The Tempest of L'eau Clair


Faustina Arsenault


L'eau Clair, Ship.

"L'eau Clair" is rigged as a four masted barque. It is 375 feet long with a riveted steel hull, clear oiled pine decks, steel masts, wooden and steel yards. The mast height is 162. L'eau Clair has many features that make it a very unusual ship, the planking and beams are constructed of Teak wood, making the ship a true vessel of the coast of Malaysia. The cabins are made of mahogany. The ship has space for about 257 people, L'eau Clair is a class A ship. The Captain is Frédéric Blanchard.

Cécile- Marie Blanchard.

Cécile-Marie is the daughter of Madame Marie Blanchard and Monsieur Frédéric Blanchard, Captain of L'eau Clair. Cécile is a pretty French girl with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She is almost 13, Cécile can get very angry but she usually is cheerful. Cécile lives in the busy town of Port Deauville, France. She has two brothers and one sister. Her sister and brother`s names are Jérôme, Pierre and Renée, Jérôme is 18 (he is the oldest), Pierre is 17 and Renèe is 14 (Renèe is a snobbish girl, and is spoiled rotten. Renèe is mean to Cècile all the time, and always taunts her, because Cècile isn't always in the fashion. And because Renée has been to a finishing school and brags that she is smarter than Cècile.)

Cècile likes to paint meatball trees and read really boring books, like Robinson Crusoe , The Swiss Family Robinson, Treasure Island and David Copperfield from her Father`s tiny library. Cècile hates getting into trouble, but as her best friend Catraoine Aoife Mac Lochlainn has a nose for trouble, Cècile usually is in trouble.

Catraoine Aoife Mac Lochlainn.

Catraoine Aoife Mac Lochlainn is a beautiful Irish girl of 13; she has blond hair and sky blue eyes. Catraoine is the best friend of Cecile-Marie Blanchard. Catraoine's father is first mate of L'eau Clair. Catraoine loves to help her father around the ship and loves reading books; Catraoine especially hates reading books like Robinson Crusoe, The Swiss Family Robinson, Treasure Island and David Copperfield. Catraoine likes adventure books, mystery books and she loves Jane Austen's novels, especially Emma and Pride and Prejudice. Catraoine is excited because her father has promised that she can go on the trip! Catraoine is a cheerful girl and loves getting into trouble. She is quite vain. Catraoine loves to go on trips across the world on L'eau Clair. Catraoine was born in Ireland, but she lives in France now.

Pictou Nova Scotia Canada, (where L'eau Clair is shipwrecked)

This is during the year of 1866. The beautiful harbor is a busy place, there are ships sailing in and out all the time. Pictou Harbor has ships that come from all over the place some from, England, Scotland and France. The people themselves are mostly Scottish and some are French; there are even a few Native Americans. If you were to walk down one of the streets in Pictou then you might smell someone baking bannock. Mr. William MacDonald, Pictou's Post Office owner says "If you don't mind smelling rotten fish than Pictou is the place for you." Mr. George MacDougall, the owner of Pictou Banking says " If you are hungry for lobster then just go to Piper's Landing Restaurant for it, he makes the best lobster in town". Mrs. William MacDonald said I love living in Pictou because it is a beautiful place, the people sometimes don't even talk to you." Mr.James MacKenzie, the owner of Piper's Landing said "I just love hearing the sound of bagpipes on special occasions."

In a room, there stood a girl, she was beautiful and was dressed in the newest fashion. The girl stood staring at another girl, she was painting something the suspiciously looked like green meatballs stuck on brown sticks.

"Oh look there's Cècile painting her ugly meatball trees!" The beautiful girl sneered, Cècile kept on painting pretending not to hear, but the girl didn't stop, "So Cècile I want to learn how to paint them. ha ha ha." Cècile burst into tears. "Renèe, why do you always have to do this to me?" She wailed.

Renèe laughed spitefully, "Oh really, you should teach me. I bet none of my friends at the finishing school would know how to paint such beautiful meatballs!" "BOO HOOO! MA MERE COME RENEE'S TEASING ME! BOO HOO!" "Ugh can't you just grow up?"

A Day Later,

Cècile went into their parlor, and tip-toed in, "Cècile! Come over here," Cècile nodded her head and went over to where her Father and Mother were. "Cècile, your Mother and I were thinking about my trip, and we thought that mayhap-" Suddenly Pierre and Jérôme burst into the room, "Papa, one of your sailors got into a fist fight, and he hurt the other fella quite badly!" Papa frowned, "And what is the sailor's name?" Pierre looked a little anxious as he replied, "He's Pim Abeles, the dutch man. Do you remember when he was in jail for three years?"

Papa sternly nodded, "Yes I do, and I must have to go and settle them down now, come boys."

Mama shook her head at Cècile and said, "Well Cècile, I am afraid you won't hear what we were going to say until after supper." "But mama how do you expect me to be able to wait that long?"

"You'll have to wait."

"Cècile, I am going to a supper and dance tonight! And you're too young to go. Oh and I am going to have the best time ever with my educated friends, my friends are educated and your best friend dosen't even know the multiplication times tables! Did you ever consider that? And you're a rich Captain's daughter, so you should have suitable friends. Like my friend, Benjamine Bourque's little sister Carole Bourque." Renèe said while she brushed her silky smooth black hair.

Cècile was sitting on a couch in their room, reading The Swiss Family Robinson, for the tenth time. "Oh I don't care at all for your friends, especially Carole; she's the worst most spoiled girl I ever knew."

Renèe bustled at that, "Non it's you that is the spoiled one!"

Cècile shook her head again, and was going to reply when suddenly Catraoine Mac Lochlainn burst into the room, and smashed into Renèe, who screamed at the top of her lungs. Catraoine smirked and helped Renèe off the floor, meanwhile Cècile was laughing.

Renèe angrily shouted at Catraoine and Cècile, "YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING GIRLS.GET OUT OF MY SIGHT, Cècile I am going to tell Papa et Mama what you did, and they'll probably never let you talk to that Irish girl again!" And with that she angrily swept out of the room.

Cècile looked at Catraoine sadly, "Now you got me in trouble again."

Catraoine just laughed, "Oh it was so funny when Renee fell over, and I never saw her look so funny!"

Cècile just shook her head, then she smiled, "Well it was funny, but still I'm in trouble." Catraoine cheerfully said, "Don't worry I'll get you out of the trouble. Anyway are you really reading The Swiss Boring Family? or was it my imagination?" Cècile frowned "I wish you'd just stop calling it that. It is called The Swiss Family Robinson, and yes I was reading it."

Catraoine groaned, "Why, why do you like to read such boring books? No wonder your sister doesn't like you."

Cècile sighed, "What is wrong with the books I read?" Catraoine replied "Well if you'd just read Miss Austen's books, you'd just love them. They're not boring at all. Anyways, the reason I came up here is to tell you that I'm going to go with on the trip with L'eau Clair!"

Cècile just stared at her, "No Way! How are you allowed to go?" "Oh yes, my papa told me I could go!" Cècile enviously said, "How come you always get to go on trips, and I never get to go at all?"

Catraoine smiled, "Well you'd never want to do any work at all, so that's why you are not allowed to go."

Suddenly Catraoine said, "Oh dear I have to go now, my Mama's having her friends over for a tea party, and I have to help her get ready. Good bye!"

* * *

That evening at supper, Cècile asked, "What did you want to tell me this afternoon?" Papa looked at Mama, and she nodded, so he said, "Well, we were thinking of taking you with us on the trip."

Cècile gasped, "OH MY! I want to go! Thank you, Mama and Papa!"

Then Pierre looked jealously at her, "Why should you go when you don't even know how to tie a sailors's knot. I know a lot more than you do, so I should be the one to go." Papa frowned at him, "Son, I don't like your tongue. And no matter what you say Cècile should come with us, and remember, two of our sailors are now not able to come with us on this ship. So you and your brother may come with us."

Jérôme looked up and smiled, than he put down his piece of bread, and said, "Thanks governor." Papa angrily slammed down his cup of tea, "HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT! I am your Father, Not Governor."

Pierre smoothly replied, "Oh yes of course Father."

Then Mama asked, "But I don't know what I'll do without Cècile, and how am I to know if you come back safely?" But Papa answered, "Don't worry, we'll be back, and you'll have to do without Cècile."

Mama nodded, "Of course. Cècile come we need to find nice clothes to wear on your journey!" "Yes Mama."

Mama nodded, "Of course. Cècile come we need to find nice clothes to wear on your journey!"

"Yes Mama."

Cècile sighed as she stood for the tailor, he was a small man, about the age of thirty, and he was fussing over the fact that Cècile was taller than most young ladies, especially her "gorgeous sister Renèe."

"Your most beautiful and delightful sister Renèe is far more gracious than you. I am acquainted with her, and she is getting the most gorgeous dress I ever made!" The tailor said with pleasure.

Cècile snorted, "This guy thinks that Renèe is the most wonderful girl in the world! And I have no care whatsoever that Renèe's getting that dress, I hate the cut. And I especially hate the color. It's brown for goodness sake!" she thought.

Finally the tailor was finished for the day, but unfortunately he'd have to come every day of the week except Sunday, but Sunday would be in five more days!

Renèe came into her room, and then she put on the most gorgeous dress she'd ever had. It was the farewell party for Papa, Jérôme, Pierre and Cècile. Renèe sighed as she felt the luxurious folds of her dress, It was an evening dress, and it was made of tan brown silk and it had a low neckline, like most of the dresses of their day. Renèe called for their maid, to help her with her hair.

Meanwhile Catraoine was enjoying some cake with her family; she ate the last piece of cake then got up. "Catraoine dear, could you go and ask Cècile if she could ask her Mother to give you the newest coat pattern, Please." Catraoine brushed the crumbs from her dress, and got up, "Okay, I'll go and ask!"

A week later.

Cècile stood on the deck as she felt the breeze rustle her hair gently. They'd been on the ship for already almost a week.

"Could you get Catraoine and tell her to come and help me in the galley?" Cècile hid a smile and nodded at their cook, a plump lady with graying hair.

"Come Cat, the cook wants you!" Catraoine groaned, "When ever I am enjoying myself then I have to help with the galley?" Cècile smirked, "I thought you enjoyed helping in the galley." Catraoine sighed. "Oh all right."

"It looks like there's a storm coming. We'll have to try to race it,"

Captain Blanchard reported. Catraoine looked excited. "That sounds exciting!" Captain Blanchard smiled, "Well perhaps for you, but not for me nor the sailors,"

"Oh." Catraoine looked crestfallen. Captain Blanchard almost smiled again, but he turned away, and ordered, "Sailors, we are going to try to out run this storm! All hands on deck!"

"Aye,aye Captain." They said.

The storm was getting closer, and you could already feel it in the air.

Captain Blanchard did all he could do to get the ship moving faster, but it wasn't fast enough.

"I am afraid we will not be able to race this storm." Captain Blanchard told Catraoine's father. Catraoine heard what he said. "We're going to be stuck in a storm?"

"Aye, I am afraid we will be, Catraoine," Her father told her.

The waves were gray and stormy. L'eau Clair was going up and down on the waves.

Captain Blanchard saw Cècile holding on the one of the ship's railing, she looked scared. "Cècile, go down below!"

"I can't! I can't move! The ship is moving too fast," She yelled back, Captain Blanchard looked around anxiously for Catraoine.

Catraoine came running she made a little leap in the air and came down on on her feet gracefully. Captain Blanchard frowned at her. "CATRAOINE GET OVER AND HELP MY DAUGHTER GO DOWN BELOW." He yelled. Catraoine frowned. She went over to where Cècile was.

"Cècile I wish you never came. All you do is complain and make me be your maid. I am NOT your maid. I hope you remember that," she said with a toss of her shoulders. Then Cècile holding onto Catraoine's arm went down to her cabin.

Pretty soon the storm caught up with L'eau Clair, and Captain Blanchard knew that they'd probably not live. L'eau Clair would probably have a shipwreck.

"Good morning, daughter." Captain Blanchard smiled at Cécile. Cécile smiled back. "Good Morning, Father!"

Suddenly a young sailor ran in. He looked fearfully at them. "Cap'n the storm is upon us!" As he spoke the ship shuddered and the boards creaked. Captain Blanchard looked calm. "Marc, please tell the sailors to host the sails up. And tell them there's no need to fear, I've been in many storms and I always got out alive." Marc took off his cap to Cécile and then ran off.

"Papa are vous sure that this isn't any big storm?" Cécile's voice nervously shook. Captain Blanchard sighed. Cécile always was too nervous; he shouldn't have took her on this trip. "Cécile we are going to be fine. And stop asking questions!" He frowned at her. Cécile shrunk down, "But papa please are you sure--" Captain Blanchard was fed-up with her questions. "Cécile When I say stop you Stop!" Cécile pouted, "Papa pleeaase tell me..." Captain Blanchard was now so angry that he shouted, "DON'T BE BOLD!" Tears poured from Cécile's eyes. Captain Blanchard turned away from her and went out of his cabin.

Meanwhile Catraoine was in the kitchen busily chopping up vegetables for omelettes. "Catraoine please remember to cut up the mushrooms too for les omelettes!"

"I hate mushrooms," Catraoine grumbled. The cook, a plump lady in her mid-fifties frowned at Catraoine, "That can't be right! No true French woman déteste mushrooms."

"Oh well I am not a true French woman anyway." Catraoine said with a little sass in her voice.

The cook grabbed the rolling pen and shook it threateningly at her, "Have not I told you that you should speak with more respect?" Catraoine laughed. "Oh sure you always tell it to me with your rolling pen!" The cook sighed and went

back to rolling the dough for apple pie and pumpkin pie.

Suddenly the ship shook and the timbers groaned. Catraoine looked up, "What's going on?" She asked. The cook sighed, "It must be that storm," Catraoine shook her head, "No it can't be that..." The door burst open and Cécile ran in. Catraoine looked up with a frown on her pretty face, "What's happening Cécile? You're always so quiet..." Catraoine trailed off as she noticed that Cécile's eyes were pouring tears.

"Wahhh---Papa told me to not be Bold!" Cécile cried. Catraoine smirked, "I sure am glad he said that to you Cécile," Cécile looked at the cook hoping for some pity. But the cook shook her rolling pen at Cécile threateningly. "I ain't got no time for tears." Cécile burst into another flood of tears and the cook sniffed and said, "Just stop yer crying for a moment or else I'll tell Cap'n Blanchard that his daughter is being a nuisance."

Catraoine was pretty fed-up with Cécile's crying so she grabbed her arm and hustled her out of the galley while scolding her. "Cécile I don't have time for your crying. I am busy enough already with having to chop of mounds of vegetables, making suppers, diners and breakfasts."

Cécile looked like she was going to cry again. Catraoine sighed. "Why are you my best friend?"

Cécile's lower lip trembled, "Because nous sommes good friends." Catraoine shook her head, "We are not good friends, and I hardly think you're my friend at all when you keep on crying and whining." Cécile stared at Catraoine, "I DO NOT whine. It's you who's the whiner."

Catraoine was disgusted with her. "No thanks and I do not have time for a WHINER. I have work to do and so bye." Catraoine turned from Cécile and went back toward the galley. Cécile sniffed and went to her cabin.

"Why is Cat so mean to me? She's not nice at all she's the meanest girl alive! She always whines that I am a whiner, and she complains of having to help in the galley. I am NEVER going to talk to her again." Cécile said fiercely to herself.


"The storm is gettin' worse Cap'n." Marc the sailor reported. Captain Blanchard sighed. "I do not know what to do about it. You've got everything ready?" "Aye, aye Cap'n!"

All day and night the storm raged.

Cécile spent the rest of the day reading Treasure Island and drawing meat ball trees.

Catraoine was busy; it was hard to make food when the whole ship was tipping all the time so the pies would slide off the counter and Catraoine had to catch them each time, unfortunately breakfast had slid off the counter so they had to make another breakfast.

"Catraoine, could you please take Cap'n Blanchard's coffee with his croissant and omelet?" Catraoine nodded, "Oui Madame." The cook looked at the tray of food, "There's also Cécile's breakfast, a bowl of Chocolat and pain au chocolat." Catraoine didn't want to give Cécile her breakfast but that didn't matter. So she picked up the tray with her left hand and went out of the galley opening the door with her right hand.

"Come in," Catraoine heard Captain Blanchard say. She opened the cabin door and saw Cécile was sitting down at the fancy table waiting for her breakfast while reading David Copperfield and Captain Blanchard was sitting down and ignoring Cécile.

Catraoine smiled and said (While ignoring Cécile) "Here's your breakfast Captain Blanchard." Captain Blanchard looked a little angry, "Why did it take that long to make breakfast?" Catraoine's smiled disappeared, "Well - it fell off the counter." She set down his Coffee and his croissant with his omelet. "Where's the oatmeal?" Captain Blanchard demanded. "Well - I , we didn't have time to make it," Captain Blanchard looked furiously at her, "Make it Now!" Catraoine sighed, 'But we don't have time..." Captain Blanchard's face turned red, "You do what I say!" Catraoine curtsied, "Yes Sir."

Cécile'd been watching this all with a smug expression, "Yes go and make it Cat, bad girl you didn't make my papa's favorite." Captain Blanchard turned to her with a furious expression, "Cécile GO now and make the oatmeal for ME!" Cécile's face turned pink, "But papa I am your daughter," She said pouting. But Captain Blanchard just said threateningly, "Cécile if you don't do as I tell you, you'll be in BIG trouble." Cécile stood up, her face was stormy. "I shall do it."

Catraoine hid a smile as she saw them arguing.

Then she opened the cabin's door and went out with Cécile following her.

"What is the cry babe doin' in here?" The cook asked as she noticed Cécile following Catraoine. Cécile looked at her angrily, "How dare you speak to me like that! My Father is your Captain." But the cook just laughed, "Your own father doesn't even listen to you. Ha Ha Ha." Cécile's face turned even redder but she turned to Catraoine and said with a sneer in her voice, "Where's the pots Cook-Girl." Catraoine hid her anger and pointed at a cupboard. Cécile was walking to the cupboard when suddenly the whole ship tipped! "AWWWW HELP CAT!" Cécile fell down and banged her head making a big egg like bruise.

Catraoine crawled over to where she was. "Cécile are you alright?" Cécile tried to get up but fell, "Oh of c-course I am alright." The ship had stopped moving so Cécile got up again and went out of the galley.

Cécile walked to the deck. You could not see anything because there was a heavy fog. Sailors ran in all directions anxiously. Suddenly the ship banged into something. The timbers creaked and groaned.

Cécile ran to the side where the ship had banged into something. Then while

Cécile was angrily thinking about how her Father and Catraoine were the meanest people in the world, the ship crashed into a huge rock. The ship split in half. Where Cécile was, it split so that Cécile wouldn't or couldn't get back on the other half. Cécile looked around fearfully she was stuck on here and half of the ship she was on was sinking.

Catraoine saw Cécile on the other half. The other half sank and Catraoine could see Cécile no more.

Meanwhile the half of the ship they were on was sinking too. Captain Blanchard ran to where their safety boats were. "Come on quick, we have to get off L'eau Clair before it sinks!" The sailors crowded into the boats, and Catraoine saw the cook run into one of the boats. Captain Blanchard looked around for Cécile. He saw Catraoine. "GET OVER HERE BEFORE THE SHIP SINKS!" He screams. Catraoine ran to the safety boat. The other boat is lowered over the side. But the one where Captain Blanchard was isn't lowered yet.

"Catraoine where's Cécile?" Captain Blanchard asked frantically. Catraoine looked at him sadly. "She didn't make it Sir." Captain Blanchard pulled his hair, "She's dead...." His eyes welled up with tears. He turned to Catraoine and said, "Say sorry to my wife. And tell your father to take care of these sailors...." He turned away from her and walked slowly to the edge. And then he got ready to jump. But Catraoine was too quick for him. She grabbed his shoulder. "Stop it Blanchard. Your sailors need you. We need you. Your wife and family needs you." She pulled him back and Captain Blanchard looked furiously at her. "How dare you pull me!" Catraoine narrowed her eyes and spoke with a deadly calm. "It was a matter between life and death. Get into the boat NOW." Captain Blanchard got into the boat and Catraoine followed him.

A week later.

They had drifted to a harbour called "Pictou Harbour." It was in Nova Scotia Canada

Catraoine was sorry that Cécile'd died. But there was nothing to do about it. Captain Blanchard was going to go back to France to comfort his wife.

And Catraoine's father, the 1st mate of L'eau Clair had fallen in love with Nova Scotia. They were to stay there. Catraoine also liked Nova Scotia; it was a place without memories of Cécile. She and her Father had already written a letter to her mother to tell their family to come to Nova Scotia and start a new life.

Catraoine stifled a giggle as she watched the six year old Scottish little twins, Mary and Bobbie MacDonald take huge bites out of the Crème brűlée she had baked that morning. "Mmmmm, Catwaoine thiss mmmm is gooood.." Bobbie said.

"Oh children! Your mother would have a fit seeing you with custard and cream all over your face! My you look like a naughty little monkey!" Catraoine scolded them trying to make her face look stern.

"Oh Mum would never care smuch. She went to see Aunt Martha didn't she, Mary?" Bobbie looked at his equally sticky sister.

Mary nodded she smiled at Bobbie, "This is much nicer staying here with Catwaoine, than going to see Aunt Martha, Aunt Martha is always cranky."

"Oh hush Mary! You can't say things like that!"

Catraoine was keeping house for her Father in Nova Scotia, because her family had not yet come, they were on the ship but it would take them a few more weeks until they'd finally be here. Catraoine's father and their very nice neighbors had made a tiny and snug log cabin with only two rooms. He was making a bigger cabin now for when the family came.

Her kind and motherly neighbor Mrs Annie MacDonald (who lived just down the path) was helping Catraoine keep house. But today she had gone to visit her sister for a week, Mary and Bobbie could not go with her so they were staying with Catraoine and her father.

"Bobbie, Mary, could you two help me with carrying the big pots? I have to wash the clothes at the stream." Bobbie and Mary groaned together, "Oh No! We have to 'elp?"

Catraoine eyed them sternly, "I expect you to help. Or else you don't get Strawberry Cake for dessert tonight."

Mary quickly said "Oh we'll help!" Catraoine grinned to herself.


Four hours later everyone was sitting down to a delicious supper of Scotch Broth (Mrs MacDonald had taught Catraoine to make it) and a Seaweed and Wild Onion salad, with Vinegar and Wild Garlic dressing.

"Woah this looks so good, Catraoine." Catraoine's father said smiling at her as he took a generous helping of Seaweed and Wild Onion Salad.

Catraoine blushed. "I am glad you like it. Bobbie, manners please. Mary Do NOT use your hands as your spoon." Catraoine took a spoonful of her Scotch Broth. "This is quite good though!"

Bobbie put a forkful of salad into his mouth, "Crunch I love munch this salad mmm Catwacrunchoine!"

Father sighed. "When are you going to ever learn manners Bobbie?" Bobbie had a slight frown on his grubby face. "Mum always asks me when I will learn manners, but I don't want to be manners!" Catraoine was just about to answer him when suddenly they heard someone knocking on their door.

"I'll go an' get it, Papa." Catraoine got up from the table and then she went to the door. "Well hello Miss Catraoine! Mmm what is that I smell?" Adam Joseph said sniffing the delicious dinner. (He was a jolly 30 year old Mi'kmaq Indian who had a huge appetite and loved eating Catraoine's cooking) "Oh Hello Mister Adam Joseph! I am afraid that that smell is our dinner. But we have two especially hungry people here today, so I am afraid you might not get dinner here." Catraoine said comically winging her hands.

Adam Joseph roared with laughter. "Who would've thought that the kind Miss Catraoine would say that a hungry little beggar couldn't have any food? Hohohoho hahahaha!"

Catraoine's father had gotten up from the table, he laughed too. "Hahahaha! I am afraid that Catraoine has no pity for hungry big bears!"

"Oh goodness gracious! Who would've thought that the bear wanted to eat all my supper! Hehehehe." Catraoine laughed with them.

Finally Adam Joseph stopped laughing and wiping his eyes he said "Well, Mr Francis Mac Lochlainn, it's mighty nice to see you people again and siting down to one of Catraoine's dinners!" "Aye, and it's mighty nice to see ye too, Adam Joseph," Catraoine's Father,(Francis Mac Lochlainn) said going back into his bold Irish brogue.

"Come in, come in," Catraoine said to Adam. He gratefully went into their tiny, but cosy cabin. "What's for supper?" He asked.

"Oh it's Scotch Broth, Seaweed and Wild Onion salad with Vinegar and wild Garlic dressing."

Adam patted his stomach, "Ummm that sounds good!"

Bobbie peeked his head from under the table cloth, where he had been hiding when the man came. "Yes it is very, vvvery 'ood." Adam looked at him, "Oh my! Is that Bobbie MacDonald? The little baby is now a big boy!" Bobbie grinned proudly back at him. "Aye, I am a big boy!" Everyone laughed.

After supper everyone watched as Catraoine brought out the masterpiece, a beautiful Strawberry Cake, decorated with wild strawberries.

"Oh yum! This is soo good!" Francis Mac Lochlainn told his daughter licking his lips as he bit into a delicious piece of cake.

Adam agreed, "Yes you wouldn't know it was made by humans!" Catraoine laughed "Oh really? I am quite human, thank you." Everyone enjoyed the cake; it was the best cake Catraoine ever made!

"And the wild strawberries just added the finishing touch!" "Yes they sure did. Well anyway I think I must get going now, but anyway I will always remember to come here when you are having Cake!" Adam said with a wink at Catraoine. "And good bye Bobbie and Mary!" Bobbie and Mary grinned at Adam with sticky smiles. "Good 'ye Adam!" And Adam left laughing.


Two weeks later Catraoine was hanging clothes up outside, with the birds singing, and the bees buzzing in her ear. It was sunny and there was hardly any clouds. Catraoine sighed in satisfaction as she hung up the last dishcloth. "Whew! finally I am done! It's a perfect day for baking Blackberry Scones. I sure am glad that Bobbie and Mary, (no matter how sweet they are) are with their mother again."

A hour later, delicious smells were wafting from the kitchen. Catraoine had baked the scones and she was siting down to eat one when suddenly she heard voices outside. Catraoine sighed. "Who is here?" She wondered. Then she put down her scone and went to the window.

"I wonder where Catraoine is?" "Yes they said she'd be here." "Where's my husband, the ol' rascal?"

Catraoine screamed. She threw open the door and ran to hug her Mother, her sixteen year old brother, ten year old sister and her eight year old brother.

"Oh look, Catraoine is a big girl now!" Mother said smiling affectionately at her daughter. Catraoine squirmed, "I am NOT a big girl. I am a lady!"

"Oh goodness! Cate is now a sassy little lady," her older brother, Robert said with a grin. "Catraoine I smell something good in there!" Her little sister, May said pointing to the cabin. Catraoine smiled. "Oh yes I forgot to bring you in to eat. I made Blackberry Scones this morning," "SCONES!" The whole family pushed and shoved their way into the cabin.

The cabin was crowded. Mother took a bite into a scone she was holding. "Mmmm, this sure is good Catraoine." Robert nodded, "Yes it is, ummm I didn't eat anything like this in years!" May laughed. "No in months!" Catraoine's eight year old brother Peter and grabbed four scones and stuffed them into his mouth, choking and coughing as one scone got stuck in his throat. "Oww 'elp, someone!" Robert banged his back and the scone came flying out of Peter's mouth. "Eww gross Peter." May squealed. Catraoine rolled her eyes, and Robert laughed.

Then suddenly they heard someone singing. "Oh the ol' times are better, the Irish have al' the luck. Where are ye hiding? Why is there muck, how can I find ye here like in the ol' Irish times..." It was Father.

Mother got a mischievous glint in her eyes. "I know what! Why don't we all hide when the ol' rascal comes in? Then when Catraoine whistles then we can come running out!" Catraoine nodded. "That sounds like a wonderful plan!" The family hid behind chairs and the table cloth.

"Oh hello Catraoine! Mmm is that Blackberry Scones?" Catraoine's father stood there in the doorway. He was beaming at her. "Uh-yes it is. Your observation is getting better! So Father, what's the news that makes you grin all over yer face silly like?"

Father just grinned bigger then he said. "Well the big cabin is finished! All we need to do is wait for our family to come." Catraoine smiled. Then she whistled. Suddenly Robert jumped down from the ceiling, May came out from behind a chair, Peter shyly peeked from behind the table cloth, and Mother ran out from Catraoine's room.

"What's all this? Robert, you're looking like a full grown man! My goodness, May, you seemed to have grown taller! Peter, I am surprised at how big you are. You're almost as tall as your sister May! And ahem.... So my wife, I have an idea that you thought up this ambush!" Mother grinned at him. "Oh yes sir ol' rascal I did!" Everyone laughed and the tension went away. Father smiled at each other and then he took them outside. "Come and see the new cabin." He invited.

Everyone followed him and he went through a path in the woods. Then he stopped and brought them into a clearing. Sunlight flowed over everything. Birds sang their songs. And there siting in the middle with a little stream lapping at its feet was a cabin. Even though Kings lived in bigger and fancier castles and palaces, their homes could never be compared to this.

"Welcome home." Father said hugging them. Catraoine smiled, she was ready for a new life. She wiped her eyes, "I wish that Cécile was here." She said to herself. Then Catraoine turned to follow her family to the cabin, without looking back.

LPH Writing Class stories 2012-2013