Kala Andrews

by Christy Winn

Main Character

Kala Andrews

Kala Andrews (ka- la) is a girl of 12 years old. She has beautiful black long hair. She enjoys dance, gymnastics, softball, and brushing her hair. There is something about her that is most unusual for a 12 year old girl. Kala is a top secret spy. The Andrews' family has been spies for 25 years! She has a lot of friends, because she was nice to them. She has never told any of her friends that she is a spy. Kala has a pet hamster named Rascal. Rascal makes Kala laugh a lot! Kala is the middle child of triplets. Her older brother named Max and her younger sister's name is Kacy. They have twin sisters that are 9 years old named Rosalina and Isabella.


Kala Andrews lives in a three story brick house in Bowling Green, Kentucky. They live on a farm which is a disguise for the headquarters of the spy agency that her father owns. Bowling Green is a very safe place. Kala and her twin brother, Max, live on the third story of the house. Rascal, their hamster, is on a table in the middle of the hallway between their rooms. Each of their rooms is huge with a large walk in closet and bathroom. On the second story there is a movie theater, two game rooms, and a snack room. Computers, TV's, and video games are in the game room. The movie theater has red chairs that lean back and vibrate with the sound of the movie. There is even a concession stand which has a popcorn machine in it. Their sisters and parents live on the first floor along with the kitchen, dining room, and laundry room.

Second Character


Rascal the hamster is the family pet. He is tan with round, black eyes and a very cute face. He is highly trained in karate. He is always with the family on their spy missions. He can easily help get the "bad guys" because he is tiny and strong. Max, Kayla, and Kacy are helping Rascal get better at acting like a normal hamster around their friends. This is because he can talk and is a master of disguise. One of his disguises is a human robot. He does this by getting in the robot outfit and commanding the controls. There are a lot of buttons. Rascal knows what they all do. He can make the "human" talk and do karate while watching through a small screen. Rascal always has the spy gadgets needed at the right time. He is a very fast runner. Rascal is very flexible so he can crawl under doors and get in tight places. He is nocturnal and can see in the dark which is a favorite time of day for spies. Reading minds is a talent of Rascal's, as well as making and breaking codes.

Secret Passage

The Andrew's secret passage is in the barn. The barn is where HQ, or headquarters, is located. Five miles from HQ is where their Uncle Jason lives. The secret passage is a tunnel that leads to their uncle's barn. The reason for the passage being in the barn is that outsiders would never suspect it to be there. The tunnel is large enough for a tall person to stand up in. There are computers in the passage which make it possible to monitor what is going on outside and every room of their house. Rascal has a small computer and everyone else shares a larger one. Kala's favorite part of the tunnel is that there are underground rooms which connect to it. These rooms are the same size and color as the ones in their house. The reason for the rooms is that when there is danger the family may have to stay in the tunnel for a while. Even Rascal has a little room. He likes to wander around every part of the tunnel. Sometimes this scares his family.



Kala, Kasy, and Max Andrews all shockingly had the same dream one cold and stormy night. It was a very odd dream about Kala and Kasy's best friend, Holly. Holly, who is one year older then Kala, invited them to her house. They were very shocked that their mom and dad said yes. The reason why was because Rascal, their boy hamster, had a wedding of his best friend, Whiskers. When Kala, Kasy, and Max got to Holly's house, no one was in sight. They looked in the house all over, no one was there. They wondered what had happened to Holly. They called her on Max's cell phone. She answered, but, it sounded that she had a very bad cold. They did not know what to think. Out of the blue a man, who was very tall, came out of the bushes! The man came closer and closer. He had one more step to go. As very last step finished, he reached out his hand to grab Kala and.........then they woke up and ran screaming into their parent's room.

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