A Day at Martin's School

by Amy Tuttle

Martin woke to the sound of his alarm clock ringing. It was white outside and the wind was blowing, for there had been a horrible snow storm that night. This should have meant no school, but unlucky as Martin might have been, Newbury High had already used all of its snow days. Martin, though still half asleep, put on his huge round glasses and got out of bed. As usual his younger brother, George, was still sound asleep and his parents were already working at the hospital. They were both doctors and believed that one day Martin would join them; Martin couldn't think of anything he would hate more!

Martin quickly combed back his short, curly, brown hair with his fingers, then went into George's room to wake him up. George was always sleeping in, and thanks to Martin's tolerance, wasn't always late for school. Some friends picked George up for school every day, so Martin, who did not yet have a car, was forced to take the bus.

He walked through the park to the bus stop where his best friend, Susie, was waiting for him.

"Hey, Martin guess what?" she said as her long, blonde hair blew in the wind, "I get to leave school early today to get my braces off!"

"You're so lucky!" Martin said "I am not looking forward to school today."

"Neither am I," said Susie.

Before they could say anything else, the bus pulled up.

Martin and Susie stepped on the bus and walked to one of the middle rows of seats and sat down. Everyone looked miserable and pessimistic most likely because no one wanted to go back to school today. There was some light conversation going on, but that was about it. Most kids were listening to music or sleeping.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, they arrived at school. Martin and Susie squeezed their way through the crowded isle of the bus and onto the pavement. From there, they went their separate ways. Martin walked to his locker on the third floor, number 324. The next three lockers to the left and right of him belonged to a bunch of football players. The lockers across the hall belonged to cheerleaders. Sometimes Martin wondered why his locker had to be in the middle of the mean, popular crowd.

Suddenly, Martin could feel someone's presence around him. He turned around an there, standing in front of him, was Jeff Kipling, Bill Saben, and Danny Spinelli; the three most intimidating football players. Jeff had blue eyes and looked about six foot two. He had a muscular, athletic body and his hair was a dark brown. Bill was also about six foot two, but wasn't quite as muscular as Jeff. Bill had blonde hair and green eyes. Danny was taller than Jeff and Bill, and more muscular. He had brown eyes and light brown hair.

Martin wasn't scared of them; he was used to them approaching him from time to time. Still, he had to be cautious, for if he pushed a football player too far, the whole team might come after him.

"Hey!" Martin said, giving them a warm smile. They didn't seem to be quite as happy.

"You gotta help us Marty." Danny said. Martin hated that nickname, and had told them that repeatedly, but they didn't seem to care.

"Uh, okay." Martin said, "With what?"

"Jeff is about to be cut from the team because of his failing grades." said Bill.

"Well what do you want me to do?" Martin asked, even though he already knew the answer. He knew they wer going to ask him to do Jeff's homework for him.

"Take a guess Marty, what do you think I need you to do?" said Jeff.

"Tutor you?" asked Martin, even though he knew he was wrong. They started to laugh, as a couple more football players come to join in the fun.

"What's so funny?" asked Conner Wilkens, a six foot three, blonde hair, blue eyed player.

"Marty here thinks Jeff wants a tutor." said Bill. The boys began to laugh again, but al they turned to face Martin, he had already snuck off to class.

"That boy would be in huge trouble if we didn't need him so much." said Danny angrily.

"We'll catch him at lunch." Bill answered.

Martin wondered what Bill Saben, Danny Spinelli and the rest of their gang was going to do to him. Maybe something horrible or maybe nothing if they really neede him. He didn't know. All he knew was that it was time for trigonometry, and that meant concentration.

The first half of the day went by pretty fast after Math came English, after English, Science and so on. Soon it was time for lunch.

Martin had forgotten all about what had happened earlier that day, until he saw Jeff Kipling. What was he going to do? Pretend like nothing had happened? He entered the lunch room, trying his best to avoid any contact with any of the football players, but he could feel their eyes on him. Martin sat down at his lunch table where as usual, Susie was waiting for him.

"You okay, Martin?" asked Susie.

"Not really." said Martin. He started to explain the story to Susie, when some of the football players approached him.

"Hey guys." said Martin. The players looked at Martin sternly and he could sense their anger.

"Get over here." one of them said.

"I'll be right back." Martin said to Susie, as he followed the football players to their lunch table.

"Have you decided?" asked Jeff Kipling.

"On what?" said Martin.

"Nevermind." said Jeff. "Here's my homework assignments for the first half of the day; I'll give you the rest after school. Oh, and don't forget to bring them back to school tomorrow." Martin looked puzzled. He hadn't agreed to do any of Jeff's homework for him, but there Jeff was, giving it to him anyways.

"Can't you find somebody else?" said Martin, slightly irritated.

"Don't argue with me." said Jeff with an angry tone of voice. Martin just took Jeff's assignments and walked away.

"What was that all about?" asked Susie.

"Basically, Jeff is failing school, and is going to be cut from the football team if his grades don't improve, so they're making me do his homework assignments." said Martin.

"Well, you're not going to do them, are you?" said Susie.

"I don't want to," said Martin, "But I'm dead if I don't."

"Well are you going to do them?" asked Susie.

"No." replied Martin. The rest of the day dragged on, but finally Martin was home again. About an hour later, George came came home. George was the quarterback on Newbury High's football team.

"Hey man!" shouted George. "Watcha doin'? Working on Jeff's homework?" he started to laugh.

"How do you know about that?" asked Martin. "I didn't even see you in school today."

"Oh, I skipped school today, and I told my team they could rely on you." George began to laugh again.

"There's nothing funny about that." said Martin. "And no, I am not doing Jeff's homework for him."

"Big mistake!" said George.

Martin decided to take a walk in the park, even though the weather was cold. Martin walked in the park almost everyday, so he knew it very well, but today something seemed different. There was this tree that looked completely different from the rest. He could have sworn it wasn't there yesterday. It was big and tall, but the branches were low enough for a tall person to climb them.

Martin stared at it for a while, then started to climb higher and higher, until he was almost all the way up. It was an amazing view. Then suddenly, he felt his foot slip, and he began to fall, but he could no longer feel the tree branches around him. About five seconds later, he was gently set on the ground, but he was no longer in the park. He found himself in a long, dark hallway with a blackboard filled with problems concerning all school subjects. He looked around, taking in his surroundings, when a piece of paper fell to the ground.

He picked it up and read, "Let's play a game. Starting now you have 24 hours to work out as many problems as you can." Then a piece of chalk fell out of no where. Without thinking much, he picked up the piece of chalk and started to do the problems on the chalkboard. Hours passed, but to Martin it seemed like minutes. He heard a timer go off and the chalk board vanished as he found himself in a whole new world.

The first thing that caught Martins eye, was a gigantic airplane. It was Martins dream to become a pilot, so anything that had to do with aircraft excited him. He began to circle around the airplane when a boy, who was about 12 years old walked up to him.

"Hey Martin! My name is Joe. Welcome to Sorprenent. I want to show you, what you really want to be after highschool. Follow me." Said the boy.

"I want to become a pilot." said Martin.

"No you don't." said Joe. Joe took Martin to a workshop, where they began to build a rocketship. Martin realized that maybe his dream wasn't to become a pilot, maybe he wanted to be an astrnaut.

Everything that happenend after Martin launched the rocket ship was a blur. He learned many more things at Sorprenent, but soon it was time to go home. Martin said goodbye to all his new friends and pressed a button that transported him to his room. The next day, Martin felt ready for anything. When he arrived at school, the first person that greeted him was Jeff Kipling. Jeff led Martin to a corner somewhere near school where the whole football team was waiting for him.

"So, did you do my homework?" Jeff asked, with a devilish smile.

"Nope." replied Martin. The smile disappeared from Jeff's face as he tried to punch Martin. One of the things that Martin learned at Sorprenent was self defense. Martin ducked and Jeff ended up punching the wall! "Let's get out of here!" the football players said. From that day forward Martin knew his life would never be the same again.