South Stars

by Lauren Prepejchal

"BEEP BEEP BEEP." I slamed my hand down on my alarm clock. Groaning, I pulled myself out of bed and started getting dressed. It was 6:30 in the morning. Why do we have to live on a farm? Don't get me wrong. I love living on a farm. It is just that I HATE getting up early each morning and doing chores. I guess I should tell you a little about myself. My name is Kate. I am 13. I have black hair and brown eyes. I LOVE playing soccer but I also enjoy other things like reading and swimming. I live in an old farm house with ivy growing up the sides. I am an only child. My mom's name is Anna and my dad's name is Andy. On our farm we have three horses, two chickens and a dog. My favorite part of our farm is that there is this huge grassy field that I love to play soccer in. Yes! I can't believe it! My mom just told me that my soccer team, the South Stars, is going to play in a HUGE soccer tournament really far away from here. My best friend, Emily, is also on South Stars. I play forward and goalie. Emily just plays forward. "Mom can I see if Emily can ride with us to the soccer tournament?" I asked. "Yes," my mom said. I ran over to the phone and dialed Emily's number. After waiting a couple of seconds I heard Emily say hello. I quickly asked Emily if she could ride with us to the soccer tournament. Emily said, "Just a second, let me ask my parents." I waited a couple seconds then Emily said, "Yes! I can go with you!" "Yay!" I shouted. Emily and I were going to go to the soccer tournament in my mom's gigantic car it had a t.v. and really soft comfy seats. The outside of the car was painted black with stripes of white. The best part was that the car smelled like strawberries because my mom always sprays strawberry air freshener in it.

"Mom, when are we going to leave?" I asked. "How about now?" my mom replied. "Ok" I said. "Emily and I will get in the car." I sat down next to the window in the car. Emily sat next to the other window. I couldn't believe we were finally leaving! My mom turned the car on and started off down the road. "What do you want to do Emily?" I asked. "We could watch a movie," Emily suggested. "Okay, what movie do you want to watch?" I asked. "How about Bend it Like Beckham?" Emily said. "Okay, I have only seen it like a billion times," I said. "Okay, okay, then what movie would you like to watch?" Emily asked. "How about Sonny with a Chance?" I asked. "KATE! You know I have seen that one like a billion times!" Emily said. Then we both burst out laughing. "Girls are you getting hungry?" my mom asked. "YES!" We both yelled at the same time. "Where would you like to eat?" my mom asked. "KFC," I said. "Yum! I want to eat at KFC too," Emily said. "Okay, I guess it is decided then. We are eating at KFC!" My mom exclaimed. "Mom, when are going to be there? I am starving!" I groaned. "We are here," My mom announced. "Yay!" Emily and I shouted at the same time. After everyone finished eating my mom started driving again. "How long have we been driving so far?" I asked. "Eight hours," my mom sighed. "Okay, it seems like we have been driving WAY longer than that though," I said. "The tournament is in one hour so we should be there any minute now," my mom said. "Yay!" Emily screamed. I waited a half an hour then my mom said somthing that made me feel sick to my stomach. She said," We are lost." I saw my life flash before me with those words.

There were 45 minutes until I was supposed to be at my game. I picked up the map next to me and tried to figure out where we were. After spending at least 15 minutes I decided that maps are impossible to understand. I handed the map to Emily and crossed my fingers that she would have better luck with it then me.

After a couple minutes Emily pratically jumped out of her seat with excitement. "It is just a couple minutes away from here!" she screamed. I fell back in my seat very relieved. "Okay, take a left and then a right and we will be there."

"Is that all?" My mom asked amazed.

I decided that since we were almost there I should start putting my soccer stuff on. I had never been so nervous my whole life. "We're here!" my mom announced.

Finally! It felt like we had been driving forever. I grabbed Emily and dragged her over to our soccer team South Stars. We had arrived just in time! The game was about to start! My coach jogged up to everyone.

"Okay, so here is how the playing order will go," she announced.

"Katie, you will be goalie. Emily, you will start off as a forward."

Then my coach named a bunch of other positions and people playing them. Suddenly, I heard a super loud ring. I knew that meant the game was about to start. I ran out onto the field. South Stars was playing the Rockets.

"Okay, the Rockets will take the kick off," the referee announced.

The Rockets immediately kicked the ball to their right forward. The right forward dribbled the ball up and did a fake shot at the goal to put the defender off balance. Then the right forward quickly passed the ball to a mid fielder. The mid fielder passed the ball to the left forward. The left forward was not being guarded by a defender so he dribbled up to the goal and shot a low hard ball into the corner. Katie dove for the ball but it was just too fast. The Rockets had scored.

South Stars took the kick off this time. They passed to their left forward who immediately passed back to the mid fielder. The mid fielder then dribbled up the field and passed to the right forward. The right forward dribbled up as far as she could then passed to the left forward. The left forward did the Brazilian Twist to get by his defender and ran up to the goal shooting a hard low shot on the right corner. The goalie dove for the ball and just managed to get the tip of her fingers on it. The ball rolled just out of bounds. The South Stars got the corner kick. A mid fielder kicked it. The ball went soaring through the air. When it was right in front of the net the left forward on South Stars headered it. The ball landed in the corner of the net before the goalie even knew what happened. BUZZZZZZ that was half time.

Kate's coach walked over to her.

"Katie you will be playing goalie for the next game."

"Okay," I said.

I wanted to play forward but I knew it was best for my team if I played goalie. BUZZZZZ I ran back onto the field since I knew the BUZZZZZZ meant half time was over.

This time South Stars started with the ball. The ref. blew his whistle. That meant the game had started. The right forward for South Stars kicked the ball to the left forward who did the Brazilian Twist to get around the defender in front of her. Then the left forward passed to the right forward who dribbled up and shot a high, hard shot. The goalie jumped into the air just in time and saved the ball.

She rolled the ball to a defender. The defender then passed the ball up to a forward. The forward dribbled up and shot a low hard ball on Kate. Kate dove and just managed to stop it.

Kate drop kicked the ball to a forward who dribbled up and tried to get around a defender. The defender put pressure on the forward and managed to get it away from her.

The Rocket defender now had the ball. She quickly dribbled up and passed to a mid fielder. The mid fielder started to dribble but at that exact second the buzzer went off signaling the end of the game.

Kate smiled knowing that this was one story that had a happy ending.