Amy's Gym

by Anna Tuttle

In 2013 there lived a 15 year old girl, her name was Amy Weakland. Amy had long, curly blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Amy lived in Florida with her mom, dad, and younger sister. Amy went to Sunny Beach High School and did gymnastics there as well.

One morning Amy woke up to her alarm going off at 5:45am. She got up and said, "Time to get ready for school." She did her morning routine and walked off to school. Amy loved to walk to school because it was always so nice outside; sometimes she would walk by the beach to see if there were any pretty shells she could take home and decorate her room with.

As Amy was walking to school she stopped and saw a street sign that read: Fairy Rd, the sign had a sticker of a gymnast on it she thought to herself, "I am going to walk down this road after school today." Amy realized that it was 7:05 and school started in 10 minutes so she quickly rushed off.

When Amy arrived at school her best friend Lizzy came up to her as usual to say hi. Lizzy had long, straight, brown hair and hazel eyes; she also did high school gymnastics. "Good morning," Lizzy said to Amy. "Good morning," Amy replied. The girls carried on a small conversation then went to their classes. All day Amy could not stop thinking about Fairy Road, she could not wait until school was over so she could see what was down there.

After school Amy met up with Lizzy so they could go to gymnastics practice together. As they were walking to the gym Amy told Lizzy about Fairy Road and how she was going to see what was down there. "Sounds kind of interesting," said Lizzy. "I know right," said Amy. The girls had their last competition coming up and Amy was determined to get nines on every event that she wanted so badly because the last competition they had she did awful!

She worked really hard at practice that day so it seeemed that time just flew. As soon as practice was over she said bye to everyone and rushed off to Fairy Road. When she got there she started walking down the road. "Wow it is really pretty down here!" She came to the end of the road and said, "I wish this road was longer." She turned around and and was about to start walking home when she tripped over something in the road. She looked aroung and saw a door handle, "Huh?" She bent down and turned the door handle, then this random door opened. She looked down and saw a staircase, "My homework can wait," she said.

Down the staircase was a gymnasium that Amy used to train for the last competition of the year. When it came to the day of the final competion Amy got all the goals shes been working so hard for and her team won the grand trophy! Everyone was so proud of Amy for working so hard and achieving her goals. It had been a great year for Amy.