June's Journey and Incredible Surprise

by Christy Winn

One morning a twelve year old girl named June Mayflower is suddenly awoken by one of her four brothers who is jumping on her bed. Her brothers' names and ages are; Zack, 17, Max, 15, Ben, 14, and the one who is jumping on her bed is Chris, 13. Zack said, "June, hurry up and come downstairs because Mom and Dad want to tell us something."

June mumbles as she is disturbed from her dreams, and then says "Do I have time to brush and braid my beautiful long red hair?"

Chris replies, "June, you are so dramatic, carrot hair."

June is used to teasing from her big brothers. She acts like she hates when they do that, but in a way, she likes it. She quickly pulls her hair back with a pony tail holder.

Max yells from downstairs, "Hey, you two, Mom, Dad, Zack, Ben, and I are all waiting!"

Chris and June both yell, "One, two, three, go!" They both race down the stairs.

As Chris stomps at the last step he turns to June and says, "I'll beat you next time!" The two walk into the living room. Mr. and Mrs. Mayflower are sitting on the piano bench together. The others boys are tossing a ball to each other. Chris immediately joins in the game. Mrs. Mayflower reaches up and catches the ball before Chris can catch it. Chris says, "What is all this about?"

Mrs. Mayflower calmly looks at June and each boy and says, "June, you are not going to be the youngest Mayflower. We are expecting a baby!"

"Cool!" says Ben and all the other boys agree.

"I hope it is a girl so she can share my room!" blurts out June and she dashes back up the stairs to start planning how to rearrange the room. This news is so awesome for everyone.

The Mayflower kids now have lots to be excited about. It is spring in Kentucky in 2011 and they have permission from their parents to take two covered wagons to their grandparent's house. Because the family loves stories of the pioneers, Mr. Mayflower and the boys constructed real covered wagons from the past. Their grandparents house is a farm which is about ten miles from theirs right along a creek. The kids have always wanted to go to their grandparent's house in the wagons. They are going to take the family horse, Blackie. Blackie is black with a Star on her head. They will also take June's two horses, Maple and Lily. Maple is syrup brown and Lily is white. Lily is June's favorite flower. Max keeps telling Chris and June to get the supplies packed up. The trip will take about two days. The kids have a spring break and they love to be outdoors.

The kids have a spring break and love to be outdoors.

They are traveling on a dirt road with a little brook close by. June and Max are loading the supplies on the two wagons early in the morning. Zack is telling June and Max to hurry up before dawn breaks so they can be on their way.

"June and Max, please help me tie the wagons," says Zack.

Max replies, "That's June's job, not mine."

Zack got very mad and this and says, "You need to tie Blackie up."

June hates when her brothers are fighting. Because she is the only girl on this trip she feels it is her job to be the "mother" to her brothers, so she says, "You two need to stop before Mom and Dad hear you both fighting." Zack gets annoyed when June tries to "mother". Mr. and Mrs. Mayflower come outside.

Mrs. Mayflower says, "Zack, Ben, Max, Chris, and June. All of you should get going after breakfast."

"Good, I'm hungry!," all five of the Mayflower kids say. They laugh together after this.

After a big bowl of oatmeal they all go to the wagons. Five minutes worth of goodbyes are said. As they are leaving Mr. and Mrs. Mayflower call out, "Brush your teeth, all of you!"

Then the kids call back, "Yeah, yeah, and yeah!" Another storm of laughter comes from the wagons.

The ride in the wagons on the road is a little bumpy. The wagons are connected by a rope. Zack is driving because he is the oldest and Mr. Mayflower taught him how to do it. The kids decide to have a little fun and sing "My Old Kentucky Home" is silly voices. It is a sunny, warm day of 75 degrees. Many years ago this dirt path was used by early settlers. It no longer is used by car traffic so they do not have to worry about that. Every now and then June sees turtles' heads popping out of the brook. They stop for lunch in a blossoming meadow. They eat sandwiches that Mrs. Mayflower packed for them. Refreshed, they set out again.

There is three and a half hours of driving until they will stop for camp for the day. They will travel about five miles the first day. Finally they come to another meadow. This meadow is close to the stream and the grass looks soft and comfortable for the horses to rest. Even better, there is already a small dirt patch for their fire. After eating a supper of hot dogs and s'mores, Zack says, "Let's a set up everything for the night and tell scary ghost stories."

Everyone else nods. June says, "Chris and I will tie up the horses." Everyone else will get the wagons ready. I'm sleeping in the first wagon. Chris followed June holding Blackie. June says, "Chris, the creek is not very deep. Be careful with Blackie when you give her a drink."

After getting camp set up they told ghost stories. As June opens her mouth to tell a ghost story, Zack says, "My turn!" June can feel her face getting red.

Chris saw June's face so he says in playful way, "Zack, I think June has a ghost story to tell." I have a feeling it is better than your ghost story."

Zack could feel his face getting red. Zack thought for a second and said, "Let's go to bed."

Everyone agrees and the bedrolls and sleeping bags come out of the second wagon where all the supplies are kept. June's supplies are under her brothers' stuff. They actually remember to brush their teeth and Zack leads the rosary. It has been a long day and falling asleep is easy on this starlit night.

In the middle of the night June hears a noise. She thinks it could be Chris pulling one of his good morning jokes, but soon realizes he is sound asleep. She gets up to tell Zack. To her surprise Zack was already up. Zack said, "Did you hear that noise too?"

"Yes, I did."

Then they wake everyone. Ben says, "Let's go check on the horses." Zack grabs a flashlight.

June replies, "Good idea, Ben."

Zack is the first one to see the horses. He looks shocked and says, "Lily, she's gone!"

Max says, "Let go get the rest of the flashlights and look for Lily."

June replies, "I already got the rest of the flashlights out, Max."

Chris was the first one to say, "Let's follow her footsteps. Zack leads the way and soon realizes there is a set of human footprints near her tracks. Examining the footsteps he notices they look like a large tennis shoe. The Mayflower's now realize this could be serious.

After ten minutes June sees a barn. There is a light on in it. She says, "Zack, come look in this barn with me."

Zack whispers, "June, the footprints stop here. Everyone follow me. And be quiet."

The door is cracked a little on the old barn. Zack slowly opens the door so they can quietly see what is inside. As they walked in, June immediately recognizes her horse and yells, "Lily! My horse! Get away from her!" Two men turn quickly and stare at June in a creepy way.

Two men turn quickly and stare at June in a creepy way.

A tall slender man is giving a handful of bills to a shaggy, dusty, short man. The tall man says, "She's a fine horse, I'm glad you sold her to me!"

June yells to the buyer of Lily, "She's my horse, give her back!" June runs and grabs Lily's rope out of the buyer's hand and gives it to Max.

The shaggy man is a thief who was selling Lily to the tall man. The thief turns and starts to run out of the barn. Ben yells, "Stop! Thief! " Max, Zack, Ben, and Chris spring into action. Max and Ben each close the double barn doors. The thief is still running when he runs into Zack and they are both fall to the hay on the floor. The thief lands on top of Zack. The other brothers grab onto the thief's legs and arms. The tall man, who tried to buy Lily, runs over and grabs his money out of the thief's hands.

"My name is Kevin Beauregard. I had no idea this horse is stolen property. I will call the police on my cell phone. Sure glad you kids caught Mr. Haney, if that's his real name!" Mr. Beauregard makes the call and watches for the patrol car while he keeps an eye on the thief.

All the Mayflower children begin to pray. They kneel in the hay and do the sign of the cross and close their eyes. The thief says to June, "What are you all doing?" Zack and Max explain to him what prayer is. They tell him it is really just talking to God when you need to. The robber begins to look sorrowful and says, "Maybe I should kneel down and pray". He kneels down near them and slowly tries to make the sign of the cross. When he is finishing his prayer the police show up. As they take him away he calls outs to the children, "Thank you".

June and her brothers say, "You're welcome!" all together and laugh at each other because they always seem to have perfect timing. They walk back to the wagons with Lily. Maple is very happy to see her young foal. The children begin to pet Maple and Lily. Blackie starts to neigh for attention which they gladly give.

The next day they pack everything up on the wagons and go to their grandparents' house. When they walk in the door their parents are there! At the same time Zack and Mrs. Mayflower say, "I have something to tell you!" They both say, "No, you go first!" Zack, Max, Chris, Ben, and June finally take turns telling the story about the robbery. The parents are surprised by the story and proud of the children.

"Now", says Mr. Mayflower, "We have something to tell you all."

Mrs. Mayflower looks right at June and says," We are expecting twin girls!"