Percy Jackson

by Catherine Federline

Percy Jackson is 13 and loves adventures. He's 4'7, very skinny, has curly red hair, and big chestnut brown eyes. He almost always wears a backpack in which he keeps his special mancula board which he got from his parents for his 5th birthday.

Percy also has a few awesome secrets of his own that hardly anyone knows of like for one he can move things just by concentrating on it!!! But some times he doesn't always think before he acts, which gets him in a lot of trouble. His other secret is that his mom and dad are F.B.I. agents for the world wide F.B.I. agency, which is the main reason he's on an island in the middle of the Bermuda triangle living with his "grandma".

Percy lives in the Indian village of Manatugo (which isn't far from Manatugo point).

The island is mostly forest but there are a few beaches.

There are many dangers on the island and in the waters surrounding it.

The Indian children and Percy like to play in the forests and water to pass time.

The weather on the island is usually very hot and muggy, but when it storms it usually rains for a few days and cools things off a little.

Middle of the summer

Fr. Michael

-21 years old



-dark brown hair with a short beard and mustache

-he likes to play with kids and pray in his spare time

-he has 5 brothers and 6 sisters


-very nice


-has a great sense of humor

-very understanding

-loves to learn, teach, and help with anything he can

-started Jesuit school at age 9

-became a Jesuit priest at age 19

-sent to the Indian village of Manatugo to work 2 years ago when he was 20

-knows a lot about Percy

-he and Percy are good friends

-Fr. Michael goes on the journey with Percy

Fishing boat and by foot

During this story Percy uses many different kinds of transportation. One of them is a fishing boat which people use to get on and off the island. He also goes by foot a lot, walking up and down the mountains with Fr. Michael. He goes by foot the most.

Dream: December's horse and sleigh

One time when Percy was sleeping he had a dream that he and his friends and family were all on a journey to a ski resort in Canada for winter vacation. They got there by sleigh. Some were pulled by horses, others were pulled by dogs. When they got there to Percy's amazement there were no people to be seen! Only cats, dogs, pigs, and penguins skiing! All of a sudden there was an AVALANCHE and Percy felt himself hit the ground. Then his eyes popped open and he found himself laying on the floor and realized it was only a dream.