Elaina Fiona O'Reilly

by Mary Lou Brown

Main Character

Elaina Fiona O'Reilly

Elaina Fiona O'Reilly is 21 at the time the story begins. She is very bubbly and always smiling even when things go wrong. She has long brown hair and striking green eyes. She has sparkly pink lips. She is five feet three inches tall. Her birthday is May 17. She is a world champion Irish dancer. She wears pink Nike tennis shoes. She has a purple phone which she got at a discount store for $10. She has a little golden kitty cat named Butter. She drives a pretty sky blue Honda CRV. She likes Dairy Queen ice cream. Butter likes it too. She lives in Virginia in a small city named New Petrograd.

Her mother, Aleece O'Reilly, is French and is a very good cook. She taught Elaina how to cook. Now she can whip up a Crème' Brule' in fifteen minutes. Her father is Sean O'Reilly. He coaches her with her dance. His hobby is wood carving and Elaina often helps him. She has two younger sisters and a younger brother. Liana is 18, Kevin is 15 and cute little Danielle is twelve. They are also world champion Irish dancers. The family loves Chinese food and when they go to a Chinese restaurant they all get Wonton Soup. Elaina loves Sweet and Sour Chicken with white rice and gravy. Danielle loves to get Crab Rangoon, Liana gets Chicken Fried Rice and Kevin likes Mongolian beef.

Her best friend is Lea Olin. Lea is one month younger than Elaina. They have been dancing together since they were five. Another friend of hers from dance is Erica Faust. Elaina, Lea and Erica often dance together in dances for three.


There are two places where the story takes place. The first is New Petrograd, Virginia. It is rumored in 1928

a Russian officer came to America, bought all the land he could and formed New Petrograd. The

most interesting part is his wife seemed to have been smuggled into the country. She almost never

came out of the house, but if she did, it was at night. She always went to Mr. Carl Faberge's grand residence for a ball. She seemed to be the toast of New Petrograd. Curiously, her hands appeared to have dimples all over them. She had a little spaniel named Jimmy. She always wore a beautiful necklace of 31 diamonds and pearls.

It is July right now and the weather is not too hot for this time of year. The residents are very friendly. Most of the people make fine china and religious art. It's not a small city but not as big as New York City. One of the hot spots is the Faberge jewelry shop. It is most interesting because they have several pieces of jewelry worth a king's ransom. There is also an old antique shop run by an old English man. He sold Elaina a small key necklace that he claimed went back to the 1100's.

Elaina's house is a 15 floor townhouse. Yes, it is a normal house (almost). It was built by Elaina's father who is an architect. Every common room has its own floor, except the kitchen and dining room are on the same floor. The house is 9,000 square feet and it is the most interesting house in New Petrograd. It was featured in Architectural Digest Magazine because there are no stairs in the whole house. To go up, there is a rock climbing wall. To go down, there are slides! The whole family loves to use the rock climbing wall, because it helps them stay in good shape, and it is fun too! It also has a freight elevator. Next to the rock climbing wall there is a little shelf. You put whatever you want to bring up on it, then type which floor you want it to go to and voila it's there.

When you enter the, house, there is a beautiful curtain that came from Ireland. It says, "Failte go dti an Teach den Noble", which means, "Welcome to the House of the Noble."

Everyone has their own floor of rooms and Elaina has the top floor. She has three rooms: a dance studio, a study room, and her bedroom which is painted purple. She has a canopy bed. She has a TV that plays whatever she tells it to, and a robotic massager. The door of her closet opens up automatically and some of the clothes are the most beautiful things in the world. One of her favorite dresses has tulle sleeves and the top is pink with black spots and the skirt is pink with blue roses.

Butter has her own corner too. She has a small chaise lounge and a pink cat bed as well as several cat play machines. Her favorite is the flying mouse.

The other place where the story takes place is in Ireland and the site of some old castle ruins. Some historians say it is Camelot. One half is still standing and the other is very deteriorated and hazardous. There is a British archeologist named Reginald Adair working at the site.

Second Character

Reginald Adair

Reginald Adair is very handsome and intelligent. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He has a very charming personality. He is 28 and is not married. He lives in London in a small flat on Marrowbone Road. He is a British archeologist and works at the British museum. He has worked on several significant excavations. At one, he found the tomb of Cleopatra. At another, he discovered the true cross which had been lost during the crusades. Also he thinks he may have found the formula for Greek fire.

Reginald has some friends that work in the British Museum. Monsieur Henri Monet is a fellow archeologist and Reggie's best friend. They frequently work together on archeological digs. Monsieur Monet is French and a very good cook. His specialty is Beef Burgundy. Since Reggie is a lousy cook, he often mooches a meal from Henri.

Reggie's most prized possession is a sheet of vellum from Queen Guinevere's diary, which his uncle gave to him before he died. Reggie is determined to find the rest of her diary. Several reliable sources have led him to Ireland to find it.

Secret Passage

If you dig a bit underneath the ruins of the old castle in Killarney, Ireland you might come across a secret passage. The secret passage leads to a secret room. There are thirty passages, but only one leads to the secret room. It dates back to 400 A.D. Only Queen Guinevere and her favorite maid, Arafia, knew about it. They would use the secret passage after everyone was asleep. Arafia died when she was forty and never told another living person about the secret passage. The secret room has shards of jewels covering it. The entrance was from Queen Guinevere's room. There was an earthquake after Queen Guinevere died. That earthquake made the secret passage inaccessible for more than 1500 years. Now, there is a small opening just large enough to slide through.


Sierra Hart and the Tomnafinnoge Woods

"Good night mom, good night dad," said Elaina sleepily. It was a long day filled with dancing at the feis. This competition would qualify her to go on to the world championships for Irish dance. Elaina sank down sleepily on her bed. Then she began to dream. Elaina saw a girl, a very pretty girl. "Hello what's your name?" asked Elaina. "Mine's Sierra, Sierra Hart. What's yours?" the girl said. "Elaina, Elaina Fiona O'Reilly," said Elaina. "How 'bout we go up to my room. You'll love it, Sierra." They tried on all of Elaina's clothes and played with Butter, Elaina's cat. Elaina and Sierra played for hours when suddenly something very loud woke Elaina up.

Then she realized it was the phone and she ran to answer it. It was Miss Lashing, her teacher. "Elaina, you're in!" she shouted. Elaina said, "Oh my goodness! I'm going to worlds." After Elaina said goodbye to Miss Lashing, she sank on her bed once more. She wished she would dream of that girl again because she wanted to be her friend.

But when sleep came, she dreamed of something else. Elaina was in the Irish woods called 'Tomnafinnoge'. Her long hair was curlier than usual and she wore a beautiful, but old fashioned dress. No one was around so she started to dance. It seemed like her kicks were higher than usual. Elaina then thought she was being watched. She looked around her and suddenly she saw a man with a hideous scar above his left eye coming toward her with a knife. She screamed and ran away. She ran for what seemed like hours. Then the man caught up with her. He threw a knife that pinned her to a tree. She tried to run but the knife was buried too deep in the tree trunk. Soon the terrifying man approached her. He came closer. She did a high swing kick and knocked him down. However, in an instant, he got back up and pulled out a bottle of chloroform. Elaina's mind went blank. She was senseless for a half hour. Then she felt something shaking her. She thought the man must be torturing her. She screamed.

Then she woke up. "Elaina why are you screaming? It's only me, Danielle. See? Touch my hand." Elaina laughed.

"I just had the worst dream, but oh well, come on, Danielle. Let's go down to breakfast."

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