Martin Anderson

by Amy Tuttle

Main Character

Martin Anderson

Martin Anderson is a 16 year old boy whose dream is to become a pilot. He is tall, skinny, wears huge round glasses and has thick curly brown hair. Martin is cheerful, kind and has a preppy younger brother, named George. His parents are both doctors and despise his dream of becoming a pilot because they want him to become a doctor. Martin is scared of the ocean but, inspired by Amelia Airheart. He is very smart and has a lot of friends but, most of them are younger than him. After he becomes a pilot he wants to open a flight school.


My story takes place in the dead of winter, the coldest on record. Martin lives in Albany, New York which is a rather small city. His home is in the Brekenridge Apartments on the 20th floor room 998. Most people either work in the hospitals or colleges.

Second Character

George Anderson

George Anderson is Martin's 15 year old brother. He is tall, muscular, has blue eyes and blonde hair. George is popular and is the quarterback on his high school's football team. He is usually pretty nice to Martin, but only because Martin is George's only source of transportation. Although he's nice to Martin, George is also a bully and a liar. After high school he wants to go to college in California to play football.

Secret Passage

Sorprenent is a secret school that only really smart people can attend. There are fifty different passages, but only one school. The passages are in big oak trees in each state. To find the secret passage, you have to climb the tree and in a certain place on the tree there is a door. When you go through the door, there is an endless chalk board hallway filled with questions concerning all subjects. Do as many problems as you can in 12hours and the owner will decide if you make it to the school or not. If you do make it, you will get a pass and then you will be able to enter sorprenent from your bedroom. When you go there you can leran whatever you want; not just the normal school subjects. You can learn things such as how to fly an airplane, or how to draw extremely well. All you have to do is tell the owner what you want to learn and he will create a way to do it. If you abuse your privliges at Sorprenent, you will be kicked out and wont remember anything about it.



Martin woke up at 9:30am on a cold, frosty morning just five days until Christmas! He quickly ate breakfast and bundled up because he had to go to the nearby neighborhood to shovel twelve driveways. Around noon, Martin had already made $150 and was starving, so he ran up the twenty flights of stairs to his apartment.

After getting unbundled, eating and bundling up again, he decided to take the elevator. After this, Martin ran to the Breckenridge City Park to meet his best friend, Susie. Susie had blonde hair, blue eyes and braces. She was separated from her brother and sister when she was nine. Today, she and Martin planned on sled riding for an hour, having a snowball fight, then ending the day with hot chocolate from Malley's.

Martin was out of breath when he reached the hill in the park. Susie was there waiting for him.

"You ready?" she said.

"Almost." said Martin, as he put his back pack down in the snow.

"Okay, ready!" he said. Then they both sat on their sleds.

"On the count of three," said Martin. They counted together,

"One, two, aaahhh!" Before they could finish, someone pushed them. When Martin and Susie reached the bottom of the hill, they looked at each other and started to laugh. After a few seconds, they heard someone shouting at the top of their voice,

"Better luck next time!" Martin quickly took his binoculers from around his neck and peered up. There was a boy about his age holding his back pack and laughing. The boy had brunette hair and deep, purple eyes.

Then, quick as a flash, the boy ran off.

"Come back!" Martin screamed, but as he said this, his bother woke him up.

"Martin hurry! Get up! I need you to drop me off at Jackson's house."

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