his own. He finds joy in watching others on his ship gliding along the amazing sea.


The Midnight Glider sails in the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to the Bahamas. The ship is slow, so it takes a week both ways. Currently, the ship is headed to the Bahamas. The Bahamas are much loved by people because of its sheer beauty, warm weather, and amazing views. They are 5 days into the trip and everything seems to be going smoothly.

Ashley Lee

Ashley Lee is a young girl heading on board the Midnight Glider with her parents, Elizabeth and Chris Lee. Ashley is a very short girl around 4 feet tall with big green eyes. Her hair is a dirty blonde and very curly. She is 12 years old and is excited to become a teenager very soon. Her Mother is rather short herself with almost identical features as Ashley. Chris, the father, is a very tall man. He has deep brown eyes and dark brown hair as well.

Dream: The Royal Swan

Dreams can be vivid and all over the place. But this dream, that Ashley Lee had was detailed and almost real. This dream was about a girl Marianna traveling around the world with her father. She traveled to so many places like Italy, France, England ect. Everywhere she went she took so many pictures. Considering the heavy amount of traveling she did, she would put all her pictures in a book sort of like a scrapbook which she took everywhere in her backpack. On this day she was so detracted with all of the amazing things she was seeing she completely lost track of her backpack containing all her pictures that were dear to her. Suddenly it hit her that she did not have her backpack almost crippling her with the thought it was gone forever. Franticly she searched everywhere for it, she backtracked everywhere she went that day but still found nothing. With the day coming to a close she gave up hope. She could not find it and it was gone...forever. Walking to her hotel room she felt dejected and defeated. How could she lose her whole life's work of traveling in one day? As she reached her hotel room she opened the door expected to see her father but instead she saw her backpack! It was sitting on the end of her bed. She then remembered that in all the excitement of the morning she had completely forgotten to even take it. Happily she ran to her backpack! Opening it up she was smiling ear to ear all her worry was gone. All her life of traveling was with her once again. Waking up from this crazy but yet real feeling dream Ashley wondered what it meant.