Josephina Maria Horo

by Catherine Mohs

Josephina is a 15 y/o American girl. She is tall, has blue eyes, and loving smile. She is cheerful, happy, and loving. She never gives up hopes when things go bad.

Josephina has a dad, mom and twin brother, named Michael. She has a friend named Agnes. She has a dog named Charlie. She lives in Ohio.

Josephina likes reading books about animals and about World War II. She also likes hiking and observing nature. She loves all animals. She likes visiting the A.S.P.C.A. (a place where abandoned animals are kept). When Charlie hurt his leg, they had to go to the vet. After that she wanted be a vet. She will go to a collage in Montana to learn to be a veterinarian.

Josephina's story is the present tense. She lives in a small town called, Silvania, by Dayton, Ohio in the USA. It a quiet and safe town. Most of the people in the area are farmers. When the people that live there have time off, they like to go for a walk around the countryside. The weather is mostly fair all the time so the crops grow well.

Josephina's best friend is Agnes Maria Pescos. She is fifteen years old. She is tall, slim, and has beautiful black eyes. She has smooth black hair and her skin is as soft as velvet.

Like Josephina, Agnes wants to be a vet. Josephina and Agnes both excelled over the other students, skipped a few grades, finished high school early, and were ready for a college at age fifteen. She will go to the college with Josephina in Montana.

Agnes' favorite thing to do is sewing. Whenever she has spare times, she sews doll dresses.

Agnes lives on a farm with her mom and dad. She knows how to take care of animals. She has an older sister who is a Carmelite nun.

Agnes is jolly and has a good humor. She rarely loses her temper.

Several years ago, Agnes broke her neck in a car crash. She had to stay in the hospital for a week. She cannot bend her neck all the way back because of this accident.

By Train

Josephina and Agnes will travel to Montana by train. It will take them about two days to get there. They will travel through eight states; Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.

Josephina and Agnes will start their long ride at the train station in Columbus, OH. Josephina's dad will take them there. They will end their journey at Columbus, MT. Then they will take a taxi to get to the college in Cinta, MT. They will miss their families very much and promised them they would write to them as often as possible.

Josephina and Agnes will eat and sleep on the train. There will be lunch and dinner served on the train, but they will have to pack their own breakfast. They will pack Pop-Tarts and oranges for breakfast. They will read books to pass time and learn a little bit about biology on their laptop computers.

Dream: Tyler Keegan's journey on foot

It is night time in Silvania, Ohio. This will be the last night Josephina will be staying in the house. After checking her train schedule one more time, she lies down and falls asleep. Suddenly, she is woken up by a shrill whistle and a loud voice. She sits up and finds herself on a small cot with two other men getting dressed into army uniforms. "What is happening? Where am I?" she asks bewilderedly.

"You're in the US Army camp", said a man standing beside her, "You are the cook so hurry up, get dressed and start cooking. And by the way, my name is Sergeant Timothy Bell." Soon after breakfast, the captain announced that the brigade of 800 soldiers will be marching on the back roads of France. Josephina shivers, not only from the bitter cold but also from the fear of the shells going off and the Nazi soldiers on their trip. Then they packed up the tents and began their long journey.

After walking for about 5 hours, the men stop to take a break. All of sudden and out of nowhere, an army of Nazis come out firing shells at the surprised men! Josephina's fear had come true! She runs to hide, but is knocked senseless when a shell hits the back of her head.

"This is the end," she thought, "I am going to die. She closes her eyes. Then she felt something poking her ribs. She slowly opened her eyes excepting it to be a Nazis soldier poking her to see if she were dead. Instead, she sees Charlie, her pet Golden Retriever, sticking his nose into her ribs trying to wake her up. The sun is shining through her bedroom window and she knows it was only a dream.