The Rich Young Man

by Grace George

Tersius trudged wearily along the dusty road. The sizzling Capernum sun beat down on Tersius's muscular body. His hazel eyes spotted a Roman soldier manhandling a Jew. Like most Romans, he agreed that all Jews should be treated like pond scum. As he passed the Jew, Tersius smirked. Tersius made a sharp right turn so he could take a short cut in front of the synagogue. Suddenly, there was a deafening sound. They were shouts of one man, and they were coming from the synagogue .Tersius turned towards the synogogue . A man sprinted out flailing his hand around and shouting, "My hand has been healed! My withered hand has been healed!" Then another man came out slowly and humbly behind him. Tersius noticed that the humble looking man was being harassed by the Pharisees. Suddenly, the man looked at Tersius. Tersius gazed back into those gentle eyes. He then for the first time felt truly loved. Tersius was going to stay to investigate, but decided to continue on his way to his friend Augustus's house.

When he got to the gates of the house, the servant led him in to Augustus' room. Tall, with black hair and green eyes, Augustus was a handsome, imposing young man. When Tersius had sat down, he informed Augustus the story of the man with the withered hand. Augustus had no idea who either man was. Suddenly, the servant spoke up. He announced, " The man you saw that cured the man, well his name is Jesus." Tersius was glad someone knew so he thanked the servant. He then wondered why he hated Jews so much. As Tersius ambled home that night he was confused. To him it seemed like the guy the servant called Jesus had seen thru him. When he got to his rich and lavish house he plummeted down into his fluffy bed. When he finally drifted off into a deep sleep, he had the most amazing dream.

He was fishing in a petite yellow fishing boat when there was a humongous wave. It pushed him out to the middle of the gigantic ocean. He started for screeching for help when he saw a ghostlike creature. He started screaming even louder when he realized it was no ghost at all. I was not only the man that he had seen earlier curing the crippled man,who they called Jesus, he was walking on water! But then suddenly he gently pronounced, " Tersius don't be afraid and come follow me!"

" Yes, Jesus I will follow you faithfully!" bellowed Tersius. He then stepped out of the boat and onto the water to follow Jesus.

Tersius sat up with a start. What had the dream meant, it was so confusing. Startled, he shook his head, rubbed his eyes and tumbled out of bed. Today was the day he would begin purchasing items for his father to trade in foreign lands. Realizing that he had to get moving, Tersius clambered down the stairs to breakfast.

"Good morning son," said Tersisus' father. "Are you ready to begin your journey for me?"

" Good morning to you, father," replied Tersius amiably. "I am excited and honored to represent your business interests."

"Excellent, son. Here is my request. I have ordered twenty bits, a dozen swords and some tools from the blacksmith in Nain. He was to have them ready for me by today. Please take this sack of silver and purchase the items for me. Be sure to check each piece for quality. I am sure that he has done a good job because he is the best iron worker in all of Gallilee."

"Yes, Father, I will do these things for you."

Tersius mounted Ares, his horse, a gift from Augustus, while the servant led out Agrippa, the pack mule.

Just before noon Tersius completed his twenty mile trek to Nain. As he rode into the village, a funeral procession blocked his entrance to the blacksmith's street. How annoying to have to wait for the whiners and wailers to pass by. Tersius noticed a poor woman sobbing in front of the procession. Shocked, Tersius suddenly saw Jesus advance toward the corpse and weeping woman. Amazingly, Jesus went up and touched the dead corpse. Seeing that made Tersius feel sickened. Who would touch a corpse? Unexpectedly, a gasp spread through the crowd. As everyone watched, the dead boy sat up and hugged his mother. Tersius was shocked and amazed. How could such a thing happen? As everybody rejoiced Tersius rejoiced also. He knew it was a miracle. He went afterwards to Jesus and said, " Teacher what must I do to follow you. I observe all the commandments but what else must I do?"

Jesus replied to him saying, " Sell everything you have,and then come follow me." After that Tersius went away sad because he had so many things.

The next day as Tersius ambled home sadly, he met Augustus. Tersius told him everything about what he had seen and heard. Tersius said to Augustus, " Augustus, this is the real God. I say we should go join him and his disciples as best friends!"

Augustus scoffed and said, " You are not serious are you Tersius? I mean, who wants to leave their wealth behind. I mean it's totally biserck!"

" Oh, Augustus," Tersius said with a smile, " I mean it all right, but if you do not come with me than I will just have to go myself."

After that remark Augustus and Tersius each marched their separate ways

Epilouge: Tersius, Addon, Adonis,and Brutus all ended up dieng by being burned by the stake for their faith.