by Emily Palmer

Main Character


Holly is 13 years old. She was born with orange hair and green eyes. Now her hair and eyes change color with the clothes she is wearing. She is interested in how rollercoasters are made. Holly likes theme parks and rides. She also enjoys reading books about fantasy and other worlds. She dreams the future although she does not know it. She is also not aware that her blood heals wounds and infections. Her mother died in child birth and her father is lost and presumed dead. Holly lives in Florida. She tries to make friends, but everyone thinks she is weird. When Holly was a small girl, someone found out that she had no parents and put her in an orphanage. She escaped two days after that. She went back to her house, and was fine until a burglar broke into the house. She always kept a small baseball bat next to the door, hit the burglar in the head with the bat and dragged him out the door. She was only four when this happened.



My story takes place in Florida in the year 2020. Holly lives in a pretty crowded neighborhood where everything is more sophisticated than it is now. It is usually hot and dry.

Second Character


Arthur's element is water so he can breathe underwater. He is 14 years old, and has brown hair and deep blue eyes. He likes to swim, hunt, and fight with swords, which he makes (although he does not have that opportunity very often). He lives on the planet that we call Planet X, but whose inhabitants call it Xaisher. (Zayshur) Arthur is one of the many slaves on the planet. He is a friendly person and very shy towards women, because on Xaisher there are only two women - Eris the leader of the planet and keeper of all the male slaves, and Cosmia her 16 year old daughter.


Secret Passage

One day Holly finds herself in front of a door that says "Welcome Holly! Come in." Holly opens the door and finds that it is a boys' bathroom. This is the secret passage that will lead to the planet Xaishur.


Scourge from Isabelle Palmer's story

Holly ran, looking behind her at every step. He was chasing her through the alleys. A boy with icy blue eyes and black hair was chasing Holly, who had never done anything wrong to him in her life, through the alleys of England. "Help me!" Holly shrieked in her head. Her throat was constricted with fear and anger. She had just been walking on the streets and the boy, who was now chasing her, had begun to run after her. Holly had fled into the alleys hoping to lose him. It seemed that he knew the alleys even better that she did. Holly could feel the footsteps drawing closer and closer. She tripped and fell on the ground. She knew this was the end. The boy caught up to her and crouched down next to her. "This is it. Would you like to say any last words?" Holly woke up sweating and screaming in her bed at her own house.

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