Top Secret Adventure

by Christy Winn

One bright warm spring morning in Bowling Green, Kentucky Kala Andrews was suddenly awoken by her brother and three sisters jumping on her lime green and hot pink bed spread. Their tan pet hamster, Rascal, who can talk, was yelling in Kala's ear, "Kala, wake up we need to be in the tunnel, NOW!" He said this because their dad has been a spy for 25 years! When a parent is a spy, the whole family is involved. A talking hamster is especially helpful for such a family. When Max, Kala, and Kasy were 7 they got Rascal in a spy pet store. Every animal there could talk because the owners gave each of the pets a pill that makes them talk forever. Kala has long black hair and so does everyone else, except Isabella who has blond hair. The kids and the hamster make a very good looking spy team.

In the Andrews house, every room leads to the secret tunnel. Kala has her entrance behind her high brown stained oak dresser. After Kala's alarming dream interruption, she grabbed her lime green jacket because it is always cold in the tunnel. They quickly ran to see what their parents wanted. This is a daily routine of theirs because they never know if it is real or not. When they got to the place where their parents were, they could tell by their faces that it was real.

When they got to the place they could tell by the alarmed look on their faces that it was real.

The place was a secret tunnel which led to their Uncle Jason's house. It was ten feet wide and tall enough to stand up in. The girls enjoyed riding their bikes in the tunnel for fun. This time there seemed no time for fun. Both parents told them, "Kids, we told you to come here because Uncle Jason's house has been taken over by enemy spies! Rascal was in his house and saw everything. We also know that Uncle Jason is tied up. Thank goodness Rascal is small and unnoticeable. He was able to immediately alert us."

Kala, Max, and Kasy all started to talk at once. There were few words to be heard, because the triplets were all talking at once. Kasy said, "When did this happen?"

Max wondered," When did the darn spies do this?!"

Mr. Andrews said, "They did this at about 15 minutes ago. Max, you know that we don't call anyone, darn, got it?"

Max bashfully said, "Yes, sir, I understand." Everyone was thinking the same thing," Why is Rosalina so quiet; she is always talking."

Before anyone could say anything Rosalina questioned, "How are we going to help Uncle Jason?"

Rascal thought," Max should dress up like a UPS man because of his great acting skills." After he told everyone this, they all agreed.

Mrs. Andrews quickly got down the UPS outfit from the attic in their secret outfit wardrobe. Max got on the UPS outfit with quickness and struggle. Rascal also had one that was easy for him to put on. After he was finally done, Rascal said to him, "Hey, looking sharp bro!! Can you put me in the pocket please??"

Max replied," Yes, Rascal I can do that. I already put some of your favorite snacks."

Before he could finish his sentence Rascal said, "Oh, YES, YES peanut butters balls and CHEETOS!!!!" Of course Max had to laugh up a storm. Rascal soon joined in because he had to admit that it was pretty funny.

The rest of the family changed into black outfits of skinny jeans and long sleeve T-Shirts. They left the tunnel and courageously went to Uncle Jason's front door. They did not use the tunnel because it led to the inside of the house. While the family hid in the bushes, Max and Rascal went to the front door holding big brown box. He rang the door bell and he yelled in his best grown up voice at the top of his lungs, "UPS delivery!!"

When the head enemy spy came out to get the box, Rascal said in a British accent, "Say ello to my little friend, my fists!!!" At that time everyone else came out of the bushes and attacked the enemy spies.

As everyone else was fighting the spies Rascal sneaked off to find Uncle Jason. The stairs took him a while to get up. Actually, he scooted up the railing. After he got to the top he started to look in Uncle Jason's room. Rascal thought to himself as he was looking in the master bath, "Wow, I wish we could all live in this master suite!" Deep in thought about this, one of the enemy spies surprised him by speaking in a deep voice.

"Hey, you, What are you doing in here?"

Rascal yelled at the top of his hamster lungs, "I thought I told you to say ello to my little friends, my fists!"

Just in time the others had come upstairs to help Rascal. With great teamwork the spy was tied up. Their parents tied string around his neck and arms while Isabella put duck tape on his mouth. As she put the duct tape she said, "This tape will give you a little time to think about what you have done."

Exhausted they went downstairs. Isabella said, "We still need to find Uncle Jason!" No one realized how big his house was until they started looking. They looked in the movie theater, the bowling alley, pool table room, the snack bar, and the luxury hot tub room. Finally, they heard a moaning sound from the laundry room. Uncle Jason had been tied to a chair.

Quickly, with a lot of pushing and shoving, they made it to the laundry room. Rascal was the first to get in the room, before anyone could say anything Rascal pulled off the duct tape on Uncle Jason's mouth. As he did this Rascal said, "Sorry, but this might hurt a little!!!" He pulled it off and, Uncle Jason screamed very loudly. The rest came running in to see what happened.

After all the hugging and kissing, Uncle Jason explained what happened that long, miserable day. "At about, 7:00 in the morning I do my normal routine of eating, taking a two minute military shower, having coffee in my movie theater to watch the news, and lastly, reading the local paper with some cold milk. After reading the paper this morning, I heard the doorbell ring and I answered it. There I saw this man (later I knew it was the head enemy spy) with five other men all dressed black clothes with gold chains around their necks and a dollar symbol - bling bling attached. They asked me if I was Jason Andrews. I did not lie even though my instincts were telling me they were up to no good. The chief enemy spy grabbed my arms and asked me were the laundry room was. I put my trust in God and told the truth knowing I would as easily be able to escape from the laundry room as anywhere else. They tied me to that chair and put duct tape on my mouth. I wish they were not so rough accomplishing this. Shockingly, the chief has an unusually strong grip. They wanted to tie me up to try and find the secret passage and be able to destroy our spy identity."

Mrs. Andrews said, "Let's pray in thanks giving that you are OK."

They bowed their heads and prayed in thanks giving, which ended with Mr. Andrews saying, "I'm sure your wife, Millennia, would be very proud of you." Millennia died five years before from bee stings.

Rascal was searching outside to make sure there were no more bad spies on the loose. Police sirens could be heard in the distance. Max came out on the porch and yelled to Rascal, "Hey little dude, come inside or those cops will flatten you like a pancake!"

Rascal replied, "Okie, dokie, but can you help me up the steps?" Max helped him up and put Rascal in his pocket. The police stopped right at the bottom of the steps and the chief rushed out of the car.

The chief said in an "in charge" manner, "It's a good thing that you caught the Jamboree Tom Boys, JTB for short; they have been committing crimes all over the United states since before they could walk, seriously." The police took the enemy spies into the back of their squad cars and drove away with sirens blaring. Once the cars were visible only as a tiny dot, the Andrew's began a celebration featuring Rascal's homemade supreme pizza. As they were eating the home phone rang and Kala answered it by saying, "Jason Andrews' residence".

The voice on the other end said, "This is the F.B.I, may I speak to Rascal."

After hanging up Rascal yelled excitedly, "I'm going to join the F.B.I.!"