Long Journey

The Galaxy of Legend by Anna Casal   from   Texas

Carly Smith descriptions

The Fight for the Coast by Anthony Cantini,   from   Pennsylvania

Tyler Keegan description

THE PERILOUS VOYAGE by Brendt Meckelborg   from   AB, Canada

Aringor description

Percy's Great Adventure by Catherine Federline   from   Pennsylvania

Percy Jackson description

The Terrifying Train Trip by Catherine Mohs   from   Ohio

Josephina Maria Horo description

June's Journey and Incredible Surprise by Christy Winn   from   Kentucky

June Mayflower description

Joy's Journey: Finding Max by Emily Palmer,   from   Florida

Joy description

Bending the Throttle by Evan Lachance   from   Maine

Josh Harper description

A mission for Dad by Glory Sanchez   from   Texas

Riley Catherine Merlot description

The Rich Young Man by Grace George   from   Ohio

Tersius description

South Stars by Lauren Prepejchal   from   Michigan

Kate description

From Coast to Coast With a Thief as Our Host by Maria Wiseman   from   Ohio

Patience Bradshaw description

August Comes Home by Mary Federline   from   Pennsylvania

December description

The Perilous Adventures of Linik by Mary Lou Brown   from   Ohio

Linik description

The Adventures of Bernard and Andrew by Michael Hurd,   from   Maryland

Bernard the Traveler description