The Shipwreck of the Den NavigatÝren


Gerard Arsenault


The Ports were busy and so was the ship "Den NavigatÝren". The ship was getting ready for the journey to Canada, and was getting stocked up, repaired and the crew was getting packed up. When finally the ship started moving the captain found out he had forgotten his wallet at the hotel. They finally left the port and started their course on the ocean. The rout they were taken went not directly across the Pacific, Because they had to pick up another shipment from a port in Sydney Australia. The journey to Australia was a bit rough so some of the crew complained, but the captain just laughed and said that this is nothing compared to the course to Canada. When they finally reached Sydney they were glad to be ashore, and they could stay there for a few days. Officer Karl Schulz was to watch the ship and was only allowed to go to shore for a day, and watched sullenly as the other sailors went to shore. His watch finally was ended and he walked ashore to enjoy a restaurant.

As he walked into the nearest restaurant he saw that it was western style, with wooden chairs and tables and a man playing songs on the piano. He sat down at a table and called for a waiter, and then he ordered. As he was waiting for the food, three dusty Australian cowboys trampled in and ordered themselves drinks.

They looked over to him and then they started talking, the leader of them said "Look at that skipper; he must have a ship as big as a kayak! Ha ho he ha! They all laughed! Karl got up and said "Watch those remarks, I'm a Ship Security Officer! "What is that, a kind of copper or something?" They said laughing.

Finally Karl stood up and shouted "I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS!" And he lifted his fists and punched the nearest guy. The guy fell down, but his buddies jumped at Karl and soon they were fighting mighty hard. The other guys had the advantage for there was three against one, but soon enough one of them whipped out a knife and aimed it for Karl's neck.

Suddenly the man fell down and the two other men turned and instantly back away, for there was Captain Mustow (Karl's captain) with his 6foot 4 height and 200 lbs of muscle, Karl got up and saluted the captain. Captain Mustow said "Why d'ya has to always get in to trouble dat ya can't get out of?" "Aye aye sir captain" Karl said with a shaky voice. "We'll be leaving port tomorrow, so you shouldn't be trying to break a leg or get ya self-killed" said Captain Mustow, "Aye captain, and thanks for saving me" Replied Karl. "Let's get back to the ship and turn in." Captain said.

The next morning Karl got up and walked down to the galley and got himself some bacon and eggs, "Um these sure are good eggs!" Karl said, He then got ready for his shift on deck. The day was pretty uneventful, except for the loading of the cargo and checking the ship over. When his shift was over he went down to his bunk and ran into the second mate Karl asked, "So when do you suppose we arrive in Canada?" The second mate answered, "What are you asking dat for? Like sort'a asking 'are we there yet?' haha but I know what ya asking, and the way captain says is that we will go straight to Canada from here".

The next morning the ship left port and went through the docks and into the open sea, "I'm sure glad to be back on the Ocean", Captain Mustow said to the first Mate Joe, "Yep it sure is good, and look over there those must be dolphins", 1st mate Joe said "Yes but look over there", Captain said "That looks like a coral reef and it might be big enough to do damage", "CORAL REEF THREE MILES STARBOARD!" Captain called to 2nd Mate and the 2nd Mate called to the 3rd Mate and the order carried down like an echo.

At midday the crew spotted a dark cloud on port side, at first the crew thought nought of it but it was coming closer and getting bigger, the Captain shouted orders "GET READY FOR THE STORM! TIE-DOWN LOOSE OBJECTS! ALL CREW MUST GO BELOW DECKS WHEN THE STORM REACHES!" When they were below decks one of the sailors asked Karl "How long do you suppose this terrible storm will last?", Karl replied, "I'll bet this will last tell tomorrow but you can never know with these storms", he said looking around, The 2nd Mate Pete came running "HEY You lazy sailors! Jet over here an' help me move this thing!"

The next morning the sky cleared up but the waves were still really big and they were rocking the ship badly, Some of the crew had gotten seaskicness and the ship doctor was busy. As Karl was doing his shift he walked across the deck to the front of the ship and stopped to look at the water, when suddenly he felt a little shove and then he fell in to the sea! As he came back to the surface of the ocean he glimpsed the 3rd mate running off. He thought 'so the 3rd mate has finally done something to me' as the third mate had always been sort of mean to him.

He was sighted in the water and the sailors pulled him out half-drowned, and then he found himself in the captain's quarters with the captain and the 3rd mate. Captain Mustow said, "One of the sailors spotted Jim (the 3rd mate) throwing you over board, is this true?" "Aye some of it I suppose" Karl Replied. The captain removed Jim from his quarters in not the nicest way, and also removed Jim down to the 5th mate, and made Karl be the 3rd Mate. "I-I-I thank you for that but, yes thank you", Karl said in an astounded tone, as he knew Jim would try to get back at him, because Jim gave him a nasty look when he was thrown out.

The next few days not much went on, but Jim did do some things such as making Karl put pepper in his coffee because Jim substituted the pepper for the sugar.

Now in a corner in Hawaii Islands trouble was brewing, A gang of ship-pirates lead by the notorious Jack Dandysnapp. The name these pirates went by was Jack's Pirates. Jack's Pirates were also land-robbers, and were well known by every police and detective department in Hawaii, but what frustrated the police was that they had never caught any of Jack's Pirates even though there was a lot of information about them.

Now Jack's Pirates searched out the shipments going across, and the one that seemed about just the right time and day was the ship called "Den NavigatÝren". They were going to hijack it in the night because that was the time the ship was arriving, and of course it was the most preferred time.

"We'll be arriving at the Hawaii Islands in a couple of days." Captain Mustow said as he looked out the window, 1st mate said, "I'll sure be glad to be at port again with real food to eat." "Aye I can understand you there," Captain replied.

The days went by and they finally reached the port they were going too. It was night when they docked and the captain said that they would hit the bunk and unload in the next day. The small shipment that they picked up at Australia didn't take long to unload the boxes, and then they picked up a small shipment and filled up the supplies.

Now Jack's Pirates decided to let the ship port and pick up a shipment because they didn't want to alert the police or anything, but would attack the ship when it was night and just around the port and out of sight. They knew that the ship picked up a valuable shipment and that made the pirates even more exited. They were going to attack the ship with the biggest gang of pirates that Jack's Pirates ever had.

The sailors enjoyed their time at dock and then loaded the ship with the selected shipments. Then it was time to get back on the ocean, and some of the sailors complained that they had not been given enough time at port but were silenced by one look from the captain. They soon enough left port and were soon out of sight from the dock (which was what the pirates wanted to rob the ship).

When the ship was around the corner they were suddenly attack by a large gang of pirates. At first the captain just thought that they were harmless fishermen, "Look over there!" The 1st mate said to the captain, "They might be pirates!" But Captain Mustow just said, "Oh, They are just weak fishermen that don't mean any harm to us! Ho, HA.he,HE HE HA HA!" Captain said laughing, But the 1st mate wasn't too sure and said, "Well that might be right, but if it isn't then you owe me a coke!"

That so called "fishermen" suddenly started firing guns and such, and then started throwing rope ladders so fast that the sailors didn't have time to think and were shocked. Suddenly the captains voice carried through the speakers and unfroze the sailors with such commands, "STAY LOW SO THAT THEY CAN'T SHOOT YOU!" "DON'T LET THEM CLIMB ABOARD!" "CUT THEIR LADDERS SO THAT THEY CAN'T GET UP THEM!", and all the ship security officers (including Karl) were given Sub-machine guns and went out to fight the pirates with trained soldier like skill.

The gun fight was powerful and a few of the sailors had gotten shot, but the bullets were in non lethal places luckily. The pirates were overcoming them and a few were up the ladders and fighting with knives and pistols, but the security officers got rid of them fast. Captain Mustow had been in other pirate attacks and so had his security officers, but this one was the hardest one that they could remember. "I guess you have to give me a coke!" said the 1st mate Joe to the captain, as 1st mate Joe had a sense of humor even in stressful situations.

The pirates were attacking so hard that the captain was so busy giving orders that he forgot that the ship was going off course and towards the shore, Joe 1st mate finally had the courage to radio the coast guard an S.O.S. The Coast guard was seen coming but turned back because of the pirates and didn't come again.

The sailors were given Glock 17s each and started to scare the pirates off, but the pirates weren't ready to give ground and started fighting even harder.

Karl was so busy fighting that he forgot the move of shooting the pirate's boats to make them sink. The pirates boats started to sink because of too many bullet holes, and the pirates were just about to surrender when in came the coast guard, the harbor police and the USN and they all captured the pirates and congratulated the ship's crew for helping capture Jack's Pirates and defending their ship, and of course the sailors were so happy that they thanked the patrol many times.

By the time the coast guard patrol was gone the sailors and their captain were so relived, "If those cops didn't' come save us we would probably be on the bottom of the sea!" 1st mate Joe said to Captain Mustow.

They were being so relived they did not notice that they just hit a giant rock and there was a loud sound, "CRAAACKK!" "YOU LOSY SAILORS WE JUST CRUCHED A GIANT ROCK AND IT MIGHT OF MADE A CRACK IN THE SHIP!!!!!!" bellowed the captain. "Try to FIX IT WHEN YOU CAN!!!!!

No sooner did he say it when the ship started to tilt! "EVERYBODY TO THE LIFEBOATS" "WE CAN'T TRY TO FIX THE SHIP!! ITS NO USE!" "EVERYBODY TO THE LIFEBOATS UNLESS YOU WANT TO DROWN!!" the captain's voice commanded from the speakers. All the sailors ran to the lifeboats and the ones who were wounded during the pirate attack were helped along by able seaman. Soon the lifeboats were all full of sailors and were in the water. The sailors watched as the ship split apart and shuddered as the two sides of the ship sank till there was just the top of the sides viewable. "Well," said Captain Mustow gloomily, "I guess I might lose my captain hat." "Oh no you can't as I can take as much blame as you" said 1st mate Joe.

They got back to the port on Hawaiian islands and did a few phone calls and their boss wasn't so happy as he said on the phone, "Shame on you! YOU ARE ALL FIRED! All those precious supplies for the dollar stores is lost!!! Oh I can't believe you how you could DO THIS TO ME!!! I should of got a better crew than you lunkheads." As by the way the cargo the Den Navigatorn was carrying was loads of the stuff you get at the dollar stores that are 'Made in China' as the crew was bring the shipment from China to North-America.

After the shipwreck they got back to Canada via aircraft. As they were fired from their jobs they had to find new jobs, so Karl-Heinz Schulz decided that he might become a RCMP officer and might get into the West Coast Marine Service, Captain Mustow went into the cruise-ship business with a goal to becoming captain again, and the rest of the sailors just went back to the port to find a sailing job.

Karl H Schulz was recruited as constable and after three years got into the West Coast Marine Service and was promoted to corporal. Capt. Mustow got into MSC Cruises USA and was promoted to 1st mate/ assistant captain, 'Arrrr t'is notti'n like me old job as cap'n, but is pretty good because I gets paid more and I get better food and room quarters.' said 1st mate Mustow about the job he received.

The Den NavigatÝren ship-wreck was dragged onto land, but none of the cargo was in salvageable condition so most was just trashed; luckily the ship was insured so the boat company was replenished.

LPH Writing Class stories 2012-2013