Percy's Great Adventure

by Catherine Federline

It started out as a normal day for Percy Jackson. He started the day by going to school, mass, and doing chores like taking care of his "grandma". His "grandma" isn't really his grandma, she's just an old friend of the family and takes care of him while his parents travel.

Percy is a 13 year old boy. But he isn't like most other boys. On the outside he might look normal with his curly red hair and big chestnut brown eyes. But there are a few things that make him different from other boys. For example, he lives in the native Indian village of Manatugo on an Island in the North Pacific Ocean. In addition, his parents are F.B.I. agents who travel all around the world. Percy has an unusual talent. He is able to move things with his eyes!!!!

While Percy's busy doing his dally activities there are five more people on the Island who usually aren't on the Island. These five people will change the outcome of Percy's day from normal to anything but normal. You're probable wondering who these five people are. Two of them work for the Russian government and the other three are F.B.I. agents who work with Percy's parents.

Percy hasn't heard from his parents in three weeks and he's concerned that something might have happened to them. So on his way home from school that day Percy went to his church to talk to Pastor, Fr.Michael. While he was talking with Fr.Michael explaining his concern, Russian agents burst through the door. They overpowered Fr.Michael and tied up Percy and Fr.Michael. The Russians were plotting how to get Fr.Michael and Percy out of the country and to Russia when Percy saw a lamp in the next room and trying to distract the Russian agents Percy used his eyes to make the lamp fall to the floor. While the Russians were looking for what had made the loud noise the F.B.I. snuck in and untied Percy and Fr.Michael. When the Russian agents had found out what happened the F.B.I. had overpowered them and tied them up. Realizing they wouldn't be safe on the island, Percy and Fr.Michael along with the F.B.I. agents and their captives (the Russian agents) left the island on a large fishing boat and headed toward Washington D.C. and the F.B.I. base.

When they arrived in Washington, DC, Percy is escorted to the F.B.I. base where he is warmly welcomed by other F.B.I. agents who have worked with his parents in the past. He is curious because no one is asking him about his parents and they aren't at the F.B.I. base. So Percy asks if anyone has seen his parents. It is then that he learns that his parents were missing and were last seen in Russian territory.

Percy is shocked. He goes to tell Fr. Michael the news. Fr. Michael suggests they call Percy's sister who is going to college in Washington, DC. Percy's sister comes to the F.B.I. base and picks up Percy and Fr. Michael. When they get back to his sister's apartment, they discuss ideas as to how to find Percy's parents. They check his parents cell phone records online and discover the last calls were made from near St. Petersburg.

Percy's sister makes arrangements for the three of them to fly to Helsinki, Finland. Once there they wander through the town to find a boat that is headed for St. Petersburg. They hear of a ship that is leaving the next day. Fr. Michael goes to the local Catholic church and with the help of the parish priest they are able to get disguises to travel to Russia. Fr. Michael, Percy and his sister board the ship headed for St. Petersburg.

They arrive safely in St. Petersburg. Percy contacts friends of his parents that live in the country just outside the city limits. They come to town and take Fr. Michael, Percy and his sister back to their house. After eating a delicious homemade meal, Fr. Michael, Percy and his sister get some much needed sleep.

They stayed with their parents friends in St. Petersburg for about one week gathering information about their parent's whereabouts. While Fr. Michael, Percy, and his sitter were gathering information, their parent's friends told them that their parents had stayed with them three months ago and when they left they said something about going to Moscow. Percy thanked them and announced that they would be leaving for Moscow later that day. Their parent's friends stopped Percy before he could go and start packing. They said that their parents didn't leave alone. "They were accompanied by Andrew, a friend who lives in Moscow. While in Moscow, your parents were captured by the Russians. Andrew stayed long enough to find out the Russians were going to take your parents somewhere near Yessey, Siberia. Then Andrew came back and told us the news". Percy again thanked them for their help and then went to go pack for the trip to Yessey. They boarded a train for Yessey later that night.

After three days of weary train travel, they reached Yessey, Siberia where they found a citizen who was very friendly and Percy made friends with him. Percy explained that they thought his parents had been brought to Yessey by Russian agents. Percy didn't want to tell this friend that his parents were FBI agents because he wasn't sure how much he could trust this new friend.

It turns out that this new friend had been banished to Siberia by the Russian government years ago and had no allegiance to the government and disliked the Russian spies. The new friend invited Percy, his sister and Fr. Michael to come to his house, eat some dinner and spend the night. After dinner, they sat around asking questions trying to figure out where to look for Percy's parents. This new friend told Percy that there was a warehouse on the other side of town where suspicious activity took place at night. He cautioned Percy that there were guard dogs in the fenced in area just outside the warehouse. Percy, his sister and Fr. Michael thanked the new friend and went to the bedroom where they could talk privately to make plans to explore the warehouse.

They decided that they would explore the warehouse the next night so they tried to get as much sleep as possible. The next day after eating a delicious meal of pancakes and bacon they prepared for their exploration of the warehouse. Later that night after everyone else was in bed Fr. Michael, Percy, his sister, and their new friend all crept out of the house toward the warehouse on the other side of town.

It wasn't that long of a walk but it was a dangerous one. They had to duck behind a building three times to avoid being seen by passing guards. They finally reached the warehouse but they still had to figure out a way to get past the guard dogs. Percy remembered he had a few dog treats in his back pack. So they devised a plan to distract the guard dogs. Percy tossed the treats to the far side of the yard and all four of them slipped over the fence and in to the building. Once in the building they slipped behind a large crate to hide from the guards.

Once the guards passed, they cautiously got out from behind the crate and started looking around for something that would tell them if their parents were there. A little while after they started looking, Percy found his Parent's cell phone on the floor and showed it to the others. Then Fr. Michael found a hidden tunnel not far from where they found the phone. They all decided to go and explore the tunnel to see where it might lead. The tunnel was longer then they expected. It took them about half an hour to get to the end of the tunnel. When they reached the end of the tunnel they found a door leading to a secret room which they found completely empty except for a door at the far end of the room. They decided to keep going forward and see what was on the other side of that door. But before they opened the door they heard voices on the other side.

They recognized their parent's voices but heard Russian voices too. Their friend interpreted the Russian voices. It seems that they were making plans to take Percy's parents away the next day. Percy knew they didn't have much time to act. They would have to rescue his parents that very night.

After about an hour, the Russians were heard leaving the room. Cautiously, Percy and his sister and friends opened the door. The room was dark except for a small light in the corner. Percy could see his parents lying on beds near the light. He didn't know if anyone else was in the room with them. Percy saw a light switch by the door. He used his special powers to turn the lights on. Immediately his parents jumped to their feet. No one else appeared to be in the room with them. So Percy tapped on the door with the secret signal his parents had taught him years before. His parents looked puzzled but cautiously approached the door. Realizing it was Percy, they flung open the door.

They were so excited to see Percy, his sister and their friends. Knowing they were still in danger, they quickly exited with their family out through the tunnel and out of the warehouse using the same path Percy had used to find them. Percy wanted them to go back to the friends house but the parents realized that was too dangerous. They had to get back to St. Petersburg to their other friends who could get a message to the FBI. Thanking their new friend for his help, they left for St. Petersburg.

When they arrived in St. Petersburg they went straight to their friends house. Boy, were they surprised that the FBI was already there. It seems that the friends had contacted the FBI after Percy had left their house figuring he might get into trouble. The FBI agents were surprised when Percy and his parents showed up. They started immediately making plans to get them safely home. Wearing disguises they took the boat to Helsinki, Finland where there was a United States military plane waiting to take them back to Washington, DC.

When they reached Washington, DC, Fr. Michael celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving that they had all arrived safely home.