The Terrifying Train Trip

by Catherine Mohs

This is a story of a girl named Josephina Maria Horo. She is an American girl and her family are good Catholics. She will be leaving to college today. Even though she is only fifteen, she will go to college because she finished high school early.

She had packed her stuff the night before and she was ready to go. After changing her clothes, she went down for breakfast.

"Good morning," her mother, father and twin brother, Michael, said. They were cooking Josephina's favorite breakfast meal: oatmeal with bacon and toast.

After a delicious breakfast with her family, they sit down in the living room.

"What are you going to learn about in college, sis?"Michael asks.

"Well", says Josephina thoughtfully, "ever since Charlie got hurt I wanted to be a vet." Charlie is Josephina's pet Golden Retriever.

Just then her friend, Agnes, knocks on the door. Like Josephina, Agnes wants to be a vet. She is the same age as Josephina. She will go to the college with Josephina in Montana.

Now the time for parting has come. She can see there are tears in her mother's eyes. After sayings their goodbyes, Josephina, Agnes, and Josephina's dad pile into the car and drive off. They wave till they can see their families no more.

After reaching the station, they find their place and wait. They don't have to wait for long, for soon the train pulls up. Her father squeezes her hand. Tears fill Josephina's eyes as she boards the train.

"Write to us soon!" her father calls.

"I will, I promise," she replies. As the train pulls out of the station, Josephina waves to her dad. The long trip has begun.

It is around eleven o'clock. Josephina sighs and looks out of the train window. Agnes is resting. Josephina decides to read her book. After about an hour of reading, she dozes off. When she awakes she sees waiters coming up the aisle. Agnes and Josephina have a delicious lunch. The rest of the day goes smoothly.

The next morning, after a breakfast of Pop-Tarts and oranges they had packed, they research on veterinary studies on their laptops. Their laptops use satellite and don't need Wi-Fi.

"Why did we go by train, not by plane?", asks Agnes. "It would have been much quicker."

"This way we can see more scenery", Josephina answers.

After lunch, they both walk up and down the train. They were tired of sitting down. The train had crossed four states on the first day: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. Now it is traveling in a lonely part in a forest in Nebraska. It is so quiet. The only sound is the train wheels. Both of them feel something bad is going to happen.

All of a sudden, a loud explosion shakes the train and it stops abruptly! This sudden stop throws the girls forward onto the floor. Josephina's head hits a post and she goes unconscious.

When Josephina awakes she finds a tall man standing above her. She recognizes him as the man who sat behind her.

"What happened?" she asks dazed.

"A bomb just exploded in front of the train," says the man as if nothing happened. Josephina feels that something is wrong.

She is about to get up when the man points a gun at her and says, "Don't you dare move or I'll shoot." Her heart drops.

"Who is this man? What is he going to do? Where is Agnes and what is he going to do to her?" she thinks.

She looks up and sees Agnes. She is cornered. Then a man comes up to the men who are guarding them and speaks roughly to them. Josephina guesses this is the captain of the robbers. Josephina can't understand what he is saying. Then they let Josephina get up.

"Yaw are to show me where yaw sat!" the captain orders Josephina and Agnes.

The girls walk quickly down the aisle. On both sides of the aisle passengers are being held prisoners. The robbers are searching through the bags for valuables. A shiver went down Josephina's spine.

"Are the men going to search through our bags, too?" she thought.

Soon, they arrive at their seats. The men tell them to hand over their bags. They quietly do so. Josephina hopes that they don't look under their seats because she has hid her laptop there. Luckily, they don't look there. However, they find Agnes' laptop because she had kept in her bag and they take it. Agnes begs them not to take it and take her necklace instead, but they only laugh and take both.

After everyone's bags has been check by the robbers, the captain says, "If any of yaw tell the police 'bout this, we'll see what yaw get."

Josephina thinks, "We'll see what YOU get, mister. Your threats can't stop me."

The robbers then collect their booty and hurry off the train. Agnes burst into tears and Josephina comforts her saying that she will share her laptop with her. Luckily, when the bomb exploded it had not blown up the track. The train begins to move slowly away and after several more hours they arrive at the station.

The train stops with a loud SCREECH! Josephina and Agnes quickly grab their luggage and hop off the train. They are glad to be on solid ground. They wait for the rest of their luggage to be taken of the train. When they have everything, they go to find a taxi that will take them to the college. The college is in Cinta, Montana, a small town, about an hour's drive away from the train station in Columbus, Montana. As they get in the taxi Josephina remembers the warning of the robber captain, "If any of yaw tell the police 'bout this, we'll see what yaw get."

"Sir," she says politely to the taxi driver, "Please take us to the nearest police station."

"What are you doing?" exclaims Agnes. "You want the robbers to find out that we told the police?!"

Josephina ignores Agnes' desperate pleas to turn back. She knows that telling the police could get them in trouble with the robbers, but if the police catch the robbers they wouldn't molest anymore people.

Josephina and Agnes tell the police about the robbers and what had been stolen from them.

"We'll do our best to track down the robbers Miss Horo and get back your stolen property Miss Pescos," said the police chief. Josephina and Agnes thank him and went to catch the next taxi that will take them to the college.

When they got there they heave a sigh of relief. On a big sign near by it said ST. THERESA OF AVILA COLLEGE FOR WOMEN. Then they ring the bell by the gate and two people open the massive gates. They go to the principal's room where they sign in.

When they get to their room they are glad to find that they can stay in the same room. Then they unpack their stuff and shower up. It is almost bed time. The girls in the next room come over to meet Josephina and Agnes. Suddenly, Josephina recognizes one of the girls as a good friend who had been her neighbor and best friend. She had gone to the college a couple years before. Agnes is introduced to her and the girls go to bed happily.

Three weeks have passed and Josephina and Agnes have got good grades. They enjoy learning about how to be a vet. Then, one day they receive a package. It is from the police department. Josephina and Agnes hurry to tear open the package. It is Agnes' stolen laptop and necklace. There is also a letter for them. It says:

Dear Miss Josephina and Miss Pescos,

We have successfully found and captured the robbers. We thank you for reporting the attack to us. It was the same band of robbers that raided a town nearby. It was very brave of you to tell us even though the robbers threatened you not to. Thank you!!!


Michael Nike

Police Chief of Columbus, MT

"OH! How wonderful!" cries Agnes.

"Yes," agrees Josephina. "Hopefully that is the last band of robbers that is going to attack trains."

Then Agnes opens her laptop and they happily e-mail their parents the good news.