Amy Weakland

by Anna Tuttle

Main Character

Amy Weakland

Amy Weakland is a 15 year old girl who has long, curly blonde hair. She has blue eyes and is 5'2". Amy is a gymnast so she is very strong and muscular. In her spare time, Amy likes to jump on the trampoline or read about famous gymnasts. She lives with her mom, dad, and younger sister. Amy is a happy, full of life, fun girl but she is terrified of spiders. Her main goal in gymnastics is to get a 9.0 on every event.


The time in my story is May 5th, 2013. Amy Weakland lives in a big city in Florida. Amy lives in a big, beach house that is decorated with many shells and pretty paintings. The weather is mostly sunny, hot and dry, but sometimes it rains. Since Amy lives right on the beach she can go and enjoy the ocean right after school.

Second Character

Secret Passage

The secret passage in my story is going to be on Fairy Rd in Florida. It was made by Chris Anderson who is now dead and it is important that Amy finds it.



Amy was practicing her gymnastics routine on floor when Lizzy came to her and said,

"Look there's a new girl here." Amy looked around and sure enough, by the entrance of the gym, there stood a girl with orange hair, a green tank top and orange pants. Amy looked back at Lizzy and said,

"Are you sure she's new? she doesn't even have leo on." Lizzy looked back at the new girl just as her gymnastics coach was handing her a blue leotard. Then Lizzy said,

"yep, I'm pretty sure she's new."

When the new girl came back with her leo on, her hair was blue and Lizzy whispered to Amy,

"She colored her hair blue!" Amy just ignored her and started to do her bar routine, but then Amy came off the bar and looked at her hand she had gotten a big rip and it was bleeding.

The new girl came over to Amy and saw her hand; how it was bleeding and said,

"Ouch, that looks painful, but I can fix that." Amy gave her puzzled look and said, "How?" The new girl took a needle and pricked her finger. Then she took her blood from her finger and put it on Amy's hand. Suddenly, the rip on Amy's hand was now gone.

Amy was just about to thank her when she was awakened by her alarm for school. She got up and said,

"Wow that was a strange dream!" She then started getting ready for school.

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