by Isabelle Palmer

Main Character


Cyrus has reddish-brown hair and deep purple eyes. He is 15 years old. Cyrus is a pickpocket and thief and he spends most of his time on illegal ventures in the large city he lives in. Once, he even 'borrowed' a Jeep Hummer complete with sterling silver wheels, which he sold for an extravagant price, although he normally sticks to stealing smaller things. Most times, he has an even temper and a calm disposition. Nothing is known about his family or his past.



This story takes place in spring in the present. It begins in an anonymous city in England, where crime is frequent and life is hard. The story then moves to a rainforest somewhere in South America, then a mountain range in the United States, and ends in a secret place in the southeastern US. Every setting is full of danger.

Second Character


Scourge is a 13-year-old rogue thief who, like Cyrus, lives in a big city. He is on friendly terms with Cyrus, but they are constantly trying to outdo each other. Scourge has short black hair that hangs into his icy blue eyes. He has a scar over his right eye from a fight with a huge dog. He likes to dye the tips of his hair red with the blood of his victims. Scourge normally wears black clothes with a black cape and boots with spikes on the heels. He wears a tool belt and a necklace studded with dog and cat teeth and claws. He also has a glove with metal spikes on the fingers which he uses to fight with. Scourge wants power more than anything else in the world.


Secret Passage

My secret passage leads to the Silver Wolf Society. To enter the passage, you have to put your hand in a specific place on a tree. A door will appear in midair; the door to the Society. This is because the Silver Wolf Society is invisible.


Eris and a slave on the planet Xaishur

Cyrus placed his ear against the door. He could hear voices in the room and was determined to make out what they were saying. "What was that you said?" said a cold female voice.

"I... I was just saying that... that, well... I want a promotion," stammered a second voice, this one masculine, but high and quivering with fear.

"Silence!" shrieked the first voice. "How dare you say such a vile thing!"

"What's so vile about a promotion?" whined the other person.

"I said, silence!" repeated the female speaker viciously. There was a scraping of chairs and Cyrus could pick up the sounds of deliberate footsteps striding toward the door behind which he was hidden. Cyrus stepped quietly away from the door and glanced around. A seemingly endless corridor stretched in either direction. The footsteps grew closer, and he heard them stop at the door, the handle turning slowly.

He made a quick decision and sprinted to the left for all he was worth. He heard a shriek behind him and knew that the cruel woman had seen his fleeing shape. Cyrus ran faster. Now, he could hear the rapid footfalls that meant he had a pursuer. Up ahead, he could see a large spiked metal door. Right before he reached it, the door swung inward with a creak.

Cyrus stepped out of the castle. The bright sunlight dazzled him for a moment, then, prompted by the heavy footfalls catching up with him, he raced off through the unfamiliar landscape. The hard ground crunched beneath his shoes and the sparse shrubs did little to conceal his whereabouts to his pursuer, who had also reached the door and was closing in on him. He risked a quick glance over his shoulder and saw a boy, presumably the one who had requested a promotion, growing ever closer.

Cyrus could see the whites of his eyes now, and hear his panting breath. He faced forward and skidded to an abrupt halt, nearly falling off a huge precipice. He was trapped. He spun to face his hunter and saw the other boy draw a wickedly curved knife from his belt. Cyrus saw no other option. He turned, took a deep breath, and, just as he felt the knife prick his back, jumped into the abyss.

He was falling, falling...then he jerked awake, breathing hard. He was alone, and safe, at least for the moment. Then he heard a knock on his door and froze. Maybe he wasn't as safe as he had first thought.

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