Castani Stelle and The Typhoon


Anthony Arsenault

Captain Tony Bruno was sailing across the Pacific ocean, he decided to turn into the Taiwan straight. As Captain Bruno was traveling through the Taiwan strait he was getting tired, and it was getting dark so Captain Bruno pulled into the Port of Kaohsiung for the night.

The next morning Captain Bruno was walking around on the dock, and he went up to a Thai man and said "such a beautiful day," and the man turned around and said "not for long.'' "Why" asked Captain Bruno, '' Well a bad typhoon is on its way and should be hitting this area within the next hour or so", the man replied. Captain Bruno said "I'm getting out of here immediately." "Well then you better hurry,'' said the man. Captain Bruno ran back to the ship and ordered all the men to round everything up , and then started off back out to sea. As Captain Bruno was sailing out on the Taiwan strait he was listening to the weather radio for full coverage on the storm.

"We are indicating a very strong typhoon that is capable of producing wind gusts of up to 240km/h and potential rainfall amounts possibly exceeding 200 millimeter's", said the people on the weather radio. Wow that's quite a storm, Captain Bruno said to himself and continued listening to the weather radio for more updates on the storm. After listening to the weather radio for a while he said to a fellow crewman working up in the Bridge (Wheel house) with him, I can't turn around, it is very important that I get this cargo that we are carrying to Shanghai, China, by at least Thursday, "but that is only two days away, and that typhoon will probably not let us get anywhere" said the crewman. "Well all we can do is try said, Captain Bruno. Captain Bruno decided to go out on the deck to check the weather, and as he was standing out there he noticed that everything seemed calm and still, but he noticed that the air started to smell a bit different, and dark storm clouds were developing as well as gathering. Captain Bruno decided to go back into the ship, as he was walking in, a crewman came up to him and said, "What are you doing down here! "Well I decided to come down to check out the weather " said Captain Bruno. "Then whose up in the Bridge(wheelhouse) steering the ship, said the crewman, "Well another crewman is taking his turn steering" Captain Bruno replied, "Oh, I didn't know there was another man who does that" said the crewman, "yes and he has been taking turns the last few days " said Captain Bruno. Then Captain Bruno said, "Could you go tell all the other crewmen that the storm is getting very close! yes said the crewman. Then all the sudden a crewman came running up to Captain Bruno named Hugh MacLeod (a former caber tossing champion at the Highland games in Antigonish Nova Scotia) said, "What's all this storm about, and if there is a storm then we better turn around." "No" said Captain Bruno, "We have to get this cargo were carrying to Shanghai, China, by Thursday."No" we are turning around, "said the big tough Hugh MacLeod, "and if you don't let us turn around then I'm going to throw you off the ship. "We are not turning around," yelled Captain Bruno with a loud voice. "Then you are going off the boat," said Hugh MacLeod. So he picked up Captain Bruno and carried him over to the edge of the ship.

Captain Bruno screaming and kicking like a little kid, "put me down!" Captain Bruno yelled. And as Hugh Macleod was just about to throw Captain Bruno off the ship, suddenly Hugh Macleod said, "I changed my mind I am not going to throw you off; we shall sail through the storm".

So as they were sailing, the storm clouds grew darker, just then the winds started gusting up and big rain drops started to fall and the waves started smashing up against the ship. Captain Bruno yelled "Get inside the ship everyone! We are approaching the storm."

As the typhoon was in full tilt, the wave sizes were rapidly growing and then the waves where 25ft high! Wow. Captain Bruno yelled "hold on tight everyone, because the waves are currently 25ft in height, and once the waves get up to 30ft the water will start splashing on the ship." The ship was rocking up and down and the wind and rain associated with the typhoon were getting nothing but worse. All of a sudden the ship capsized.

Meanwhile two days after the shipwreck the people back in the port in Shanghai China where Captain Bruno was supposed to bring the cargo were starting to wonder if Captain Bruno made it threw the storm, and was about to arrive or if he got ship wrecked. So one of the men in the port went outside on the dock to see if there were any ships out there, but there was none, except he did notice a small dot coming into sight and then it kept on getting closer. Finally the man noticed that it was a strange small raft made from scraps that was being rowed by two men. When the raft finally reached the dock the the man helped hock them up to the dock, and then helped the two tired looking men get up the dock and then asked them "who are you guys" and one of the men said, "I am Captain Bruno and this big man is my hero his name is Hugh Macleod from Nova Scotia Canada who saved me from drowning.", "So are you guys the ones who were going to bring cargo!", "Yes we are," said Captain Bruno, "and we did manage to bring some it's on that small raft ." And then the man being so amazed that they actually made it said "you men must be quit tired and hungry," "Yes we are very hungry" said Hugh Macleod with a grunt, "And we are very tired as well" said Captain Bruno.

So the man brought them into the port building and they ate supper together and then after supper the man showed them their bedrooms that they could sleep in for the night.

So the two tired men went to bed and fell asleep immediately. The next morning, after having a good night sleep the two men got out of their beds and had their showers and got dressed for the day and went walking for a walk around the building. As they were walking, Then the man who had been nice to them the night before came up to them and said "Good morning, would you guys want some breakfast", "Yes we do." said Captain Bruno, so the man brought them to the kitchen and showed them their chairs, and they all sat down to have their breakfast. As they where eating the man said "Well I just can't believe that you guys actually made it here," "You guys sure are tough," "Well if it wasn't for Hugh Macleod I would not be here I would have drowned," said Captain Bruno. After they had finished eating they thanked the man for breakfast and went outside for a walk on the dock. As the two men were walking they started to realize that they were getting home sick then Captain Bruno said "I'm starting to miss Italy, I'm missing both the scenery and the food, I'm getting tired of Asian food", "Same with me, I'm missing Nova Scotia so I know what you feel like," said Hugh Macleod, "Well I guess we should books flights then," said Captain Bruno "Sounds like a good idea." said Hugh Macleod.

So they booked flights, and then the day came that their flights were due and they were about to fly out and Captain Bruno said "Would you want to go back to Sicily with me so you can continue working at my port?," "No, I would rather go back to Nova Scotia," said Hugh Macleod, "Okay, well have a good trip back then," said Captain Bruno. "You have good trip too," said Hugh Macleod. So the two men flew back to their own homes.

LPH Writing Class stories 2012-2013