Christy Winn

The Californian is a beautiful ship docked in San Diego, California. This ship is white on the top half and red on the hull. Four black tires are on each side so that when bangs against the dock, it will not damage the ship. It has four windows in the front where the captain can have full view while he steers. On each side it has two windows which are for the small cabins. A door on the side is an entrance to the rooms. Near the back it has the tallest poles for masts that anyone has ever seen. The masts are for decoration because the vessel has an engine. If the engine were to fail, then the sails could be raised. On the front of the ship it has an orange anchor resting on a large white perch.

Vanessa Graybeck

Vanessa Graybeck has waist - length beautiful jet black hair with bangs. She has blue eyes and a slight golden tan. Vanessa is 13 years old and in the 8th grade and is homeschooled. Her love of dance started at the age of 6 and she is completely devoted to jazz and ballet.

Lime green, midnight blue, and hot pink are the theme colors of her room. Her bedspread is blue and pink. She has pink and green curtains. Along with her bed set is her desk and they are all cream - colored. Vanessa organized her room according to her taste. She likes to decorate and organize.

Vanessa is the youngest in her family which includes five brothers: Cody, 20, Zack, 19, Jason, 17, Max, 16, and by ten minutes her twin brother Dillon. Vanessa and Dillon get along pretty well, but the others tease her all the time. The twins do almost everything together.

San Diego, California

Vanessa Graybeck lives in a red brick three story mansion! Her mom and dad are billionaires. Out of all the billionaires in California, they are the richest. Most of Vanessa's friends think her and her brothers and parents are selfish. That is a total lie. Their family gives to the poor, donates food, and most importantly; they give money at the collection in Mass.

The first floor has a family room, dining room, kitchen, and a movie/game room that is always stocked with snacks. The second floor has a prayer room, mini kitchen, home office, master suite and master bath. The third floor has the class room, mini kitchen, and each of the kids' rooms. Each of the kids' rooms has a laptop, TV, and its own bathroom.

In two months the kids are headed to Honolulu, Hawaii to visit their Great Uncle Stan for a few weeks.

Dillon Graybeck

Dillon Graybeck is Vanessa Graybeck's 13 year old brother who is her twin. They do everything together. Along with the rest of their brothers, they are homeschooled. Dillon is sometimes made fun of by his friends because he spends a lot of time with his sister and because he takes hip hop.

Dillon, like Vanessa, has jet black hair. His hair is down to the end of his ear lobes. His mom nags him to get cut to a more suitable "man" cut. He refuses because he believes that he has swag, meaning that he thinks that he is "all that" or "cool". He does hip hop, football, basketball, and he takes an art class with Vanessa. He loves to do community service projects, help at the local St. Vincent de Paul store and food pantry with his family. He loves Jesus, his family, and is not afraid to show it.

Dream: Crown Princess Alicia of Scotland

Vanessa Greybeck had the epic dream that her best friend, Crown Princess Alicia of Scotland, and she were at Alicia's tiny house. Vanessa was worried that someone would find out she was there. Alicia reassured that no one knew where she lived. Just as Alicia had said this, someone knocked on the door. Vanessa hid under the table which had a thick long cloth on it and Alicia answered it. Right away Vanessa recognized the voice of her twin brother, Dillon. She got up from her hiding place and hugged Dillon, who looked quite shocked at the fact that she was here and she had hugged him. Vanessa looked surprised that he reacted oddly because this was not the norm for him.

Just before Vanessa was going to ask something, there was a pounding on the door. Vanessa showed Dillon to her hiding place. Alicia answered the door with a sigh, and then all of a sudden, the sigh turned into a loud scream. Right after this there was a thud. Vanessa peaked from under the cloth and almost screamed as well, but Dillon covered her mouth with his hands. She had done this because Alicia had fainted because it was one of Alicia's stepmother's guards.

The guard walked slowly toward Dillon and Vanessa. He lifted up the cloth and got out his ropes to tie them up.

With a scream Vanessa and Dillon woke up at the same time, 10:00 AM on a Saturday morning, on their big sofa in their family's movie/game room. They explained to each other, each interrupting the other, about a dream that they had. When they got done explaining, they realized that they had the same dream.