by Lauren Prepejchal

Kate is 13 years old. She has black hair and very pretty brown eyes. Some of her hobbies are playing soccer, reading books, and swimming. Kate is an only child. her mom's name is Anna and her dad's name is Andy. Kate's best friend is Emily. Kate has very light skin and is just the right size for her age.

Kate lives in Michigan on a farm just outside of town. She lives in a old house that has ivy growing up the sides. On her farm she has three horses, two chickens and a dog. The weather is usually very dry but occasionally it is rainy. Since it was fall the weather had an extra frosty bite to it. There is a creek that flows by her bedroom window that she loves to play in during the summer. By the creek there is a huge grassy field where Kate likes to practice soccer. After all, she is on one of the best soccer teams in the state! Kate loves playing soccer but she also really likes to go to town. About three times a week Kate and her mom go to town. It is very busy in town and everyone seems to be in a really big hurry. Kate and her mom usually go to a couple of stores and buy a few groceries and then chat with the people around them. A lot of people have really interesting stories to tell. Kate and her mom almost always get carried away and stay too long so when they get home it is usually dark out.

Emily is 13 years old. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Emily is on a soccer team (the one Kate is on) but she loves to do a lot of ''other things too.'' One of Emily's favorite things to do besides play soccer is to paint.

Emily lives in a gigantic house with her mom, dad, sister and three brothers. Emily's family also adopted a girl from China and they have an exchange student from Europe. So it is usually very busy around her house. Emily's room is covered in paintings of her and her family. She also has a bunk bed with a slide in her room.

Emily's family is very rich. A long time ago Emily's mom was on a game show (Deal Or No Deal) and she won a million dollars.


The car Emily and Kate are riding in is really big. It has a t.v. and really soft, comfy seats. The car is painted black with a couple stripes of white. The best part about the car is its smell. It smells like strawberries because Emily's mom sprays strawberry air freshiner in it. Since the car has really big windows Kate isn't scared she will get car sick. It has air conditioning too that blows from the ceiling, walls and floor.

Dream: Kate on a Train

Kate groaned and looked at the clock next to her bed. It was 1:00 am. Kate closed her eyes and started counting sheep. After a couple minutes of counting sheep Kate fell asleep. She woke up with a start. Everything around her was a blur. After looking around for a few minutes Kate finally figured out that she was on a train. Kate was in a bedroom. The more Kate looked around the prettier it looked to her. There was a little table in the middle of the bedroom. On the table there was a vase of flowers with tulips in it. There was a huge comfy chair in the corner. Kate gazed out the window in the train. The train was zooming by many fields of corn. Kate heard the train screech to a stop. Curious Kate looked out the window and noticed there were a couple of cows on the railroad. Kate laughed when she realized the cows were what stopped the train. After a couple of minutes the cows moved and the train started up again. Kate heard her stomach rumble and realized she was starving. ''Beep beep beep.'' Kate heard her alarm go off and opened her eyes. She was in her own room. Kate smelled eggs and bacon coming from the kitchen. Realizing that she had only dreamed she was on a train Kate let out a little laugh. Kate got dressed then hurried down to the kitchen to eat some yummy eggs and bacon.