by Mary Lou Brown

Linik was a young girl at the time the story begins. She was 19 to be exact and VERY pretty. Linik has golden glow in the dark hair. She also has blue eyes that glow like sapphires and pink lips that shine like rubies. Her skin is like porcelain. Linik has many dresses. Her favorite one was a hot pink dress with two red belts and a green cloak around her skirt. Linik is tall.

She was living in a small house with her cat Mango. Mango was one of the most wonderful cats in the world. While Linik was singing at concerts, Mango kept house. Linik was a huge hit at concerts. She often sang opera on Broadway. Linik has a beautiful car. It is a purple convertible with a special seat just for Mango. It also has a boom box and tape racks.

Mango knows how to make GREAT funnel cakes. Funnel cakes are their favorite food. Linik had a bench installed so Mango can hop up to do the dishes or cook the funnel cakes.

In 2010, Linik (LEE-NICK) was living in a big city called Crimadonsa (CRIM-A-DON-SA). Crimadonsa is a beautiful city in North Carolina where flowers fall from the sky and it is always spring. That is why most of the inhabitants are florists. Everyone loves to arrange flowers, even children run about the streets picking up flowers.

And now for Linik's house, or condo I should say. Linik's condo is pretty. In the living room there are six couches in her favorite colors: hot pink and light green. They are stuffed with swans' feathers. Their dishes are of bone china with a green border and flowers in the middle. In her bedroom, her bed has a canopy of satin brocade, sheets of silk, blankets of ermine, and pillows of velvet.

In Mango's bedroom, Mango has a cabinet full of catnip which she uses for her after-dinner mint while Linik uses a Werther's. On her birthday they make a catnip funnel cake. She has a blanket of velvet, and a bed of dove's feathers.


Mango is Linik's cat. As I have said before, Mango keeps house while Linik is out. Mango runs around the house polishing the silver or fluffing the beds. But her favorite jobs are washing Linik's dresses and jewels. She likes to do this because they give off so much light, the room sparkles for a day. She also loves dressing Linik before she goes out, putting pearls and rubies in her hair.

Mango's favorite activity is to play her violin with her front paws and her harp with her back paws while Linik sings. She talks every night from 7:00pm to 12:00am.

She has short orange fur unlike Linik, who has long golden glow-in-the-dark hair. Linik often adorns her hair with pearls and rubies. On the weekends, she does the same thing to Mango. Mango is a friendly cat but, she does not like people to know that she can talk. Mango is smarter than any other cat. In short, Mango is the eighth wonder of the world.

Linik's Purple Convertible

Linik's car is a purple convertible. It is a beautiful car with light green cushions. In the front seat, the cushions are stuffed with swan's feathers. In the back seat, the cushions are stuffed with dove's feathers. In her trunk, she has a boom box with two tape racks. Some of her tapes are Beethoven's 3rd, 5th, 6th and 9th symphonies. She also has Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, Haydn and Glenn Miller.

Now, I come to the best part of her car. If you pull down the middle seat in the back, it opens up into the trunk. The trunk is as large as a room and it has heating and air conditioning. It is so large Linik can stand up in it. Inside her trunk, there are two beds. One bed is for her, and one is for Mango. Linik's bed is stuffed with swan's feathers and Mango's with dove's feathers. It has a kitchenette with plenty of funnel cake mix and catnip. It also has singing equipment and a harp and violin for Mango. Finally, it has a bathroom that has a pink ivory toilet, sink, and shower. The shower has a pink silk shower curtain embroidered with orange and white cats.

Dream: The Typhoon Train Ride

"Ahh", sighed Linik, getting her pretty pink silk night gown on, "It's been a long day." She tumbled into bed. And she was asleep by 11:30. Then she began to dream.

"What's in the mail?" Linik asked Mango. Mango tossed Linik a letter. It read:

My dear Miss Linik Brunhilde Gimel,

We would like you to come and sing in San Francisco. We have provided a Typhoon train ticket for you. We have also provided a room at the Inter-Continental hotel. Please call us at this number: 778-654-9832.

Yours truly,


Mango purred and shook a ticket in the air. Linik smiled and said, "Why of course I'll sing for the GOP, but, you'll have to take your amethyst snow mobile to San Francisco."

Toot, toot, chug-a-chug-a-chug-a, toot, toot. "I'm aboard", shouted Linik sticking her head out the window. The rest of the trip passed somewhat uneventfully. Sometimes she played cards with a Miss Tisdale, sometimes she taught a girl named Kyrie to act like a real actress, sometimes she told a girl named Patience stories about Mango and so on.

One morning when she got up she felt strange. She realized that the train was going way too fast. She heard screams, and heavy footsteps were coming nearer. Linik guessed what was happening, "Train robbers" she thought. She quickly pulled out her diamond dagger and case of ten topaz throwing knives. Linik ran to help her fellow companions. She hit three of the men with her knives. The one who seemed to be the leader was headed straight for her with a cocked pistil! She screamed but then she just kept her cool remembering she still had her dagger and seven throwing knives. She threw one of her knives and hit him in the arm. When he got close enough, she pulled off his mask and there she stood in the face of her manager, Napoleon Moriarity. He was so struck with her beauty that all she had to do was push him off the train. She fainted but she was revived by the other passengers after they had vanquished the other robber.

She woke up with a start at 9:00, but then realized it was only a dream.