L'eau Clair


Faustina Arsenault

"L'eau Clair" is rigged as a four masted barque. It is 375 feet long with a riveted steel hull, clear oiled pine decks, steel masts, wooden and steel yards. The mast height is 162. L'eau Clair has many features that make it a very unusual ship, the planking and beams are constructed of Teak wood, making the ship a true vessel of the coast of Malaysia. The cabins are made of mahogany. The ship has space for about 257 people, L'eau Clair is a class A ship.


Cécile- Marie Blanchard

Cécile-Marie is the daughter of Madame Marie Blanchard and Monsieur Frédéric Blanchard, Captain of L'eau Clair. Cécile is a pretty French girl with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She is almost 13, Cécile is usually cheerful, but she also is quite spoiled and snobbish. Cécile lives in the busy town of Port Deauville, France. She has two brothers and one sister. Her sister and brother's names are Jérôme, Pierre and Renée, Jérôme is 18 (he is the oldest), Pierre is 17 and Renée is 14 (Renée is a snobbish girl, and is spoiled rotten. Renée is mean to Cécile all the time, and always taunts her, because Cécile isn't always in the fashion.)

Cécile likes to paint meatball trees and read really boring books, like Robinson Crusoe, The Swiss Family Robinson, Treasure Island and David Copperfield from her Father`s tiny library.

Pictou Nova Scotia Canada

This is where L'eau Clair is shipwrecked. Pictou, Nova Scotia, is a beautiful place. This is during the year of 1866. The beautiful harbour is a busy place, there are ships sailing in and out all the time.There are a few beaches near Pictou, the best beach is Waterside Park Beach. Pictou Harbour has ships that come from all over the place some from, England, Scotland and France. The people themselves are mostly Scottish and some are French; there is even a few native Americans. If you were to walk down one of the streets in Pictou then you might smell someone baking bannock. Mr. William MacDonald, Pictou's Post Office owner says " If you don't mind ships then Pictou is the place for you." Mr. George MacDougall, the owner of Pictou Banking says " If you are hungry for lobster then just go to Piper's Landing Restaurant for it, he makes the best lobster in town". Mrs. William MacDonald said " I love living in Pictou because it is a beautiful place, the people are so friendly." Mr.James MacKenzie, the owner of Piper's Landing said " I just love hearing the sound of bagpipes on special occasions."

Catraoine Aoife Mac Lochlainn

Catraoine Aoife Mac Lochlainn is a beautiful Irish girl of 13; she has blond hair and sky blue eyes. Catraoine is the best friend of Cecile-Marie Blanchard. Catraoine's father is first mate of L'eau Clair. Catraoine loves to help her father around the ship and loves reading books; Catraoine especially likes reading adventure books and mystery books. Catraoine is excited because her father has promised that she can go on the trip! Catraoine is a cheerful girl and likes doing nice things for others, but she is quite vain. Catraoine loves to go on trips across the world on L'eau Clair. Catraoine has been to Easter Island, Ireland and England. Catraoine was born in Ireland, but she lives in France now.

Dream: The Lily

Cécile- Marie Blanchard stared around her, she'd never seen a place so beautiful, it was a cabin, with plaid curtains and was expensively furnished, Cécile suddenly heard someone cough, Cécile turned around and saw a beautiful girl who looked around nineteen years old, she had blue eyes and her hair was red with gold mixed in. She smiled "Hello, who are ye?" Cécile stammered, "Uh I am Cécile- Marie Blanchard, and uh where am I?" The girl looked at her, "Ye don't even know where ye are!?" Cécile was answering when suddenly she woke up, "Wow who was that girl anyways?" she said.