by Mary Federline

December is an 18 year old girl with hair down to her waist. She is five and a half feet tall. She loves to play in the snow. She likes gymnastics and volleyball. She is cheerful, friendly, caring, lovable, and calm. She is going to college to be a veterinarian. She works at the restaurant, Meet Meat, as a waitress and sometimes a cook.

Her family includes November, her dad, and October, her mom. Her brother August and sisters April, May, June and July. They were all named after the month they were born in.

Her best friends are Brittany and Taylor. They like to go to gymnastics and volleyball together. They go to the same college and all three are roommates.

December has four Lhasa Apso puppies. She loves dogs.

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Wilderness

2027, Winter December 1

They live in a big yellow brick house with a big pink barn.

It is somewhat safe but it has its dangers such as wild animals like bears.

Most people in the area farm or own shops in a village.

Sledding and skating are two favorite hobbies.

Cold, but pleasant. Lots of snow.

April Grace

4 feet tall

10 years old

happy kid

loves the rain

loving personality



loves to climb trees

dirty blond hair to shoulders

younger sister of main character (December)

shares bedroom with May(11)

favorite tree to climb is a big old oak tree in the back yard by the trampoline

likes to wear hair in braids or pigtails

likes to wear hats

short skirts and leggins or short dresses and leggins are her favorite clothes

all the sisters are close friends and share all sorts of things

Horse and sleigh

They will be traveling to a winter resort with all their relatives and friends. They are going by horse and sleigh. The sleigh is gold and green with sparkles. It seems very big but when everyone is squeezed in, it seems very small.

Everyone takes their own sleigh. All the sleighs are different. All of them have some kind of green on them; the runners, pillows, the blankets.

Some have dog sleds, mainly for food and other provisions. Others have horses and sleighs.

First they have to get everything packed and loaded, then they have to get their friends and family as they are going to their final destination.

Once they are all together they have to take a long stop before they travel on harder terrain.

Dream: Percy Jackson's transportation

One day December took a nap and she dreamt that she was on a boat going to Manatugo Point. When she got there she started walking. After December was walking for almost an hour she saw a triangular rainbow-colored hummingbird fly right in front of her. It stopped, then it started to fly very fast. Then it vanished and all she saw was pitch blackness and silence. More than a thousand colors swirled all around her. All of a sudden she woke up! She thought about that dream the rest of the day.