Den NavigatÝren


Gerard Arsenault

It's a large General Cargo vessel, White Red and Black, 1000 ft. long, width of 135 feet. Carrying plastic goods from China across the Pacific Ocean, to Port Metro Vancouver, Canada's largest port.

It has safety accessories in case of disaster such as floating gear, rope and a boat. large cranes are also equipped, and radio signal. GerardArsenault-CargoShip (51K)

Karl-Heinz Schulz

Karl-Heinz Schulz is a Ship Security Officer, and is 42 years old. He has black hair and blue eyes with a mustache, and is slim and tall. He is friendly, except when he is working as a Security Officer and has to be stern. He likes to do paintball when he is at home. He is a single man with a house in British Columbia. He is from a family of 7 children. His parents are from Alberta. When he was young he and his parents moved to British Columbia. He was once attack by a cougar but fought it off. He has once been against a ship pirate attack. When he is working he has a C7A2 rifle.

Port of Shanghai

Shanghai Port is the world's busiest container port, located in Eastern China. It is so busy that when you look down from an airplane it looks jam packed of cargo. It is a humid climate, and has four seasons. Winters are chilly and damp, with little or no snowfall. The Shanghai Port is also a international cruise terminal. The City of Shanghai is also a very busy city, they have parks and resorts, so the people can have a break from city life for a little while. The Chinese Grand Prix is in the city of Shanghai. The people in the city of Shanghai play about the same sports as people in North America.

The Courageous

The Den NavigatÝren was sailing through the Indian Ocean on a misty morning, when a great ship broke through the mist, and was identified as "The Courageous" (A pirate ship captained by the most feared Captain Vince.). This was bad news indeed, and all the sailors were shaken including the captain. The captain roared out orders, and Karl Schulz and the other the Security men were sent with their sub-automatic rifles to try to fend of the ship. But all was not going well as "The Courageous" had eighty-one cannons, with a broadside of thirty. And the captain of the pirate ship was a fierce man, so it did not take long for Captain Vince and his pirates to get ready for boarding the "Den NavigatÝren".

The pirates started boarding the Den NavigatÝren and the razor-wire that was around the Den NavigatÝren did'nt slow the pirates much. Soon the pirates were on the ship while Karl Schulz and ship security did their best, the sailors were given rifles each, but they soon were all backed up at the back of the ship, and the captain finally said that they should surrender the ship. So the crew with fallen faces all lined up for the pirates to take them prisoners. Suddenly a great splash of water hit the crew, and Karl Schulz waked up to see a sailor splashing a bucket of water on him, then he Realized with a sigh of relief that he had fallen asleep on his shift and had been dreaming about the pirates and all.