June Mayflower

by Christy Winn

June Mayflower is 12 years old. She has marvelous long red hair. Because of her slender body and height she really enjoys soccer, softball, and dance. Her hobbies include singing, art, and bird watching. Her kindness attracts many friends. She does not like to have fights with her friends.

She is the youngest of five. June is the only girl. Her bothers' names and ages are : Zack, 17, Max, 15, Ben, 14, and Chris who is 13. She and her brothers like to play baseball with their friends at the park. Her brothers tease her because they think it is funny. She gets a little annoyed by it, but she is a good sport.

From soccer she had a broken leg one time. It happened at a tournament. Her brothers were shocked because she is the first in the family to have a broken bone. Because of this June walks with a tiny limp.

The Mayflower's live in a two story brick house in the country. Since they have three and a half acres of land, June has a soccer field with two goals in her backyard. Her friends come to play soccer when they can.

They live in the state of Kentucky. June and her mom both have a horse. June's horse is a pretty brown color. Her mom's horse is all black horse with a star on her head. June's horse's name is Maple, because she makes June think of maple syrup. Her mom's horse's name is Blackie because she is black. The barn is painted red and white. There is a large brown star hanging over the doors. It is behind the soccer field. It is just the right size for the two horses. The smell of the barn is like hay and horse feed.

It is the year 2010, in the last few days of spring. The weather in Kentucky is cool and breezy. The temperature gets up to 80 degrees.

All the flowers are blooming. Wildflowers and apple trees are all over the part of the yard which is not a soccer field or the small pasture. Their blossoms give a sweet smell of nectar throughout the yard.

June's thirteen year old brother, Chris, has wavy brown hair. Chris likes to play music on his iPod at the kitchen table. Sometimes he takes June's Silly Banz but, gives them back the next day. June's feelings do not get hurt when Chris does this. He is five feet, six inches tall. June is five feet, three inches tall. Chris tells funny jokes. Here is one of the jokes:

"Knock, knock"

"Who's there?"


"Door who?"

"Doris wants you to have some cookies!"

Chris wakes June up every morning, even on Sunday. He plays soccer with June when her friends cannot come over. June's brothers like to play basketball with Chris because he plays on the homeschool team and is really good. Her brothers let June be the referee.


June and her brothers are going to take a journey in a wagon. Maple and Blackie will pull it. Maple had a female foal named Lily. June named her this because a lily is June's favorite flower. She is white and will be tall like her mother. Lily will be tied to a rope and walk behind the wagon.

There will be three buckets for the horses. June and Chris will fill up the buckets from a stream near the path they will be traveling on. They have tap water for themselves in a large canteen. June and her brothers will carry a few other items that they will need such as food, eating utensils, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and a change of clothes.

Dream: Linik's Purple Convertible

One night June Mayflower had a dream as she slowly drifted off to sleep.....She was going to the mall in a purple convertible that was owned by her friend, Linik. This was crazy to June because she is only 12 years old and is able to drive. On the way the top opened without June pushing the button. When this happened it was snowing, sleeting, and raining. She thought she was going to faint. Her hair was icing and blowing everywhere.

June did not know what to do. She started pushing a lot of buttons but nothing worked. Linik's cat, Mango, had a room in the trunk of the car. June pushed autopilot so the car could drive itself, she climbed over the seats, and then pulled down the back seat so she could go in the trunk. She went to Mango's bedroom and fell asleep on the cat's bed.

Finally she crawled back to the drivers seat to see what was going on. The storm was still going on, but the top was closed, and she was at the mall! June pinched herself to see if she was asleep. It did not hurt. Her car was parked in the front row.

After shopping for dresses for Christmas Mass, some hair assessories,a couple necklaces, and earrings she went back to the car. June drove home and then she woke up from her crazy dream. She thought she was still asleep so she pinched herself again. It hurt!