A Quest for the Queen's Diary

by Mary Lou Brown

"Mmm," said Elaina Fiona O'Reilly as she ate breakfast "these waffles sure are good this morning Mom." . Elaina will be 21 years-old tomorrow. She is very bubbly and she always smiles even when things go wrong. She has long brown hair and striking green eyes. She has sparkly pink lips. She is five feet three inches tall. She is a world champion Irish dancer.

"I can't wait for your birthday, tomorrow, Elaina" said Liana, Elaina's 18 year-old sister.

Elaina and her little sister Danielle were waiting for Lea Olin, Elaina's best friend to pick them up. They were all going to the dance studio today to practice. Lea Olin is 22 years old. She has medium-length copper hair which she usually puts in a side pony-tail, blue eyes and red lips. She has a small poodle named Newtie.

At the studio their teacher, Miss Lashing, tells them that Elaina and Danielle have qualified to go to the world championships. They all went back home to tell their parents the news.

The O'Reilly's live in New Petrograd which is known for its fine china and religious art. One of the hot spots is the Faberge jewelry shop. It is most interesting because they have several pieces of jewelry worth a king's ransom. There is also an old antique shop run by an old English man. He sold Elaina a small key necklace that he claimed went back to the 1100's.

Elaina's house is so unique, it was featured in Architectural Digest Magazine. It was built by Elaina's father, who is an architect. The house is 9,000 square feet and has no stairs. To go up, there is a rock climbing wall. To go down, there are slides! The whole family loves to use the rock climbing wall, because it helps them stay in good shape, and it is fun too! It also has a freight elevator. Next to the rock climbing wall there is a little shelf. You put whatever you want to bring up on it, then type which floor you want it to go to and voila it's there.

Everyone has their own floor of rooms and Elaina has the top floor. She has three rooms: a dance studio, a study room, and her bedroom which is painted purple. She has a canopy bed. She has a TV that plays whatever she tells it to, and a robotic massager. The door of her closet opens up automatically and some of the clothes are the most beautiful things in the world. One of her favorite dresses has tulle sleeves and the top is pink with black spots and the skirt is pink with blue roses.

Elaina's cat, Butter, has her own corner too. She has a small chaise lounge and a pink cat bed as well as several cat toys. Her favorite toy is the flying mouse.

Her mother, Aleece, is French and is a very good cook. She taught Elaina how to cook. Now she can whip up a Crème' Brule' in fifteen minutes. Her father is Sean O'Reilly. He coaches her with her dance. His hobby is wood carving and Elaina often helps him. She has two younger sisters and a younger brother. Liana is 18, Kevin is 15 and cute little Danielle is twelve. They are also world champion Irish dancers.

"Hey mom can we go for Chinese tonight?" said Kevin after Lea had left.

"Well I think that would be alright" said Aleece O'Reilly. They went to the Chinese Panda. They all got Wonton Soup that night. Elaina ordered the Sweet and Sour Chicken with white rice and gravy. Danielle ordered Crab Rangoon, Liana got Chicken Fried Rice and Kevin likes his Mongolian beef. As soon as the food came to the table Danielle practically jumped on her Crab Rangoon and everyone laughed. Then they talked about the upcoming trip to Killarney for the world championships.

Back at Elaina's house everyone went to bed. Elaina fell fast asleep. Then everyone crept back down the stairs. They all started talking about Elaina's birthday surprise. The O'Reilly's got Elaina a car because she had gotten a full scholarship to college and would be graduating Summa Cum Laude this year. In the morning Kevin blew off a fire-cracker. Elaina slid down the slide at full speed thinking that something was wrong. At the foot of the slide, Danielle and Liana grabbed hold of both her arms and dragged her into the yard. Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly pulled off a purple curtain. There it was a beautiful brand new sky blue Honda CRV. Everyone yelled "surprise". Elaina screamed with delight. She took them all for a ride in her new car. Afterward, Lea came over and they all had cake and ice cream.

Now let's go to England. Reginald Adair, a British archeologist was closing up the British museum. He is one of the best archeologists they have. He was talking to one of his friends Monsieur Henri Monet. Henri said "Ah, Reggie, Reggie, you should have seen it, it was beautiful, my dream, a big pot of bubbling stew made with veal and snail and all sorts of nice things"

"Really Henri, snail? I could go for the veal myself but snail, yugh. I had a dream too, but my dream was about a girl. She had long brown hair and striking green eyes. Isn't that better than an old pot of stew, veal or no veal"

"Oh, Reggie, why don't you give up your search for that girl, and just marry one of those Gaiety Girls."

"Henri! Do you know the character of those girls? No sir, not for me, I know she's out there, I just need to find her ..."

"Give me the keys Reggie it's time to lock up. Come out of that stupor. If I didn't know better I'd think you had been drinking."

"I'm glad I found you too.... Oh, oh the keys here they are."

"Alright Reggie, come over to my house for dinner. We'll have a jolly time for sure."

Henri made a rabbit stew which Reggie enjoyed very much. Reggie said "Alright Henri take a look at this. I've never shown this to anyone before, but I need some help." Reggie took a small folder out of his briefcase. Henri opened it. Inside was a torn piece of vellum. He read the document out loud. It said:

28 of May 1045 Regan Palace

Today, King Arthur came to our home and he took a great fancy to me. He and Father went into the drawing room and had a long discussion. They must have formed some pact, because he went away very happy or he appeared to be very happy. As he went away he addressed me as, "My Lady Guinevere". I thought that he must have had too much mead but now, I think I might be betrothed to him. Oh, father is calling. I must go.


I was right. I am betrothed to King Arthur! One second, my candle is going out... there, now, I can finish my narration. Father called me into the hall. He said to me, "My little girl, you are now grown up and your hand has been asked for by the King."

I wanted to say to him, "I don't know him. How can I marry him?" but I simply said, "Yes father." So, I will become Queen of England. '

Henri stood back and stared. Finally he said, "I have something to show you too, Reggie." He took a folder out of his credenza for Reggie to examine. Reggie opened it up. Inside there was also a torn piece of vellum. It said:

30 of May 1045 Regan Palace

I am very excited! I am only 16 years old and a king has asked for my hand. Everyone in the palace has been preparing my wedding dress. It has a train that is 30 feet long. The maids have been making me a net of spun gold for my hair. My fiancÚ seems very nice, but I hardly know him. I can't wait to go to Camelot it will be such fun. It is located in Killarney. My maid, Arafia has told me all about it. But, I will miss going out and romping about in these Irish woods. Someone is coming. I must leave....

Henri you are the best friend I ever had. I am going to Professor Carlton and tell him that I am leaving for Killarney tomorrow morning to find that castle."

When Reggie came home, he found a note pinned to the door. It said: "If you value your life keep away from Killarney."

It said: "If you value your life keep away from Killarney." Reggie was quite alarmed but he figured that it was only a college prankster. He still wondered how the person could have known that he was going to Killarney. He soon forgot about it and went to call Professor Carlton. What he didn't realize was that someone was watching him.

A rather tall man was watching him from the window. He took one last look, then muttered something in German. Then as Reggie was getting off the phone, he threw a short knife at him, but anyone could tell that the man was clearly intoxicated, so he missed, but only slightly. The knife caught Reggie's shirt sleeve.

The man then caught a cab and went to the Armed Knight Pub. When he got there, he met a very beautiful girl. She had shoulder length blond hair and violet eyes. There was a very puzzling look about her, as if any minute she might pull out a knife and stab you. She also had a very pronounced German accent.

"Ermengarde" the man shouted at the top of his lungs.

The girl calmly walked over to him then she spoke in a quiet but irritated tone "Hold your tongue Hans, there is a police officer in this bar. Do you want to get found out? Don't you dare have another drink. It's bad enough being with you, but even worse when you are drinking. Let's get out of here and go to the meeting place." They got into a cab that was waiting.

She said a few words in German to the driver and they went away into the darkness. The car whizzed along the road. The drunken man had fallen asleep and Ermengarde told the driver to stop at Charring Cross and wait for them. She got out leaving the man inside fast asleep. She went to talk to someone behind a pillar. She spoke saying "Josef, I have him here for you, but the fool is asleep. He drank too much again. Have you anything else for me to do?"

The man replied, also with a German accent, saying, "Very good Ermengarde, you shall come to Ireland with me to find the treasure." The man had an unforgettable scar above his left eye.

Reggie was stunned when the knife hit his coat. He filed a report at the police station and got to bed very late. He thought about postponing his trip to Ireland, but decided to keep his flight the next day. He packed his things and went to Killarney. Ermengarde and Josef had followed Reggie to the airport. They boarded his same plane and after they landed, they secretly followed him to the inn where he was staying.

"Bye Lea. I'll miss you. Please, take good care of Butter" said Elaina to her best friend giving her one last hug.

"I'll miss you too Elaina" said Lea Olin. Then the O'Reilly's hopped aboard the plane. They were going to Ireland to compete in the World Championships for Irish dance. With a whir the engine started and the plane sailed into the air.

Elaina then started her new book. It was about an Irish dancer who found a great treasure. Elaina smiled to herself and tried to take her mind off of the upcoming competition. The trip passed almost uneventfully, except Danielle had a fit of laughter when Liana played a new song that she had found in one of her favorite movies. Danielle woke up a grouchy old lady who had been sleeping. They both apologized but the old lady just grunted at them. They got into their

hotel suite at 5:00am and soon fell fast asleep.

The next morning Elaina thought that her head was going to split in two she was so nervous about her competition. This was it. This was the world championships. She had practiced 'till her legs almost fell off. But, here she was, her mother putting in the crown of her dress.

Her new solo dress was the prettiest one that she had so far. It was dark green on the top with a ton of purple Celtic knot work on it. It seemed like a gazillion sequins. The bottom was a tri-layered ruffle skirt. The first layer was a shinny sequin material, the next was purple, and the last was dark green.

They arrived at the competition. Elaina and Danielle checked in. They would be on different stages. It was Elaina's turn to dance the reel step. She did it swinging her legs higher than her face.

She was recalled for every round. Then they were down to three girls, Elaina, Danielle and a hometown favorite, Kathleen O'Brian. All three girls danced and danced. The judges scored their points. At last the results came in. Third place goes to Miss Danielle O' Reilly. Second to Miss Kathleen O' Brian. And the crown of first place goes to Miss Elaina O' Reilly.

The next day she and Danielle went sightseeing together. All the towns' people recognized the sisters. They went to a site with a beautiful old castle. One half was still standing and the other was very deteriorated and hazardous. Some historians say that it is Camelot.

Danielle loves to play tag so they decided to play. Elaina chased Danielle around the castle. They were running so fast that they didn't even notice the sign that says "Keep Away, Dangerous". They ran and ran. Then suddenly Danielle screamed and disappeared. Elaina rushed towards Danielle but could not see her. Elaina ran two steps to the right and fell down in the sinkhole too. Elaina came down with a thud and a crack. She tried to get up, but was in so much pain she fainted. She had broken her leg. The cave was pitch dark.

Danielle heard the crack when Elaina landed. She knew Elaina had broken something. She had heard that cracking sound at the dance studio before. She said "Elaina, Are you okay? Where is the back pack?" but Elaina was unconscious. Danielle found the backpack. Fortunately, Elaina was holding it when she fell. She took the emergency flashlight out. By now her eyes had gotten somewhat used to the dark but the flashlight helped. Danielle got the first aid kit out. She bandaged Elaina's leg. She tried to call for help, but their cell phones didn't have any reception in the cave. She then proceeded to look around the cave. It seemed that they were in a tunnel.

She didn't want to leave Elaina, but she had to try to find a way out. She knew Elaina needed help. So she decided to only explore a little bit. It seemed that there were a million tunnels. She stumbled into something.

It was a fairy. No, it was only a statue but Danielle was almost sure that it was a fairy. The statue dropped something. As Danielle went to pick it up the statue suddenly disappeared. Danielle picked up a book. It was very old and dusty. She tried to open it but it had a small lock on it.

She went to the place where Elaina was. By this time Elaina had regained continuousness now. Danielle showed her the book. She quickly told her about the 'fairy' then handed the book to Elaina. Elaina then realized that the lock was almost exactly the same as her key necklace. Elaina tried her key in the lock, and much to their surprise, it worked. She began to flip through the pages, most of them were illegible. At last, near the end she came to a page that she could read. It said,

23 August 1071, Camelot

Today has been one of the worst I have ever had. My beloved husband has died. Now what am I to do? Most of the Knights of the Round Table have been killed on the battlefield and I have to govern the whole of England by myself. Oh, it is too horrible to think about. Arthur throwing his spear with all his might at that blackguard Mordred. And him hurling his spear at Arthur and I, too overwhelmed to get in the path of the spear to prevent Arthur's death. Horrible, horrible. Alicia my fairy maid is trying to advise me. Oh, no, Alicia has just told me the Mordred's army has a new king, Thrim. What am I to do? I have a whole castle to defend from thousands of troops and only one knight and five maids. Lancelot! He will help me. He has a large army. I'll send my fairy maid with a message requesting his aid.

2 September 1071, Camelot

We did it! We triumphed over them! Lancelot brought hundreds of troops, and then we rounded up all the peasant girls in the villages and gave them a quick course on fighting. Then we packed them into armor (There's no shortage of that around here.) We no longer felt outnumbered. We fought for two days then some of their troops came over to our side. Another two days passed and then came the final day. Lancelot came face-to-face with their vile leader, Thrim. They had a dreadful duel but Lancelot finally vanquished him. I'm so happy England will be a much safer place to live. Now I must sleep. I haven't had a good night's rest in at least a month...

5 September 1071, Camelot

We just held the most wonderful ball that I can remember. There were dances until early in the morning and the best banquet I've ever had. All the subjects came and we had a wonderful time. One second someone is at the door...


It was Lancelot. He asked if I would allow him to stay here and draw up a new order of the Knights of the Round Table. Of course, I gave him my permission to start his fellowship. But I must go to sleep now or, the sun will be up ...

9 October 1071, Camelot

The morale in the kingdom has greatly improved. Seldom a subject goes away unhappy from these gates of the court. I will be going to all the provinces to check up on things. This trip will take about a year, so I will not write for a while.

13 November 1073, Camelot

I had no idea the pickts would revolt when we went to Edinburgh. We had to spend a year just trying to put down their revolt. The most interest thing that happened to me was that I am betrothed, again. No one else knows but me and Lancelot, my betrothed. Last year he came to my room and told me it would be good for the country if I married again. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said 'yes' because I do really love him, and the country really needs him as a king. So I will marry him before the year is out.

11December, 1073, Camelot

Today was my wedding day I think this will be very good for me and my country. We shall make the bonds stronger to make our country a great nation. We have united the kingdom again.

"Wow" said Danielle after Elaina had finished the thrilling story. "I wonder what Alicia looked like because I had a dream that a fairy came and healed my leg" said Elaina. Danielle accidently dropped the book on Elaina's leg. Surprisingly Elaina's leg didn't hurt at all. She tried to get up. That was weird, her leg didn't hurt at all. It seemed to be healed, miraculously. They put the book in the back pack then proceeded down the path.

Meanwhile Reggie was working on some excavations on the deteriorated side. Reggie was just breaking ground when he exclaimed, "I did it! I knew I would find it!" He had found an opening. He slowly entered the passage while taking some provisions with him.

Reggie didn't know that Herr Josef von Klein and his despicable cohort Fraulein Ermengarde von Katz were following him. Reggie was headed for Elaina and Danielle and they for him when they ran into each other. The girls explained what they were doing in the tunnels. Reggie explained what he was doing in the tunnels and said that he could help them find their way out. Reggie told them what he was looking for. They took out the book that Danielle had found and showed it to him. Reggie took a look at the book and handed it back. He told them that this was the book that he was looking for also.

Suddenly, a shot rang out and a voice came out of the darkness. The girls screamed. The voice said to put their hands up and to hand over the book. The girls quickly ducked and ran for their lives with Reggie close behind. Then they reached a cave that was bright. Was this another way out? Was there a lamp in the room? No, this cave was filled with iridescent gems.

Then the voice caught up with them. Reggie and the girls could see a tall man with the girl behind him. Apparently they couldn't see them as they were hidden in a pink bubble. Then Danielle sneezed. The man shot in the direction of the sneeze. The shot broke the bubble. The man told them to put their hands up. They all did so, because there was a gun aimed at each of their heads.

They all did so, because there was a gun aimed at each of their heads. Elaina looked at her assailants. She studied the girl closely. Then she looked at the man. She saw a tall, sinister looking man with a ghastly scar over his left eye. He then smiled a dreadful smile. It had a look of cruel delight.

She quietly said to herself, "I've seen him before. Where?" Then she realized that he was the man that she had dreaded from her dream. This was her worst nightmare coming alive.

Herr Josef von Klein told them to hand over the diary or else. All three of them knew that whatever the consequences were they would never let these fiends take possession of the prize.

In a desperate attempt to save the girls' lives, Reggie flung himself on Herr von Klein. He had almost bested him. At the same time, Ermengrarde quickly grabbed Elaina's green sundress and pulled her closer, then aimed a gun at Elaina's heart. She shrieked, "Make another move you stupid Englishman and she will die!"

Everyone froze. Everything fell silent and the five people stared at each other. Elaina looked at Reggie and she seemed to be saying, "Don't worry about me. Get that brute!"

Reggie looked at her saying, "I couldn't put you in that much danger".

Danielle looked at Ermengarde wondering if she could shoot straight enough to kill her and her favorite sister.

Ermengarde looked fixedly at Reggie wondering if he would break down.

Herr von Klein looked at Ermengarde, amazed that she had done what she had done.

At last Reggie loosened his hold on Herr von Klein. Josef instructed Ermengarde to tie Reggie up, securing his hands behind his back.

Elaina whispered something to Danielle. Danielle whispered something back. Ermengarde told them to be silent. They looked at each other and nodded. They both did double swing kicks and knocked the guns out of both diabolical monsters' hands. Ermengarde and Josef fell back from the kicks. They struck their heads on some of the crystals and were knocked out.

With a burst of adrenaline Reggie broke the ropes that tied him. They then found some leftover rope to tie the two villains up. They grabbed the back pack and ran for their lives.

Reggie took the lead and showed the girls to the world above. Now that they were above ground their cell phones worked. They called the police immediately.

The police came quickly. Elaina, Danielle and Reggie lead them through the cave to where Herr von Klein and Ermengarde were. They recognized Herr von Klein immediately. He was the most wanted criminal in Europe! They were both arrested.

Danielle thought that the police might like to see the Crystal room. She led some of the officers to the room that was shimmering with jewels. The officers were amazed. They called the mayor. He came out and declared the site a "National Historic Site".

After the mayor and the police had gone, Reggie and the girls said goodbye, promising to meet here again tomorrow. They all went home. The girls told their parents about the whole adventure. Then they slept for 18 hours. The next day, they went down to the meeting place. Danielle spotted Reggie first. "Hello Reggie," said Elaina.

"Hi," said Danielle. Reggie waved his hand in greeting. The girls had packed a picnic of deviled eggs, fried chicken and coleslaw. They decided to eat right away. After they had eaten Danielle decided to play.

Reggie was telling Elaina about some of the digs that he had been on. She was fascinated with his stories. "Elaina, there is one question I would like to ask you."

"Yes, Reggie?"

"Where do you live?"

"We live in New Petrograd, Virginia. Why?"

"I have accepted a teaching job at the University of New Petrograd. I'll be moving there in July. "

"You are Reggie? That's wonderful!" They noticed that Danielle was missing.

"Hey! Where is Danielle?" said Reggie. They went all around the grounds but they couldn't find her.

They called Elaina's parents. Elaina's family came to the castle grounds immediately. But they still could not find her. The ladies of the family went back to the hotel around eleven o'clock at night, but Elaina's father, Kevin, and Reggie continued the search.

That night Elaina couldn't sleep. She went to the kitchen for some milk. She heard a knock at the door. A voice said, "Let me in." It sounded like Danielle. Elaina went to the peephole and looked. It was Danielle. Elaina opened the door. "Elaina I found her, I found the fairy!"

"Whoa, Danielle, what fairy?"

"The one in the diary. She told me her whole story; after Queen Guinevere died she stayed hidden in the cave. An evil king came and took over England. He demanded that all the fairies be taken to him. If they didn't, they would be killed. So Alicia stayed hidden in the cave. We were the first people to discover her since Queen Guinevere. She healed your leg, Elaina and she protected us in the bubble. When the bubble broke she was injured. We have to help her find the vial of medicine. It is hidden in the tunnel.

They woke Mrs. O'Reilly and Liana and told them all about Danielle's day with the fairy. All the girls set off in the night. They found the men and quickly gave them the update. Then they set off in pairs to look for the vial.

After Reggie and Elaina found the vial they gave it to Alicia. She immediately felt better.

After a week in Ireland, the O'Reillys went back to America. Reggie's new job started in a couple of months. Elaina organized a house warming party for him when he arrived. He came every Sunday for dinner.

Reggie approached Mr. O'Reilly one day and asked him if could take Elaina out for a date. Mr. O'Reilly thought that would be fine. One night Reggie pulled Elaina in a corner and said, "Elaina, would you like to do something on Friday night?"

She giggled and said, "What sort of something?"

"A table for two, candlelight, dancing," he said.

"Sounds great Reggie. I'll have to see if my parents agree." She said

"They already have!" he replied.

Friday night they were in a swanky restaurant. They had finished a delicious dinner and were dancing (Reggie was a very good dancer).

As Reggie was walking Elaina to the door, he asked her if he could take her out next Friday. Elaina said, "You could take me out for ten million years and I would never get bored."

After he got home Reggie was so excited he couldn't sleep. He realized that Elaina was the girl in his dreams. Both he and Elaina couldn't wait until next Friday.

At the end of two years on the 21 of August, after they had danced, Reggie took Elaina out on the terrace and they talked a bit. Then Reggie got down on one knee and said, "Elaina, darling, will you marry me?"

"Oh Reggie, I'd love to but, I have to discuss this with my parents."

"Oh I think they will be happy. I already asked your father for his permission."

Reggie swept her off her feet and kissed her. He put a beautiful diamond ring on her finger. Then, they raced home to tell Elaina's parents.

They at once started to make arrangements for the wedding. Liana and Mrs. O'Reilly started to work on Elaina's dress. Reggie and Elaina sent lots of invitations to all their friends and Alicia the Fairy.

The next spring, on May 22, St. Philip and James Church was filled with 150 people and one fairy to witness Elaina and Reggie's wedding.

Her dress had a 10 foot train. It was made of white silk. The sleeves were gathered to look like roses. The bodice was embroidered with diamonds and pearls. The skirt was just a bit plain but right before Elaina was going to walk down the aisle, Alicia threw a shower of sparkles on her dress and it shined so brightly you almost needed sunglasses.

Reggie was a very handsome groom in his white tie and tails.

After the ceremony they went off to a lovely reception. And the day after that, they went on a honeymoon to Sanibel Island for two weeks.

Even though they did not live near the castle, it always held a special place in their hearts.