Tyler Keegan

by Anthony Cantini

Tyler is 6 feet tall and 20 years old. He has blond hair and hazel eyes and is usually neutral and happy but has a short temper. He is slim and naturally quick because he played football since age 7. His parents died when he was 2 and he has been living with his aunt who raised him since his parents' death. Hiking, hunting and most outdoor sports are his favorite things. He is a skilled marksman and seems comfortable with all guns, but he is not great at archery. He was born in Ohio but moved to Idaho to live with his aunt. He is gifted interacting with wild animals and fish. Tyler had a normal childhood and seemed like any other kids his age, except for his uncanny ability to sense that someone or something was watching him. When that occurs, he could always accurately locate the observer.

This story takes place in November of 1943. The location is the country of France during World War 2 -- in the back country in the woods and fields. It is a dangerous place because of shells going off and the presence of the Nazi soldiers. It is very cold and foggy in the mornings and snows during the day. The people that live there like making wine and bread and they also make good art and poetry. Most of the people there welcome the American soldiers into their homes because they are helping them win the war.

Name: Sergeant Timothy Bell

Sergeant Timothy Bell is 24 years old and is 6 foot 4 inches tall. He has black hair which he wears in a buzz cut and he has grey eyes. He is a natural leader and he likes to run and drink coffee.

He was an orphan and lived at St. Dominic's Orphanage until he was 18. As soon as he left the orphanage, a baker hired him as an apprentice baker but he quit when he heard about Pearl Harbor. Tim enlisted in the army and went to boot camp. Since he was an Eagle Scout, he got to be field sergeant.

He is sometimes funny but the rest of the time it's hard to tell what emotion he has. He cusses a lot but his men say they can't tell the difference when he's talking "nice" anyway.

on foot

He will be marching on foot with a brigade of 800 soldiers on the back roads of France. Sometimes they have to cross a frozen river by laying logs across it.

Dream: Josephina Maria Horo's travel by train

Tyler was sitting up in his bed when he drifted off to sleep. He found himself on a train, but this train looked different than the ones of 1943. What was he doing here in the middle of a war, he thought. Then he asked a man "What am I doing here in the middle of a war?" Tyler said. The man said," Which war are you talking about?" "World War Two, of course," Tyler said. "World War Two?" the man exclaimed," that war has been over for over 60 years!" Puzzled, he stumbled in to a seat and thought, I must be in the future. He walked down the train until two girls offered him breakfast of an orange and some funny looking cookies, which they called "pop tarts." The girls also gave him a book to read and opened odd-looking folders that shined light and appeared to be the strangest-looking typewriters he had ever seen. Tyler heard a bang and he thought the train blew up but the people were acting like nothing happened. Then he heard it again and it became blurry and the people disappeared. Then he woke to a mortar that blew up ten feet from him.