The Cruise Ship Surprise

by Isabella Fazio

Carmryn and her friends, Brittany, Kelsey and Amanda just graduated college. They want to take a trip to celebrate.

"How about a trip to the Rainforest?" Kelsey asked.

"No. How about a trip to Texas?" Brittany said.

"I know! How about a cruise?" 22 year old Camryn said. Camryn is a tall girl about 5 feet, 9 inches. She has blonde hair, blue eyes and is very skinny.

"That would be awesome!" the girls said together.

Brittany is 22. She has blonde hair, blue eyes and looks a lot like Camryn. She likes shopping. Kelsey has redish orange hair. She has hazel eyes and is 23 years old. Amanda has orange hair, brown eyes and really likes animals.

They began their search for the perfect cruise ship. They looked at magazines, online websites, brochures and even asked people for their advice. Finally, they found the perfect ship! The ship was white and blue. It was waterslides, souveniere shops, whale watching and many daily activities. The ship also has lots of different foods. One buffet is all you can eat ice cream sundaes and another one is Chinese food. The girls have found a great deal for the vacation. They each have a good job to pay for it. The cruise will be one week long and they hope it will be just as they imagined.

The girls plan to leave on June 17 and come back on the 24th. They have so much planning to do.

"The cruise leaves tommorow and we haven't even started packing." Said Kelsy.

"I don't even have anything to wear." Said Amanda.

"This could only mean one thing. It's SHOPPING time." said Brittney.

So the girls went to their favorite store and bought everything in sight. T-shirts, skirts, shorts, shoes, flip-flops and baithing suits.

Brittney bought a pear of binoculars for whale watching.

"Hey! Do you think we should get a fancy outfit for a party? I heard there was a special dance party one night." Camryn asked.

The girls went to one more store to find the perfect outfits! Yes! They were ready to have the time of their lives. They couldn't wait to leave. To pass the time until they had to leave, the girls all went to Camryn's house and packed while they watched a movie. They decided to have a sleep-over so they wouldn't have to leave so early to pick everyone up.

Camryn woke up to the sound of the girls cheering and screaming! "Finally!" said Brittney. "We're leaving for the cruise!"

"Come on, Camryn. Get up!" Kelsey urged her to get up that very minute.

Soon they were on their way. The car ride was long but it was worth it. They said their good-byes and got on the ship.

That was when things started to happen. BAD things!

The first day on the cruise the girls decided to go whale watching. On the way back to their rooms, Kelsey fell in the Kiddie pool in her new dress. She was so upset. She couldn't believe her new dress was ruined!

That night at 3:37 all the fire alarms went off and woke everyone up. "This is so frustrating! First my dress gets ruined now I get woken up at 3:30 in the morning! If anything bad happens again I am getting off this ship!" Kelsey screamed.

On the second day things were going much better. The girls went to the spa for the day. They had their nails and hair done. They had massages. And just got pampered. That evening they went to the buffet. The waiter was bringing out a bowl of spaghetti and slipped on a puddle of spilled water. The spaghetti went flying in the air and landed right on Camryn's face.

"What in the world! I came here to have fun not to get spaghetti splattered all over my face" Camryn said angrily.

The next day was weird. All day the girls saw no one on the ship at all. There was no one in the restaurants. No one was shopping. They didn't even see anyone walking around the deck. They decided to go in the pool. Of course, it was going to be all to themselves. All of a sudden, a gigantic whale came up to the ship and jumped up onto the ship and crushed it. Soon the girls grabbed life vests and life boats and jumped into the water. They started paddling to an island about 100 feet a way.

They started paddling to a boat about 100 feet away.

The whale was out there, but where?

They didn't know it but the whale was setting a trap by circling a small wave. Brittney spotted it and realized it was too late and the girls were heading down a whirlpool. The whirlpool was very different It was see through and had a sand paper feeling because it was moving so fast. The whirlpool brought the girls to the ocean floor they were frightened. They thought they would die. Surprisingly they could breathe so they went to explore. They discovered a cave and decided to see what was in there. So the girls went n together they started in the cave and heard a noise.

"W-was t-t-that y-you? "Camryn asked

"No wasn't me" said Amanda

Well if it wasn't you than who was it?" asked Camryn.

The sound got louder and louder as they neared the end of the cave. They looked around but all could see were rocks.

"Was it behind us?" Britney asked.

"No. It couldn't have been. It came from over there" said Kelsey.

So the girls left the cave scared to go anywhere, not knowing what's around them. The girls spend their time looking for a way up to the surface. They wernt to the cave and fell asleep.

When the girls woke they saw light shining down the path in the cave. They spent a few minutes trying to figure out what the light was.

"What is it?" Britney said.

"I don't know. Should we follow it?" Camryn asked.

"Ok. We have nothing to loose." Amanda said.

"Yeah, but our lives!" cried Kelsey.

The girls followed the path for a while. When they reached the end of the pth the light got brighter. It was a gigantic room and they noticed people walking around.

Someone walked over. "Whirlpool?" she asked.

Someone else came over, too. "Whale?" the other girl asked.

"Um, Yeah!" Camryn replied. "Where are we?"

"You're in Top Secret Shipwreck Studies of America. The T.S.S.S.A." she answered.

"Well, if you're supposed to study them, why do you cause them?" Britney asked.

"We don't. Let me introduce myself. I'm Carly, the head researcher of T.S.S.S.A. and we don't cause them. We just tag animals and see what they do." said Carly.

"Oh, so you put cameras on them?

"Mostly." said Carly. "And who do you suppose causes most of them?"

"Um, the whale thaat attacked us?" said Amanda?

"Yes. Her name is Felicia. Wwe think she has children near most ship routes and she protects them like gold. We think that is why she keeps attacking." said Carly.

Carly asked the girls if they wanted to spend the night.

"OKAY! Why not? We don'thave any place to sleep tonight anyway." Camryn said.

Carly showed the girls their rooms. Brittney and Amanda shared a room and Camryn and Kelsey shared the other.

"Camryn?" asked Kelsey.

"Yeah? Is everything ok?"

"Yes. It's just... do you think we'll ever see our parents or anyone again?"

"Well," said Camryn "we did meet some people who can help us get home easily."

"Yeah. I guess you're right. Well, good night."

The next day the girls asked Carley if she would take them to their homes. The girls went up in a submarine. As they headed to the surface, Carly asked the girls if the shipwreck killed many people. Camryn said, thankfully, only a few people were killed.

"How close do you think we are to the surface?" asked Amanda.

"Oh, about another hour. So do you girls live in different places or do you know each other?" asked Carly.

"We know each other so to save time you could drop us all off at Camryn's. Is that ok with you, Cam" said Kelsey.

"That's fine with me" said Camryn.

They traveled up to the surface. They played cards and ate snacks until they were finally home.

The girls entered Camryn's house and all the lights were off.

"Oh, I hope they didn't go looking for us" Camryn said.

"No, they didn't." said Kelsey "I know they didn't."

"And you know this ho-?" asked Camryn.


It was all of Camryn's family and friends. They had planned the shipwreck. It was a plastic figure that looked super heavy. Carly was on of Camryn's new neighbors. She was an oceanographer, a person who studies underwater life. She brought the girls to what had seemed to be an under water nightmare. Brittney, Amanda and Kelsey brought Camryn a gift.

"Happy Birthday!" the girls said together.

"Well, you sure got the birthday scare" said Brittney.

"You bet I did!" said Camryn.

They cut her birthday cake. It had a cruise ship, a whale and a submarine. It was her whole 'Oh now I'm gonna die' adventure.

"Well, I sure learned one thing." said Camryn.

"What?" asked Kelsey.

No situation can be that bad when you have friends to go through it with.

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