Sierra Heart

by Noël Manning

Main Character

Sierra Heart

Sierra Heart is the prettiest nineteen year old at Mountain View University. She has long, beautiful black hair and she usually lets it hang around her porcelain face. She has maintained a sweet disposition her entire life, and the boys fight over dating her. Her blue eyes always sparkle. She is usually cheerful and happy, but she has one saddness; her mother had been killed in a car wreck when Sierra was five. Sierra inherited all her mother's clothes and accessories. But even on her own Sierra has some of the loveliest clothes in the city, for her father is one of the richest men in it. She is wearing her favorite ensemble right now. Her dress is black on the top and slowly fades from purple to pink, with white on the bottom. It has sparkles all over it. There are three white flowers on its black silk collar, and there are two black silk shoulder straps on each side. Sierra's steady boyfriend is Vince Purt, but she will go out freely with her friends if he's not available.

Although Sierra is sweet, elegant, and giving, she occasionally turns into a wild tomboy! Sierra's father told her that she has the unusual freedom to roam her house and yard, which are both very large. Sierra enjoys wandering about her house, having no place in particular to go. Sierra especially loves finding curious places up in the attic and exploring them. Besides exploring her house, Sierra loves to run and is considered the fastest runner in all of Hayneswick, the city she lives in. No girl or boy can catch Sierra even if she gives them a head start. Sierra is admired by all the townsfolk, and especially her friends. Sierra is an only child, so she will often get lonely when she is at home alone. Also, she is one of the two best in her gymnastics and ballet classes, and is slowly inching ahead of her opponent. Sierra's teacher, Mrs. Tieena, is especially proud of her beautiful, well mannered, straight A student with wonderful posture.

It does seem as though Sierra likes everything that people can invent! She enjoys snow boarding, skiing, ice skating, rollerskating, horse back riding, ballet, gymnastics, surfing, baseball and a whole bunch of other things. Of course, Sierra does not do all these things every day of her life, she does them over time and only has a few regular activities that happen every week or so. Sierra is slim and fit, although she would like more muscle than she has, and is working to gain some. In this process, Sierra hopes to match her outer strength with her inner.


There is one place where Sierra spends most of her time; it's called the beach. That beach is always referred to as Emerald Beach, which is in Florida. People who live around that area mostly surf. They hold surfing contests all the time, and Sierra practically never misses one. Emerald Beach is known for its warmth, which is why a lot of people travel there for vacation. There is this little straw-roofed place where people sell and rent surf boards. The beach is definitely safe. It has police men and women guarding it twenty-four hours!!

The sand there is a beautiful shade of bright white, which goes very nicely with the light, bluish-green water. The little fishies and dolphins that live there are absolutely adorable. But the sharks that live there would not be anyone's first pick for cutest. The water is not only for surfing; there is always a large area marked off, where surfers cannot go, that is only for swimming and playing, like in a pool. Many hotels have been built on Emerald Beach, for many, many people are always there enjoying the soft but warm rays of sun which beat down on the crystal clear waters. Surprisingly, there are not a lot of sand-dunes, although the beach is literally covered with sand castles and other sand sculptures when vacation time comes about. When the sun sets at Emerald Beach, it is really the prettiest place Sierra has ever seen. The sun is golden, sending its last rays of light out across the now-dark-blue water. The ocean is calm and pretty, while only half the sun peaks over the horizon. Many famous painters come at this time to try painting the gorgeous picture.

Second Character

Lilliette Omber

Lilliette Omber, Sierra's best friend, is also nineteen. Lilliette has sparkly, gray eyes. She lets her golden hair curl down in small ringlets on her shoulders. She also goes to Mountain View University. Her boyfriend is Jim Trundle, who is good friends with Vince Purt. Lilliette lives next door to Sierra with her mother, Olivia, her father, Mark, her two brothers, Tim and Alex, and her twin sister, Mariana. She owns a white pony, Silvercharm, and a cat, Fluffypaws, who is soon going to have more kittens. Lilliette almost always wears a pink, sparkly dress, and sometimes she and Sierra borrow clothes from each other for fun. Lilliette is very into looking her best, however she adores surfing and swimming almost as much as Sierra does. Whenever they get the chance, Lilliette and Sierra invite their friends over to Sierra's house for fashion shows (though the boys don't dress up, they judge the prettiest). Lilliette is very tan from all her sun-bathing. But she is not a fast runner, nor is she good at skiing, baseball, snow boarding, roller skating, ice skating or horse-back riding. But when it comes to dance and gymnastics, she is better than Sierra! Lilliette is 5' 3" tall and Sierra is about three inches taller than that. Lilliette, being next door neighbors to Sierra, lives in the wealthier area of the city, although her father is not quite as rich as Sierra's dad. Lilliette loves Emerald Beach as much as Sierra does; she even has her own surf-board. Lilliette loves flowers and has a fifteen foot long square garden! In it she has lavender, sunflowers, marigolds, geraniums, lambs ear, daisies and, of course, lilies.

Secret Passage

As Sierra and Lilliette have fun running through a sprinkler and drinking glasses of lemonade in Sierra's backyard, there is something happening in Emerald Beach's ocean that neither of the girls think exists.

Down, down, down below the ocean floor, so deep that there is no natural light to see by at all, there are enormous glass tubes which are constructed by fairies.

The fairies had their share of fears, so they constructed the glass tubes which do NOT allow water in. If you open the one glass door with the glass lock, you just walk in with the water stopped like it has run into a wall that it can't get through.

But there is another reason they created the glass building: the sharks, octopi, squids and jellyfish. Those animals like to harm or even dine on the fairies, so the fairies hide in their glass palace when those creatures come around.

The Glass Palace is very beautiful, and made up of thousands and millions of different rooms. One of the rooms is made of colored glass, and it is HUGE! The fairies sleep there on their soft seaweed beds. One of the favorite rooms is the kitchen. The table and chairs are very pretty, although they, just like the rest of the palace, are made of clear glass. Really if you look at it this way, the clear, see-through glass palace is so close to invisible that you would bang your head on it if if you were swimming down there.

So far, no human beings have discovered the Glass Palace, let alone, the secret door for entering. The fairies are pleased with this, because during construction, they thought of all the damage human beings could do if they were to get in. The secret entrance to the palace is right below a big clump of seaweed, and there's a little door made of glass. The mass of seaweed is placed directly under Sierra's surfing spot, completely by accident, of course.

The palace is far bigger than you would imagine, not just so all the underwater fairy community could fit.... but fit comfortably. There is a throne room, though it is not used very often at all. The queen, the oldest living fairy, owns the throne room, and no one is allowed in without her permission.

As has been mentioned, the Glass Palace is so far down that there is hardly any light to see by. The fairies came up with a solution to fix their problem. The fairies take their pixie dust (all fairies have more than plenty of that) and make little lamp shaped things out of glass. They put the pixie dust in the lamps and then (the most dangerous but needed part) they take it up to the land where humans live. They must bring it up toward the sunlight to give the pixie dust a temporary glow, which helps them see.


Elaina Fiona O'Reilly

Sierra Heart hopped into her blue jeep, that had the top and doors off, and waved good-bye to her best friend, Lilliette Omber. The had girls had spent the entire day at the public pool. It was very late, so the two girls had to part.

"Good-bye, Sierra! I will see you tomorrow!" called Lilliette.

A minute later, Sierra pulled into her driveway. She took the keys out of the ignition and skipped happily up to the house. Sierra opened the front door.

"Hello, dear," said Ellen, the housekeeper. "How was your day?"

Sierra smiled and sat down on a comfortable chair. "I had a simply wonderful time, Ellen. You should have seen Lilliette dive!"

Ellen put a silk blanket around Sierra's shoulders. "I bet your dives were just as marvelous. "

Sierra giggled, then she yawned. " I believe I will retire now. Good-night, Ellen." Sierra went up the stairs and nearly bumped into her father. " Oh, hello, Dad!" The two hugged.

"How was your day, sweetie?" he asked.

"It was magnificent! Lilliette is a wonderful diver," Sierra replied.

Mr. Heart smiled. "And so are you. Good-night, dear."

"Good-night, Dad." Sierra went into her bedroom and turned on the light. Her room was gorgeous, with little yellow birds hanging from the ceiling, her bed painted electric pink, and her sheets and down comforter lime green. Sierra slipped off her slacks and T-shirt, and put on her purple cotton night-gown. Sierra Heart leapt into bed and turned off the light. "Good-night, Sierra." she said to herself.

In no time at all, Sierra was fast asleep. Sierra began to dream after awhile. Her first dream was about Vince and herself and they were running away from a giant octopus. But she wouldn't remember that dream or any other dreams that happened early in her sleep. But soon before she woke up, Sierra had the strangest dream. This one she would remember.

Sierra Heart dreamed:

Sierra-in-the-dream was surfing at Emerald Beach. As she surfed, she noticed a strange little light fluttering near her. Suddenly, the light flew right up to Sierra's face! But it wasn't a light, it was a teeny tiny fairy! Sierra was so shocked that she fell off her surf board. For some reason, Sierra couldn't swim up to the surface of the water. Just as she gave up hope and decided she was going to drown, a girl with long brown hair and striking green eyes dove in and took Sierra's arm. At that moment, Sierra passed out. Soon after, she came to. She was lying limp on the sand of Emerald Beach. The girl was looking anxiously at her. She helped Sierra sit up. Sierra noted that she had sparkly pink lips, was five feet three inches tall and about twenty one years of age. "My name is Elaina Fiona O'Reilly. How are you feeling?"

Sierra thought that Elaina Fiona O'Reilly was nice. She answered, "I'm feeling better, thank you. How did you happen to jump in the water at that time?"

The girl laughed secretively. "I don't know. What is your name?"

"Sierra Heart. I appreciate your saving me ever so much."

Elaina Fiona O'Reilly stood up and gave Sierra her hand. "I was glad to do it. Good-bye now"

As soon as Sierra was standing by herself on both feet, Fiona turned into a fairy, like the one that knocked Sierra off her surf board; then she vanished.

Sierra-not-in-the-dream awoke with a jerk. "Oh, my! That was so odd." She flung her feet over the side of her bed. "What was her name, Elaina Fiona O'Reilly?" Sierra slid out of her night-gown and got in the shower.

Ten minutes later, Sierra hopped out of the shower and dried off. She put on a pretty yellow shirt with a pink flower in the upper right corner. She then chose a clean pair of jeans, combed her black hair until it snapped with electricity and pulled it back into a braid. "Elaina seemed quite darling to me. I wonder," Sierra thought as she put purple lipstick on, "if Elaina is an actual person." Sierra made her bed and dashed down the stairs.

"Good morning, Sierra dear," said Ellen, bringing out yummy waffles.

"Good morning, Ellen. I had the strangest dream last night," Sierra said, sitting down at the table.

"What was your strange dream?" Ellen asked.

"Well, I was surfing at Emerald Beach, when......'' Sierra went on to tell about her odd experience with Elaina Fiona O'Reilly.

"My! Sounds like Sierra-in-the-dream had an exciting adventure!" Mr. Heart said, rounding the corner.

Sierra ran and hugged him." Oh, Sierra-in-the-dream did have an adventure! I am still curious, though, to know if Elaina is a person. She seemed so real!" Sierra exclaimed.

Mr. Heart sat down at the table. "Yes, I suppose she did."

Sierra finished her breakfast, then she hugged Ellen and her Dad good-bye. "I am going out with Vince, and Lilliette is bringing Jim Trundle along, too."

''Well, have fun, dear,'' said Ellen.

Sierra grabbed her jeep keys. "I will." She ran out to her dark-blue jeep, jumped in and drove off. Vince met her at the pool.

"Hi! How's it going?" asked Vince, helping Sierra out of her jeep.

"Fabulous! Where are the others?"

"You mean Lilliette and Jim? They're changing so they can be the first ones in the pool!" Vince laughed.

Sierra smiled mischieviously. "Oh, really?" she pulled off her clothes, for she had snuck a blue and pink striped bathing suit underneath! "Cannon ball!!!!" Sierra yelled. She ran and jumped into the pool, getting Lilliette and Jim (who had just come out of the dressing rooms) and Vince completely soaked!

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