August Comes Home

by Mary Federline

Once upon a time there was a girl named December. December is 18 years old and has brown hair down to her waist. She loves animals and is going to college to be a veterinarian. She works at a restaurant, Meet Meat, as a waitress and sometimes cook so she can bring scraps home for the sled dogs. Her personality is cheerful, friendly, caring, lovable and calm. She lives in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada in a big yellow brick house with a pink barn. Her family includes November, her dad, October, her mom, her brother, August, and sisters, April (10), May (11), June (12), and July (13).

They are going on a winter family vacation to a ski resort. They will get there by snow mobiles and dog sleds. Since they are going by dogsleds they have to make sure they bring everything that they will need such as snacks for the dogs tripe, turkey skin or meat byproduct and booties for the dogs feet. Mother packed the food for the family. December let Brittany and Taylor take care of her four Lhasa Apso puppies while she is traveling. Her dad is taking care of the sled dogs with help from December and April. Everyone is responsible for their own backpack of clothes. They will have a basket sled and Samoyed dogs.

They will have a basket sled and Samoyed dogs.

Early in the morning December and her family are just finishing their breakfast of toast and eggs. When they were all done they piled into the dog sleds that December and her dad had prepared. When December said, "It used to be so easy when August was here to help us. I'm going to miss him as we go on to this family reunion."

Her dad said, "We all miss him. But we'll have to go on without him."

After making sure they had everything Mom brought everyone out. "We're all ready!" And they started on their journey. The sleds swooshed away from the house. Snow swirled behind them. April, May, June, and July snuggled under the warm blankets. Then to break the silence Mom said, "What lovely weather it is to be going on a trip!"

December agreed. The sun is shining very bright. The blue sky is cloudless. "What a perfect day," she thought.

The rest of the ride was quiet until they reached their Aunt and Uncle's village. After getting all their things loaded they went to a little snack shop to rest and get something to eat.

As they start to pick up people everyone starts talking and the girls pair up with their cousins in their dog sleds. Being together made the time pass quickly. After traveling a few hours over the snowy plain their dad said, "There's the lodge! We're going to stop here until we have to go to the rougher terrain tomorrow. You kids can go explore while the rest of us unload and feed the dogs." They saw a rustic lodge where they could park the sleds, tie the dogs, make a fire and camp overnight. Her dad and uncle are brothers and work well together. December thought how nice it was to have a break with her cousins.

July called to everyone, "Let's go down this trail!" They picked a trail that started close to the lodge. There were trees, small hills and lots and lots of snow. As they were climbing up the big hill in front of them, they saw caves.

April said, "Let's go explore those caves!"

Everyone agreed and followed her off the trail to the caves.

Right before they step into the cave they hear a loud thud.

"What was that?" their cousin Kate asked with some fear in her voice.

"I don't know." May said with a quiver in her voice.

They all stood there in dead silence when they heard a low growl. Then there was a tip-tap like someone or something was walking toward them. There was a tall shadow with four legs. "What is it?" April asked.

"I don't know." December answered.

It kept on getting closer and louder. Then they looked and saw it was only a Husky dog, and then out of nowhere they heard a voice, "Who's there?" a firm man's voice asked. His shadow on the wall was strong and tall. His footsteps were getting closer and closer. When he was almost next to them they all turned to leave, except for April.

"Come on April," December whispered, but April just stood there. December, June, July, May and all their cousins started walking out of the cave thinking April was right behind them. But April was still in the cave.

April screamed, "It's August!"

When they heard this they ran back into the cave and before them stood August, a strong thin tall boy of 19. For a while they all just stood there. Then they all ran up and hugged him and started talking. When June said, "What was that thud we heard, August?"

"It was just a log which fell off the wood pile," August answered.

December thought how their parents would love to see him. And she said "August, I'm sure our parents would love to see you also."

"I'd love to see them too!" August said.

So they all walked down the path to the lodge they were staying. As they were walking down they told August all about their journey. They were at the end of the trail when their parents saw August. They ran to him and smooshed him in hugs and kisses.

Before they were going to go to bed they sorted out what dogsled August was going to go in and where all his things would be going. They all went to bed early so they could get up early and be on their way.

When they were all awake in the morning they ate a breakfast of bagels and cream cheese. Everyone piled into the dogsleds and they were on there way! They rode past snow covered trees for a while then stopped around lunchtime in a little village. After eating there they returned to their dogsleds and continued their journey. After about three and a half hours passed they made it to the ski resort! When they pulled up they got a house for everyone and unpacked. Then they all went skiing! They all had an awesome time and agreed they should do it again.