Josh Harper

by Evan Lachance

Josh is a facetious fourteen year-old whose interests are more in music and acting than sports of any kind. Josh has sandy blonde hair and icy blue eyes. He is about 5' 10" and skinny. Josh plays the guitar and piano. This year's performance (Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing") will be his eighth play.

He lives in NYC, in a three bedroom apartment, on the fifth floor with his affectionate mother Jenny, and his clumsy stepfather Mark. His bedroom is small with stormy blue-gray walls and a daybed. Josh has the balcony bedroom over-looking the city onto the ocean.

Josh is a freshman at Breakwater High School and has locker number 194. His favorite subject is Greek mythology. Mr. Bennet, the mythology teacher, is Josh's favorite teacher because he gives the class awesome homework assignments. For example, last year's homework was to go all over the city and make a video diary of himself visiting all the possible statues, museums, monuments etc., of Greek gods and he had all year to do it!

Josh Harper lives in NYC, in a tall apartment building next to the Empire State Building. His two neighbors, Mrs. Brown and Ms. Ellis, live on either side of his apartment door. As you might expect, the old ladies spend all their time knitting and sewing and have signs on their doors that say something like, "Come on in for Grandma's Cookies."

His mother and stepfather both work in the Empire State Building on the 73rd floor as computer programmers. While Josh's parents are still at work he walks the three blocks from his school to his apartment. If Josh has any extra money on his way home from school he will stop at his uncle's café/bookstore, get a cup of coffee and read a book.

Andre East is Josh's best friend and first cousin. Though Andre likes to act in plays with Josh, he plays baseball and water polo (as a hobby). Andre lives with his father, Fred (Josh's uncle), above the cafe'. He is 5' 8 1/2" and has blonde hair with electric blue streaks (not natural of course) and gray eyes that change slightly in color with the seasons.

He attends Breakwater High School in the 10th grade. His favorite pizza toppings are red peppers and pepperoni. In his spare time he is either practicing for his latest play or helping his dad out in the store.

The Whippet

The Whippet, named after the greyhound-like dog for its speed, is a small, two-person helicopter used for teaching flight lessons. The Whippet can travel at a top speed of about 200 mph. It's owned by a very small airport in NYC.

The exterior of the helicopter is almost all plexiglas and the parts of it that are not are painted a silver-grey. Inside the helicopter there are two seats, a mini-fridge stocked with soda and snacks, a navigational panel, and all the various levers and controls of a helicopter.

The aircraft is also equipped with a state-of-the-art communication system which when not in rough air, projects the image of the person you are speaking to. Perhaps the coolest feature of the helicopter is its stealth mode, with just the touch of a button, a myriad of two-way mirrors will roll over the glass and reflect its surroundings.

Dream: Josh and Joy

Only a few minutes after I drifted off, the dream started. I looked out from the entrance of my apartment building as a multi-colored motor-bike pulled up. The bike looked nothing like I had ever seen before. Something like a motorcycle and a dirt-bike crossed, though it had four wheels. The bike looked like it was on the expensive side with its bullet-like form designed for speed. The girl on the bike removed her helmet and long, curly, blonde hair cascaded down a few inches below her shoulders. She pulled off her sporty sunglasses to reveal her blue eyes. With her helmet and shades off she looked to be about twelve or thirteen

"The name's Joy," the girl stated, "hop on."

"Where are we going?"

Joy just smiled and said, "Let's not focus on the destination right now, besides, half the fun will be the journey."

I slowly walked toward the bike; strangely, I already had a backpack slung over my shoulder. Joy started up the bike, the engine hardly made any noise for the speed it could travel at.

Suddenly, everything around us was in a blur. It seemed like we were not only traveling on the NY Highway but flying over the earth and then, it came. It barreled toward us with the speed of lightening. And we flew, right over the edge of the cliff. The field of wildflowers sped toward us, this is it, this is the end, and, wait... BEEP BEEP BEEP. My alarm. I gotta get up. It was only a dream.