The Star Sailor


Anthony Vanden Berk

The Star Sailor is a spaceship that was built in the year 4068. It was built by people from Undemereth,which was discovered and inhabited by humans from Earth. It has been around for 117 years. It uses giant re-generators for power instead of gasoline. It looks like a ginormous egg with wings and thrusters. Its main use is to transport passengers from one planet to another, but it also carries supplies to other planets. The Star Sailor can carry up to 5,000 people, but it has never carried more than 3,000 passengers. It has 2,000 small rooms, 1,000 medium rooms, 500 large rooms, and a controls room. It also has library, a gym, a chapel, a kitchen, a theater, and anything else you would want on a 6 month journey. It mainly carries people from the planet Undemereth to another planet, and from other planets to Undemereth. It has a "laser based" weapon for emergency cases only, but it has never been used. It is supposed to be crash proof but there is no way of telling that since no one has ever tested it (to test it would cost $600,000,000,000), but it has never gotten into danger and it seems safe enough, so no one is worried. There is a lot of technology and advanced gear that just isn't important to tell about. Now I hope you have an idea of what The Star Sailor is like.

Fr. Ropet

Fr. Ropet (pronounced ro-PAY) lives on Undemereth in a country called South Daker. Father Ropet is 31 years old, was born in the year 4214, has brown eyes, short orange-brown hair, and looks kind and joyful. He is a parish priest and his parish is rather large. Though he only has a few parishioners the church is always full. The church is always full because of visitors and tourists, visiting and touring Undemereth, and it is the closest church to the Spaceport. He lives in a room in a large family mansion with his great-great-great-great-grandfather's descendants (This is very common on Undemereth). He has a cheery attitude and he never loses his temper. He does have flaws though, but no one really notices them (except himself). He says Mass every day and spends 3 hours every day praying in the family mansion's chapel. He enjoys going to church events and even more he likes hearing confessions because it washes away sin. Almost everyone likes Fr. Ropet. The few people that dislike him say he is "too friendly" and "too Catholic". He has never done anything really grand except convert an expert atheist debater in a debate on Christianity. He has traveled to The Vatican, America, and London (that was the first time he traveled in a space ship). And now I hope you have an idea of what Father Ropet is like.

South Daker

South Daker is a country on Undemereth. Though South Daker is a lot like a country on Earth, it is also different in many ways. The temperature never gets hotter than 84 degrees Fahrenheit or colder than -12 degrees Fahrenheit. The years are the same length as those on Earth, but it has fewer months. South Daker, like all the other countries on Undemereth, has a 36 hour day.

The animals in South Daker are different than those on Earth; most of them can be pets, and very few are dangerous. The bugs are different too, but they are rarely seen because most of them live underground. The air somehow allows most people to live to be 200. The plants are different than the ones on Earth as well; the plants in South Daker (and everywhere else on Undemereth) make oxygen and the air that makes you live longer.

The National Space Port of Undemereth (where The Star Sailor leaves from and returns to) is in a city in South Daker called Kemro (that is where Fr. Ropet lives). South Daker's capital city is Hopeton, where the first people landed on Undemereth in 2536 according to legend, but that is rather unlikely. Hopeton has The Great Museum, the largest museum in the Civilized Worlds--all the human-inhabited planets. The Great Museum holds The Time Keeper, a very large panel showing the exact time to the second. For example, it might read: YEAR:4245 MONTH:1 DAY:TUESDAY HOUR:27 MINUTE:34 SECOND:56.

South Daker is ruled by a "Leader" who, when a new law needs to be put in place, follows set rules to write a paper describing the law, which then gets voted on by the citizens. The main religion of South Daker is Catholicism; 80% of the population is Catholic, 15% is Protestant, 4% has no religion, and less than 1% is pagan; there is freedom of religion in South Daker.

The streets of South Daker are like train tracks, and instead of cars there are car sized train-like vehicles that take passengers to the place they request. The houses in South Daker always look fancy, or at least like the builders worked very hard on them. South Daker has a unemployment rate of 0.0002% (the 0.0002% don't need to work because they are rich). The population of South Daker is about 183,000,000. South Daker is powered by things like solar panels, windmills, regenerators (machines that use a type of rare rock that produces more energy than it uses), and windmills.

Now I hope you have an idea of what South Daker is like.

Pete Bartholomew

Pete Bartholomew is 59 years old, has brown eyes, and brown hair. He usually wears a tan jacket with a matching tan hat. Pete is cheery, friendly, and seldom angry. He is good friends with Fr. Ropet. He lives in an out-of-the-way house in Kemro, South Daker. He has 6 children, but they have already grown up and moved to a house of their own. He used to be married, but his wife died from a fire in a building where she was attending a meeting. Mr. Bartholomew is a writer; he has a column in the Kemro Times, and has written many books. He is a famous writer, mainly because Detective Luke (a renowned detective) asked him to write about his cases for him. He has visited Earth once before; after seeing America, Italy, Canada, and the European Union, he decided to return to Undemereth. Now I hope you have an idea of what Pete Bartholomew is like.

AnthonyVandenBerk-StarSailor (87K)

Dream: The Joyride

One day Fr. Ropet was studying famous ships from the 21st century. There were many famous ships, but there was one that particularly caught his attention--The Joyride. He read a lot about The Joyride. That night Fr. Ropet had a dream about The Joyride. In his dream he was at a dock, and tied to the dock was a large ship which he somehow knew was The Joyride. After a while, a boarding ramp came down from the ship so that he and everyone else at the dock could get on. Once everyone was on the boat it started sailing away from the dock. In a room on the deck Fr. Ropet could see many children jumping on a giant trampoline. Fr. Ropet watched the children bounce for a while and then decided to get something to eat. So he decided to go dining area, where he saw a few restaurants. He ordered a pizza at a restaurant called Pizza Hut. And after he said grace he ate the pizza, but he couldn't taste it because he was in a dream. When he finished eating he decided to see some of the other parts of the ship. He went to many places on the boat including the 3D dome, and the mall, where he noticed his crucifix was missing. The crucifix that he no longer had, in his dream, was very important to him. He was in a moment of panic and looked in all the places he remembered going to for the crucifix. After much searching he went to the deck and saw a something small glimmering in the sunlight, it was his crucifix. He was about to pick it up when he heard a loud beeping sound. Then the ship faded away and Fr. Ropet found himself in his own room with his alarm clock going off.