Bernard the Traveler

by Michael Hurd

This story is about a man named Bernard and his long, long trip.

Bernard is 29 years old. He is 6' and 2" tall. He has long, black hair that dangles below his ears, brown eyes and no beard. He is strong, tall and muscular. Bernard is friendly and has a few close companions. He has two older brothers. He lives by himself in a small house near a village. He lives off the land. He is a great hunter. He is experienced at archery. He hunts and fishes and cooks his own food. He owns an all brown horse called Trap. Trap is fast and strong. He is Bernard's closest companion.

Bernard lives in France near the Garrone River. It is the beginning of the summer of the year 1200 AD. The weather is warm with some gentle rain showers. He lives in a small wooden hut surround by a forest. Attached to it is a stable for his horse, Trap. The wilderness is filled with rabbits, foxes, squirrels, birds and deer that he hunts for food. There are also vicious wolves that travel in packs that are dangerous to Bernard and his horse.

Bernard's closest companion is his horse Trap, but his closest friend is Andrew. Andrew is 6 feet tall and muscular. He has blue eyes, brown hair and no beard.

They have known each other since they were 5 years old when they happen to meet in the woods. Andrew had fallen into a deep and slow pond while trying to catch a turtle. Bernard arrived ready to fish and saw Andrew drowning. Bernard pulled him out with his strong fishing rod. They have been friends ever since.

Both are excellent hunters. When they go out to hunt deer and rabbits, Bernard always gets the first kill with his bow and arrow. But Andrew with extreme skill and patience is able to kill a big buck with his hunting spears. Andrew lives in the woods about 1/2 mile from Bernard. Andrew also has a horse called Strike. Strike is black with a white line down his back. Strike and Bernard's horse, Trap are very good friends too.


>Bernard the Traveler, when on an adventure always rides his horse, Trap.

>He has journeyed many times so he is well prepared. He usually wears a dark, green cloak with a hood for when it rains and shirt, pants and leathery boots for when it is muddy. He has a backpack filled with extra shirts, pants and a black, fluffy blanket to keep him warm at night. The supplies he takes is a tent, water pouch, a cooking pot, spoon and flint rock for starting a fire. The weapons he carries are a long, steal, double edge sword, a small throwing knife and a medium bow with a quiver of arrows. A rolled up animal skin is the map he uses to navigate his way thru the mountains. He will be accompanied by his friend, Andrew with his horse, Skrike. Bernard is always ready for anything but on this trip he will encounter something he never did before.

Dream: Aringor by Brendt Meckelborg

It is night, Bernard is trying to sleep but he just thrashes around in his bed. When he falls into a deep sleep, he has a vicious nightmare. In the dream he is walking in a wild blizzard. The snow is thick, knee high and whirling around him. He is wandering, lost in the woods. The snow is toying with his vision. He accidentally walks onto a thin sheet of ice. He slips and falls into a dark never ending hole. As he falls he feels frighten and trapped. He awakes to a sun lite morning with birds chirping. Bernard knows it was just a dream but all the same he will make sure his trip will be in the summer.