by Brendt Meckelborg

Aringor is a man, approximately 26 years of age (unknown to himself). He has black hair, large bushy eyebrows, a straight nose (slightly rounded at the tip) and a strong, lean, upright body. He likes to adventure, battle, train (for battle) and be with his family. He is also interested in a certain someone. His family consists of Erasel, his mother, Moriss and Grub, his younger siblings. He has been sad most of his life because of the death of his father, Graemor, who died in the Battle of the Three Nations. Erasel is ill, and Aringor is hoping that she will make it on the long journey.

I can smell water and feel wind. It's not too cold, only a slight breeze > touches my skin. Leaves fall off the trees and swiftly pass by. I can see > the dew on the trees and hills ahead. Splashes of water I can feel. I look > to my right and see a waterfall. To my left, I see dark sky and clouds > across the lake. The goblin fortress is there. I can see goblins carrying > supplies for winter. Looking back, I see the town, a day or two it would > take to walk there. I glance up and see the overlooking trees. Birchbark, > as they are called, was what I used to make a house for my family. The > forest is very dense, as far as I know, and the trees appear exceedingly > leafy. This is my home.


We walked by foot, in the fullness of winter. The snow was almost up to my knees, and the cart could barely make it through. My father had taken our horse with him, so I had no choice other than to push the cart myself, although our horse might not have made it on the journey anyway.

Dream: Riding on a 'Blue Speckled Aqua Quinn'

I had a dream about riding on a 'Blue Speckled Aqua Quinn' to find a new place to stay at with my family, and we soared across the sky and it was so beautiful. But then my dream was over and I was still lying down with my family beside me.