The Galaxy of Legend

by Anna Casal

Twelve-year-old Carly Smith opened her eyes and stretched. It was a lovely spring morning in Jamestown, Texas and Carly knew this was going to be a wonderful Saturday. Sun rays filtered through the glass doors that led to her balcony into her room. Ready for a new day, Carly crawled out from under her marine blue sheets and got out of bed. She put on her flower-printed bathrobe and opened the balcony doors to take a look outside.

Walking onto the marble balcony and breathing in the fresh air, Carly felt a pang of grief.

It had been right after her first birthday when she had woken up on a day in May like this. Her parents had taken her outside after breakfast onto this balcony and told her they were going on a walk in the woods behind their mansion.

Not that she would understand. But she somehow did. Her parents had for some reason treated her like an older child at that moment.

Then the sound of the doorbell had rung through the great halls of their mansion. She remembered her father leading a woman onto the balcony. That had been her Aunt Marisa. Auntie M, her parents had called the woman, had taken Carly out of her mother's arms and held her while her parents said goodbye.

Her mother had said, "We'll be back, Carly dear, you'll have a lot of fun with Auntie M." Then they had left for the walk. Carly remembered being scared and lonely without her parents. After what seemed like hours, her Aunt Marisa had told Carly that her parents would be back soon. But they never came back.

Carly had called and cried for her parents, but they didn't come.

Then the police had come and searched for her parents. But there were no traces whatsoever of their location. Her parents had just disappeared, leaving Carly with only pictures and the tiniest hints of memories of them.

But her memory of her parents disappearance had always been vivid. It had been a life changing experience and Carly would never forget it.

Since then, Carly's Aunt Marisa had been her gaurdian and had taught Carly almost everything she knew. Now here she was, still in the same town and house her parents had left her in. But with a goal to find her parents.

A loud noise pulled Carly out of her thoughts. "SCREECH! SCREECH! SCREECH! SCREECH!" It was Chip, her curious, smart, loyal, very mature, sometimes a pest and fun-loving pet squirrel monkey. By the sound of his screeches, he was in the forest behind Carly's backyard. It was THE forest, where her parents had disappeared! And something was wrong, very wrong.

"Chip probably just got himself into a little bit of trouble. Maybe he got a thorn in his tail again?" Carly thought out loud, then added silently, "But knowing Chip, he probably did something worse than getting a thorn in his tail."

"SCREEEECCCCHHHHH! SCREEEEECCCCHHHH!" Chip's screeching were getting louder and more urgent by the minute. Carly raced down the balcony stairs that led to the ground and took off towards the forest.

As Carly raced down the steps, she suddenly got the feeling that something out of the ordinary would happen and a cold shiver ran down her spine.

"These rescues are getting wayyyyy too often and more dangerous! I just hope Chip's all right!" Carly thought, trying to distract herself from the weird feeling and scary shiver. But Carly had no time to worry, since she still had a long way to run; her yard was very vast.

"That's one bad thing about having a large estate!" thought Carly. Her attention was diverted from her thoughts when she neared the forest. Carly noticed that Chip's screeching had stopped. Not good. After entering the forest, she slowed to a jog near some prickly bushes and a creek. This was where she had heard Chip's screeching. She was VERY sure of it.

"I'm so glad that I taught Chip how to swim! So if he fell into the creek, he wouldn't drown. But then why did he call for me? He only calls when he needs something or is in trouble. Maybe he pricked himself on those prickly bushes or he's somewhere else in the forest..." Carly's voice trailed off when she saw a sparkling light coming from behind some trees.

"Hello? Anybody there? Is that you Chip? Are you all right?" Carly strode over to the trees and found the light was coming through a tunnel of thorns. She stooped down and peered through the tunnel. She gasped, a swirling mass of sparkling light was at the end of it and it looked like a portal. Carly was flabbergasted, she had read in books about portals that led to different worlds and galaxies. But that was just make believe, wasn't it?

Carly hesitated about the idea of going through the portal that had just popped into her head. " Is this a good idea? Maybe I'm just imagining it, but it seems so real. Maybe this is how my parents disappeared! Well if there's a chance of finding my parents, I'm going through." Making her decision and completely forgetting about Chip, Carly got onto her hands and knees and started crawling through the tunnel towards the portal. She carefully made her way around the thorns and as she got nearer to the portal, Carly could feel it pulling her in.

Carly was almost at the prtal when it pulled her in. There was a very bright light and she closed her eyes. Carly felt like she was flying at the sped of light, then everything stopped speeding by.

Carly opened her eyes. She couldn't believe it. She was standing in a large, grassy meadow covered in snow, with laughing fairies and magical creatures of all shapes and sizes. A majestic palace with spiraling towers, crystalline windows and diamond encrested walls was in the middle of it. The place looked like a winter wonderland.

Surprisingly Carly wasn't cold, but how could she be with such an amazing scene in front of her?

Carly opened her mouth to speak, but all she could do was squeak. Then a small fairy with silver colored wings and a glittering dress of delicate ice crystals came up to her.

"You are most welcome here on the fifth planet of the Galaxy of Legend, planet Dropslet, in the kingdom of Snowfall. Please allow me to escort you to the elderlings of the court." The small fairy's tiny voice sounded like snowflakes falling to the ground and Carly was amazed.

When she had had the feeling that something out of the ordinary would happen, she never expected something MAGICAL would happen!

Carly realized that the fairy was waiting for her to follow it and she sheepishly walked over to the fairy. It fluttered off like a butterfly towards the palace and led Carly through its gates. As they entered the courtyard, Carly observed the flowering gardens tended by creatures made of crystals and the flowing fountain made of ice in the middle of the gardens. She also found that the stone that she was walking on had intricate designs etched into it. The high courtyard walls were covered in curly, white and vine-like plants with gem-like flowers.

At the end of the courtyard, their was a great glass arch that led to a wide hall filled with beautiful tapistries and paintings. The hall branched off into other passages, rooms and stairwells.

The fairy led Carly all the way down the hall until it emptied into the heart of the palace.

The large room was magnificent, with shimmering walls, colored windows, sleek stone floors and many, many gems and valuable stones scattered here and there, it looked prettier than anything she had ever seen. But the best part about the room was the throne; it had a polished silver frame, intricately carved, that had glittering ribbon twining around it. The seat was made of what seemed like large snowflakes and silver moonbeams threaded together tightly.

On top of the throne at a majestic queen, with pale skin, in a flowing, pearly-white, snowflake embroidered dress with an ice crystal trimming. Diamonds adorned her neck and an icicle crown with silvery ribbon sat on her head. In her hand she held a scepter of ivory with frozen water swirling around it. Her subjects sat below her on a frozen pond, while furry white creatures guarded the throne.

Carly was awed. Everything was so beautiful! So perfect and carefully made, all handcrafted, obviously not made by human hand.

"Approach the throne and you will receive instruction;

But fail to obey and befall destruction.

My advice is this,

Beware of Snowmist

And if you are careful

You will succeed." the fairy whispered into Carly's ear.

"What was that all about? Well I don't want to get destroyed, so I better approach the throne." Carly thought nervously as she approached the throne. Everyone was eyeing her and she felt like they could read her inner thoughts.

"Well at least those furry white creatures aren't attacking me." Then a soft voice startled her. It was the queen.

"We do not have much time to talk, but I will try to explain as much as I can to you. Do you accept my offer?" Her voice rose and fell like a blizzard wind, though not as powerful.

Carly did not know what to say, but manage, "Yes, I accept." She figured this was some sort of strange test for something.

"Very well then. I shall start explaining, but we only have a few minutes. To get to the point, we need you and Chip to help save our galaxy. You see, all the creatures in our galaxy are connected to the galaxy. Our galaxy has Five Needs that keep it alive, which are worthy rulers of the whole galaxy, a core crystal (made out of 17 planet crystals for each of the seventeen planets), a sun, a core planet (where the core crystal goes) and the magical creatures, of course. We have no rulers and without them, our galaxy is falling apart. The core crystal has separated into 17 planet crystals onto each of the planets. Since the creatures are connected to the galaxy, they feel it falling apart and are falling ill too. So you and Chip MUST find all the planet crystals, on each of the planets, make the core crystal and find our rulers. Otherwise, our world, inhabitants and galaxy will perish. I BEG of you Carly, please help us in our time of need!"

It was very hard for Carly to take all this in, but she knew one thing: she HAD to help this galaxy, world and inhabitants. Anyway, she had a hunch that she would find her parents during this adventure. She would even have the help of Chip....Oh no! She had forgotten all about him! Where was he?

Just then Carly heard a loud "SCREECH!" She turned around and smiled because she realized that Chip had lead her through the portal by his own way. Then he had secretly followed her to the throne room. "You sure know alot about this journey, Chip! Well, what are we waiting for, let's do this!" Carly smile happily with Chip in her arms, as the throne room was filled with the sound of cheering and joyful celebration. Carly and Chip had accepted their mission and were about to start their journey to save the galaxy, world and inhabitants!

Unfortunately, there was one person not celebrating, who was not happy at all: his name was SNOWMIST.

Unfortunately, there was one person not celebrating, who was not happy at all; his name was SNOWMIST. He had a plan, a terrible plan.

"Here we are!" Carly's fairy guide said grandly, with her snowflakes-falling-to-the-ground voice. They had finally come out of the maze of passages, stairs and rooms in the crystal castle to a strange building just behind it. The large building was something Carly had never imagined of before; it had glossy, transparent walls and she could see many different types of animals moving around in it. The large building looked some what like a zoo-- except the animals weren't in cages!

"I wonder what that large building is? If it's a zoo, it sure is a strange one! I hope they aren't keeping any dangerous animals in there!" Carly thought, amazed. Then Carly noticed an enormous ( and somewhat noisy ) crowd assembling in front of the large, zoo-like building. It seemed as if all the inhabitants of Snowfall were there to see she and Chip off. Carly even saw some inhabitants from other parts of Dropslet, they all stood out, with their blue and multicolored clothes against the pure white snow. The inhabitants seemed like water dwellers and a handful seemed like rainbow dwellers by their rainbow hair and colorful clothes! One of the rainbow dwellers noticed Carly gawking at her and walked over to Carly.

Carly was ashamed and looked at the ground, not daring to make eye contact with the rainbow dweller after being so rude. But she couldn't help taking just one peek at the rainbow dweller's hair.

"The rainbow dweller's hair is so beautiful! Look at how it shimmers brightly against the sun! I wish I had that type of hair." Carly thought in awe.

"Hello, I heard you and Chip are going on a journey to save us, our world and galaxy! " A happy voice said cheerfully, startling Carly out of her thoughts. Carly had been thinking so much about the rainbow dweller's hair, that she hadn't noticed the rainbow dweller had come up to her.

" Oh, hello. I'm sorry I didn't notice you earlier! I just love your hair!" Carly gushed. The rainbow dweller giggled.

"I'm so glad you like it! That's the best part about having a mom who is a Rainbow Dropslet! Let me introduce myself, my name is Crystal Drop. My parents come from the kingdoms of Tear and Color Falls. I'm a cross between a Rainbow Dropslet and a Tear Drop, since my parents are two different species. I assume you are Carly Smith and that monkey doing a little dance over there is your pet, Chip." Crystal Drop said, pointing at Chip who was entertaining the crowd with a monkey-dance. Carly couldn't help but laugh at Chip's antics! He looked so funny dancing that it was for Carly hard to stay mad with him. She knew he had probably gotten bored just following Carly and had decided to do something more "worthwhile"; even though Carly had said to him not to wander off.

" I brought you something, Carly, as a token of gratitude for deciding to help us! I made it myself. It's my first time making one of these so I hope you don't mind if it's a little sloppy." Crystal Drop said, handing Carly a beautifully made rainbow.

Carly didn't know what to say; the rainbow was hardly sloppy, much less ugly, and it was the prettiest rainbow she had ever seen! It was made of little tear droplets that acted like prisms, making the rainbow colorful. But the best part about it was that it had more than just the regular rainbow colors Carly was used to, but every other color imaginable!

Just then, a loud trumpet blast rang out through the chilly air.

"You better get over there, Carly, I think the queen is about to make an announcement. I hope you'll enjoy the rainbow! I'll show you how it works later! Nice meeting you." Crystal Drop said with a wave of her hand. Then Carly was left standing alone, staring at the beautiful rainbow.

"Attention please! The queen would like to speak." One of the queen's subjects was on a platform made of ice and Carly could see the queen standing beside him.

As the noisy crowd died down, the queen began to speak, "My dear people, as you already know, Carly Smith and her pet monkey, Chip, are about to set out on a journey to save us, our world and galaxy." With those last words, the crowd set up such a joyful cheering and celebration, that it took at least a minute until the queen could speak again.

Again she spoke,"Carly and Chip's journey will be full of much danger and peril. But I believe, that, with a little help from us, they will be able to collect all the planet crystals, put them together and save us, our world and galaxy." She paused and gestered at Carly, still holding the rainbow that Crystal Drop had given her; then at Chip, who was still dancing around, to come onto the platform. Continuing as Carly and Chip made their way to the platform, "I would like to present you a farewell gift from me and my people of Snowfall. Please accept our thanks for taking on the task of saving us, our world and galaxy. I hope you have a safe journey and much luck in finding the planet crystals."

Carly and Chip were presented soft, snowy-white robes made out of ice crystals and silver threading that sparkled like glitter. The robes looked much like the robe of the queen's, but Carly noticed that there was something peculiar about them.

"Thank you. Chip and I really appreciate them." Carly thanked the queen.

"You are very welcome. I am glad you like the robes." The queen answered, looking pleased. Then two of the queen's subjects came over to Carly and Chip and started helping them put the robes on.

As the female subject helped put a robe on Carly, she said to her, "You are a lucky one, all right. These aren't just any robes, they have special powers that you will need during you're journey."

"What are the special powers? Why will I need them?" Carly asked confusedly.

"You will soon find out, my dear." the subject answered with a glint in her eye, "Now first, you must get your transportation." The subject then led Carly off the platform and to the crowd. Chip was walking proudly right behind her, in his new, monkey-sized robe.

As Carly and Chip followed the subject to the crowd, it parted; making a winding path through the emense crowd. Carly soon realized that she was being led to the zoo-like building.

"Why are is that female subject leading me to the zoo-like building?" Carly thought. Then, all at once, she knew why. She was being led to the building to pick out an animal as her transportation. Just like what the subject had been hinting about earlier.

"Here is where you will pick out your transportation. Choose wisely." The subject said advisedly. Carly was full of excitement and thought,"This is it. This is where me and Chip get to pick out our transportation and start our journey!" Then, looking at Chip, attracting attention again by prancing around in his robe like a king; she rolled her eyes and thought "I hope Chip takes this seriously."

Mustering up her courage and scooping up Chip ( who screeched indignantly ), Carly pushed open the heavy doors of the zoo-like building. Then she gasped in amazement.

Inside the zoo-like building, it was surprisingly warm and sunny--but the sun and warmth seemingly had no source. Carly saw many animals with multicolored fur and wings, unlike the plain, white animals that she saw earlier.

"There are so many animals to choose from, Chip! Which one should I choose?" Carly asked the not-so-enthusiastic grumbling monkey. "What's wrong with you Chip? Normally when we go to places with other animals, you want to interact with them!" Chip just let out a loud monkey "HUMPH!" and scampered off to explore.

"Well I guess he's just upset that I stopped his fun and brought him here against his will. I bet he'll be back to his old self in no time at all." Carly said to herself. A large "SPLASH!" followed by a few droplets of water and a loud monkey laugh startled her .

"Not funny, Chip!!! I'm glad you're back to your old self, but a little warning would suit me nicely!" cried Carly, making her way to where she heard the splash. She finally found Chip behind some bushes in a crystal clear pool, playing with some kind of water animal.

"So that's the animal you want for our transportation, huh Chip? Well I'll take a look at it and we'll see about that." Chip came out of the water with the water animal. He made a begging look that Carly knew meant, "Will you PLEASE pick this animal to be our transportation? It's my friend.". Carly decided not to pay attention to Chip's begging, she only had eyes for the magnificent, green-feathered animal. It had blue speckles all over it and sleek wings. It looked very gentle and friendly and much like a feathered, flying, green horse. Carly knew at once that this was the one. Chip seemed to understand that Carly had picked the animal for their transportation and started jumping up and down in excitement.

"Have you chosen your animal transportation, yet?" A little boy said, peeking through the door," Everyone's waiting for you." Indeed, Carly could see the whole crowd cramming themselves against the translucent walls, watching her and Chip.

"Yes, Chip and I have chosen this one." Carly answered.

The boy's face lit up with a bright smile and said, "Wow, you picked an Aqua Quinn! Her name is Feather Blossom. Would you like me to saddle her up?"

"Yes please, I would like that very much." The boy disappeared and came back in a few minutes with a black saddle and bridle. He quickly saddled Feather Blossom up who stood quietly while he did so.

"Hop on." The little boy said, then seeing Carly's hesitation, said,"Don't worry, she won't bite. Feather Blossom is a very gentle girl. I think your monkey made friends with her already." Carly looked over at Chip, already on Feather Blossom and pulling playfully on her feathers. He seemed very much himself. Seeing Chip made Carly feel much better and she pulled herself onto the front of the two-seater saddle.

"Off we go, then." the little boy led Feather Blossom onto a grassy hill. He told her to stay there and then went over to the building's wall. At that moment, part of the ceiling opened and Carly realized he had pushed a button to open it.

"Is this where we take off? How do I steer Feather Blossom and make her fly?" Before the boy could answer, Chip jumped in front of her, grabbed the reigns and pulled them hard. Feather Blossom stretched out her wings and took off.

"Chip! Stop! We might craAAASSSSHHHHHHH!" Carly screamed as they took a sharp turn to the right, nearly missing the wall. Chip didn't listen to Carly, he was having the time of his life!

"Don't worry! Your pet knows what he's doing! You have a rainbow, right? Those bring you good luck and protects any one near it from harm! With a rainbow you'll never get harmed! Good luck on your journey!" The little boy shouted above Chip's gleeful screeches and Carly's screaming. With that, Feather Blossom plunged into the pool, instead of going through the open part of the ceiling. Carly didn't need to guess what happened, any way, she couldn't. She was screaming at the top of her lungs.

Carly squeezed her eyes shut, expecting to feel a rush of water; but she didn't. What's more, she could clearly hear Chip's excited screeches AND she could breath!

"That's strange. I wonder why I didn't feel any water? Why can I hear Chip's screeches so clearly? How can I breath under water?" Carly thought, opening her eyes to see what was going on. As she did so, a strange sight met her eyes. A large air bubble had surrounded them and water swirled around outside the bubble. Even with the bubble, Feather Blossom could still swim!

"How is this happening? What's going on?" Carly asked aloud in wonder.

"You need not fear, you are safe. I have produced an air bubble around us so we may breath. If you fear we might drown, do not; I am a water animal, so I am an expert swimmer. In other words, we will never drown." A bubbly voice said in Carly's mind. Carly looked around; Chip wasn't the one talking, she was sure of it. The only language he knew was screechs and that left Feather Blossom. But then how did she do that?

Once again, the voice sounded in her mind, "You and Chip are special; if you believe in an animal, you can communicate with he or she."

"But how come I can't communicate with Chip? How can this be?" Carly answered through her mind.

Feather Blossom looked at her as if it was obvious and said, "You never tried. Go on, try now." Carly was puzzled, but tried any way. "Chip, why did you make us go through the pond instead through the open part of the ceiling? Where are we going now?"

"Because I thought this short cut would be a funner way to the first planet crystal. Didn't you pay any attention to what my friend Feather Blossom has been saying? Good grief!" Chip answered.

"I'm sorry, I never knew I could communicate with animals until now! What has Feather Blossom been saying?" Carly was very stunned to hear Chip's screechy voice in her mind. She sure had missed out on a lot of things that only Chip knew.

Suddenly, Chip's voice rang through mind, "Portal ahead, portal ahead! Brace yourselves! We are about to go through!" Carly looked in front of them and saw that Chip was right, a swirling mass of bright light was indeed right in front of them. This was the second time Carly had gone through a portal, but she still wasn't ready when the blinding light flashed. Especially when it was under water!

Thump! Pop! Hearing the bubble pop, Carly opened her eyes. They had landed on something hard, like ground. All she could see was darkness and she could hear the drip drop of water falling to the ground. Carly could tell that she had fallen off Feather Blossom's back when they had gone through the portal. But she couldn't tell where Chip and Feather Blossom were in the pitch black.

"Is everyone okay? Where are we? All I can see is pitch black! I wonder how water is falling to ground if we aren't wet?" Carly asked Chip and Feather Blossom.

"We're totally FINE. How about you stop asking questions, otherwise I won't be JUST fine! Oh, and get out your rainbow. That should produce enough light to see in here." Chip said exasperatly. Apparently, he didn't like questions; action suited him better. Carly sighed, fumbling around and finally found her rainbow and took it out. Carly assumed that, sometime inside the zoo-like building, she had thankfully pocketed it.

Carly glared into the darkness, hopefully at Chip, and hissed,"Okay, okay, but you don't have to be so rude about it!" As she cast the shimmering rainbow's light around the place they had landed, Carly found that it was a large cave. Water was dripping off of stalagtites on the ceiling and they glittered in the colorful light. A staircase was carved into the cave's wall; it seemed to lead deeper and higher into the cave.

"I believe we should follow that staircase. Hopefully it will lead us to the Ground Dwellers. We need to find the planet crystal for Dropslet. Did the Ground Dweller's not report that they have seen the planet crystal for Dropslet in one of these caves, Chip?" Feather Blossom said, slowly walking over to the staircase in the dim light.

"Yes, of course they have reported seeing the crystal! What do you think we're here for? Rock candy? Get it? Ha ha ha ha! Chip answered, rolling on the ground in a fit of laughter. Feather Blossom just ignored Chip and kept walking slowly to the staircase. She seemed deep in thought, so Carly didn't bother asking her where the staircase led to or who the Ground Dwellers were, even if it was pretty obvious. She would just have to find out herself.

Carly followed the sound of Feather Blossom's hooves clip-clopping on the rough surface of the cave's floor and walked over to where Feather Blossom was standing. Carly then went forward up a few of the staircase's steps and cast the rainbow's light high above her; she found the stairs led up to another level.

"Come on guys, let's go! The staircase leads to another level, maybe to where the ground Dwellers are! I wonder if they still know where the planet crystal for Dropslet is?" Carly said and led the way up the staircase, with Feather Blossom close behind her and Chip on her back. After about 20 or 30 more steps, they arrived at the top. The upper level was lit up with glowing mushrooms all over the cave's wall, so Carly didn't need her rainbow anymore.

"Good work, Carly! You have found the Ground Dweller's home. If we follow the glowing mushrooms, we will end up in their village. There, they will show us where they have seen the planet crystal for Dropslet." Feather Blossom said excitedly, now out of her thoughts.

As they followed the glowing mushrooms Chip stared hungrily at them and said, smacking his lips noisily,"I wonder if these mushrooms taste any good? I've heard the Ground Dwellers make scrumptious Mushroom Loaf with these mushrooms! Maybe they knew we were coming and made some for us?" Carly gave him a look that said, "Don't even think about it! We're here for the planet crystal, not Mushroom Loaf!". Chip pouted sulkily and turned his back at her. Carly stuck her tongue out at him.

"Pay attention Carly and Chip! This is no time for quarrels! We are almost to the Ground Dwellers' village. I expect you to be on your best behavior, Chip!" Feather Blossom said sternly. Carly meekly nodded her head and looked ahead at the upcoming village, trying not to think about Chip. Chip just blew a raspberry at Feather Blossom when he thought she wasn't looking. She was, and dumped him off her back, saying, "You aught to be ashamed of yourself! Hasn't Carly taught you any manners?" Carly tried not to laugh, even if Chip was being a pest, he could be very funny. But then she glanced in the village's direction and stopped laughing. The houses were really close now and they were quite small. They were made of large slabs of stone cut from the cave and a strange sticky-looking substance was used to hold them together. To the right of the village, there was a large pen of cute looking animals that looked like a small. winged female deer with brown horns and stripes. Nobody seemed to be home.

"Where is everybody? Why aren't they at home? Maybe they're somewhere else right now." Carly asked Feather Blossom and Chip.

Chip answered, "They're in the mushroom fields, remember? At this time of day, or glow, they harvest and plant mushrooms. That's good! Now I can search their houses for Mushroom Loaf!" Then before he could scamper off, the deer-like creatures with wings started making loud noises and moving around restlessly. Carly soon saw why: three Ground Dwellers had come back from the fields with a basketful of glowing mushrooms, a shovel and a type of toy. They were coming from the left and as they came closer, she saw that the Ground Dweller holding the toy was a little boy. The Ground Dweller holding the basket of glowing mushrooms was a female, probably the boy's mother, and the other one holding the shovel was a male, probably the boy's father. They all had green caps on and clothes made of dyed moss. Their hair and eyes were brown and they all had fair, glowing skin.

"Amma, woh era stothe arecsture? Yhw era yeth ehre? Liwl yeth ryt ot eta su?" The little boy cried in Ground Dweller language. His mother responded in the same language, saying, "Yeth liwl ton mahr su, ym nos. Od ton yorwr."

Carly didn't understand a word they had said, until Feather Blossom spoke. "Their language is simple, just take the words in the sentences" Mama, who are those creatures? Why are they here? Will they try to eat us?" and mix up the words in a certain way. Then it will come out as "Amma, woh era stothe arecsture? Yhw era yeth ehre? Liwi yeth ryt ot eta su?". And if you take the words in the sentences, "They will not harm us, my son. Do not worry." and mix it up like the other sentences, it comes out as, "Yeth liwl ton mahr su, ym nos. Od ton yorwr.". Now do you understand?" Carly nodded. She was amazed how simple, yet smart idea for a language it was.

Then the female Ground Dweller said in English, "Why hello, you are very welcome here. We heard you were coming and wanted to have enough mushrooms for a feast in your honor. But if you are in a hurry, we can just give you some Mushroom Loaf to take along; you don't want to go hungry, do you? The rest of our village will come soon, but we will take you to where we have seen the planet crystal. First, though, let me introduce ourselves. I am Tillie and this is my husband Grindel and my son Innu. Come along now, it won't take long." Tillie set down her basket and her husband leaned his shovel against one of the houses. Then Grindel picked up Innu, and Tillie motioned them to follow her, Grindel and Innu. They led Carly, Chip and Feather Blossom through a passage behind the village and into a vast cavern.

"Here is where we saw the planet crystal last. Since we are not the ones who are supposed to find it, we cannot say where it is now. Good luck on your search, we will send some Mushroom Loaf to you as soon as the other villagers come back with some more mushrooms." Grindel said. With that, he, Tillie and Innu went back through the passage to the village.

"Now what are we going to do? I don't see how we can find one planet crystal in such a large cavern!" Carly said with dismay.

Chip answered drooling,"How about we wait for the Mushroom Loaf? Nobody can work with empty stomachs! I'm starved! And I bet it's going to be delicious!" Then he set himself in front of the passage way and stared down through it's glowing interior to wait.

"Well THAT'S helpful. What do you think we should do Feather Blossom?" Carly asked, her voice echoing around the cavern.

"Look for a bright, multi-colored light. The planet crystal almost always lets off a bright glow and with Dropslet's inhabitants being so colorful, the light won't be just one color." Feather Blossom answered and started nosing around and turning over loose stones.

"Great idea. I'll take a look around those stalagmites over there." Carly splashed through some puddles over to the large stalagmites. Then she got an idea.

"If rainbows bring good luck, maybe I could use its luck to attract the crystal to me." She thought. So Carly took out her colorful rainbow and waved it around. Nothing happened, no bright or colorful light came from anywhere.

"Maybe I have to be a little closer to where the crystal is? I'll get closer to those stalagmites." Carly said to herself as she moved closer to the stalagmites. Just then, Chip's gleeful voice startled her and she tripped over the hem of her cloak. She fell into a muddy puddle and the rainbow flew out of her hand.

"THEY'RE HERE, THEY'RE HERE! They have a whole bundle of MUSHROOM LOAFS and even MORE!" Carly saw that Tillie, Grindel, Innu and some other Ground Dwellers had come with a large bundles of food. The aroma was enticing and it made her mouth water. But she didn't pay any attention to that, because Carly had just found the glowing PLANET CRYSTAL in the puddle!

"Last one. Here you are." A Ground Dweller said as he handed Carly the last food bundle. Ever since she had found the planet crystal, it had been a flurry of excitement. Through it all, they had managed to get on Feather Blossom, pack up all the bundles of food, get to the next portal and recover Carly's rainbow.

"You must hurry, the portals in the underground tunnels close after a certain amount of time and open every few years. You are lucky that the portals are exactly lined up and should bring you to where the planet crystal is on each planet. If you wait here the portal will open in just a few moments and it will bring you to the next planet, Whirlwind. But you only have an hour until it closes, so don't waste any time. These tunnels are a network that lead to each planet, even across space. So if you don't make it to the portal, that is another option. Good luck and farewell!" Grindel said, followed by chorus of " Goodbye!" "Safe journeys!" and "Farewell!" from all the villagers who had come to see them off.

Whoosh! A bright light filled the cavern where they were. It was the portal. Time to go! As Feather Blossom flapped her wings and rose into the air, Carly had the fleeting feeling that something or someone was following them. Just before they went through the portal, she caught a glimpse of a person clad in white, who did not seem happy. Someone probably named SNOWMIST.

Then, before she knew it--Presto!--Carly had four planet crystals hidden in her cloak; two found by Carly and her rainbow, one found by Chip and his curiousity and the other found by Feather Blossom and her sensibility.

It had been like this: Chip would yell out directions from the map that the Ground Dwellers had given him, with his mouth full of Mushroom Loaf, and they'd taken this portal to Whirlwind, taken that portal to Red Ring, then another to Shifter. A right turn, left turn, crystal, right turn again, up, crystal, down and up again. More Ground Dwellers, "Goodbye!", then scream, scream, crystal, terror, scream "Be careful!!!!" and "Help!". Then, "Ha ha ha ha ha!", "Not funny Chip!" and finally a quiet flight and break for food. Carly thought it had been very fortunate that the only really bad trouble ( not counting Chip and his crazy, terrifying steering and monuvering, when racing against time to get the crystal and set a new record ) was in Whirlwind when there had been a wind storm. They had struggled through the wind that howled through some holes in the cave and tunnels, almost blowing them off of Feather Blossom. Now they were going to Green Leaf, to find the fifth crystal.

"Now there's only 12 more crystals to go, not counting Green Leaf's crystal. Hopefully all goes well!" Carly thought. They were still in the same part of the cave where Chip had found the latest crystal and he was now trying to figure out where the next portal would pop up. The tunnel branched off into three separate ways, so Chip was having a hard time. Feather Blossom had decided to "help" him.

"I believe the portal will pop up in the tunnel over to the right." Feather Blossom said pointedly.

"No way! It's going to pop up in the tunnel in front of us." Argued Chip.

"No, no, no! The portal will pop up in the tunnel to the left. And it will in about 30 seconds." Feather Blossom argued back. Before Chip could say anything, a loud whooshing sound interrupted him. Feather Blossom and Chip stopped fighting at once, all they could do was gawk at the tunnels. Carly smiled happily, they had BOTH been right, there was a portal in EACH tunnel!

"Hopefully they won't fight over which portal to take!" Carly thought uneasily, "They've been quarreling quite enough."

To her relief, Chip didn't start arguing again and instead said,"Now we're even! But which portal should we take?"

"Maybe we could split up, any way, it would make finding all the planet crystals go faster. According to the map, these portals will take us to Green Leaf, Lipay and its two sister planets and Dragoon. I can go to Lipay and its sister planets, Carly can go to Green Leaf and you can go to Dragoon." Feather Blossom suggested.

Chip seemed to think about it and finally said,"Deal. But first, which portal takes me there?"

"I believe if you take the portal ahead of us, it will take you to Dragoon. If Carly takes the portal to the left, it will take her to Green Leaf. Then if I take the portal to the right, it will take me to Lipay and its two sister planets. Did you hear that Carly?" Feather Blossom answered carefully.

Carly nodded her head and said aloud, "When do you think we should meet up again? And how will we know how to get to the other planets if we're split up? Chip is the only one with the map."

"Remember, you can communicate with me and Chip in your mind. Even if we are far away from each other, we can still talk to one other. That way, Chip can tell us how to get to the portals. We will meet up on Flare, after I have gotten the crystal on Kylee and Chip has gotten the crystals on Petla and its moons. Then together we will find the sixteenth crystal and also find the last one on Mysteria. Do you understand?" Feather Blossom answered. Carly nodded again and continuing, Feather Blossom said to Chip, "Will you tell us directions and try not to us on a wild goose chase? Oh, and try to stay out of trouble, I do not want a friend who is you call them."

"Ah, don't worry, I'll be good and give you the right directions! I'll completely fine! You're such a worrywart! By the way, take care of yourself too and Carly, please be careful." Chip said with a mischevous grin on his face. Carly smiled back at them and they all went their separate ways. Carly walked towards her assigned portal, then hesitated and looked behind her. For just a moment, she thought she heard footsteps, but they quickly died away. Carly was frightened and scurried to the portal and was sucked through.

Just before the portal Carly went through closed, a tall, white figure silently jumped through it too.

Carly opened her eyes and found herself standing in a vast, green forest. The air was breezeless, but fresh and full of the fragrance of the flowers that dotted the grassy hills. Sunbeams pierced through the trees' leaves and landed on the grassy ground.

Suddenly, Carly heard a twig snap behind her. She whirled around just in time to see a slim figure clad in clothes made of the forest's plants, disappear through the trees. She followed it and was amazed at how fast the figure moved, weaving in and out through the trees and jumping over small bushes. It stopped in front of an ancient tree and started climbing up it like a monkey.

"Boy, I wish Chip were here. He could have caught up with that figure and climbed the tree in 3 seconds flat." Carly thought, her chest heaving. After a short rest, Carly decided to try to climb up the tree. She grabbed a low branch and hoisted herself up; then fumbled around until she found a foothold. In this way, Carly was soon high up in the tree.

"I wonder why that figure climbed up this tree? Maybe..." Carly's voice trailed off when she saw a ladder made of vines, hanging in front of her. She grabbed hold of it and pulled herself onto it. Carly gasped as the ladder started swinging from side to side. The swinging had made her look down. Bad idea. Until now, Carly hadn't realized how high she was. She also soon realized that the ladder was being pulled up by something...

"...or someone. What if the figure had actually WANTED me to follow it? Maybe so that it could lead me somewhere, or even to the planet crystal! " Carly thought excitedly. She felt a jolt and found that she and the ladder had arrived at their destination.

Their destination was a large treehouse with wooden railing entwined with white flowers and shiny leaves. Carly could see other treehouses connected to the one she had been pulled onto, by zip lines and rope bridges, all made of vines and tree wood. Many other figures clad in the forest's plants were moving around in the treehouses and a couple of them were on the zip lines. As she studied the figures more closely, Carly found that they had long, pointed ears, light green skin, brown hair, and slender bodies.

"These people must be elves because of their pointed ears! I bet they are woodland elves, since they live in treehouses and wear clothes made of the forest's plants!" Carly thought aloud enthusiastically.

"I have led you here so that you may find the planet crystal for my home planet, Green Leaf, not to gawk at my people's ways." A thirteenish elf boy chided gently, then said with a little bow, "I am Hawthorn, at your service." He had spiky, dirt-brown hair and leafy clothes that blended in with the trees and plants in the forest.

Carly giggled, but still felt embarrassed to be caught a second time when staring at someone and said apolegetically, "Please excuse me, it's just my first time seeing Woodland elves and I find your people and their ways interesting."

Hawthorn replied with a smile,"You are excused, I understand very well, I was just teasing you. Come, I will show you where the next crystal is; we must not waste any time, though, for you, Chip and Feather Blossom have only forty-eight hours left." Then he led her to a zip line and said, "Hop on, this will take you to the heart of the forest. There, you will find the planet crystal and a portal to Flare. I must stay here, so good luck." With that, Hawthorn helped her onto the zip line and she was off.

Trees whizzed by Carly in a blur and by the time she came to the heart of the forest, which was a VERY tall tree, her mind was spinning. Carly somehow got off the zip line and stumbled dizzily onto the wooden platform. When her mind finally stopped spinning, Carly saw a olive-green door that had swirly patterns carved into it. The door led into the tree. She opened it and saw a soft, glowing, mult-colored light at the end of the dark, must-smelling, little room in the tree.

"The colorful glow must be coming from the planet crystal!" Carly thought and hurriedly felt her way through the dark, over to the glow. As she had guessed rightly, the glow had been coming from the crystal. Carly picked it up and put it next to the other planet crystals in her cloak. Just then, a portal opened up in the room and lit it up. Smiling to herself Carly stepped through and thought, "Now only a couple more to go!"

Whoosh! "Hhhheeelllllpppp!!! Hhhheeellllpppp!!! The dragons, they're after meeeeee!!!" Chip cried, as he tumbled out of a portal and hid behind Carly. Feather Blossom came through another portal, daintily holding some planet crystals in her mouth. They had all landed on Flare and Carly, Chip and Feather Blossom were counting all the planet crystals they had found. Well, at least Carly and Feather Blossom were, Chip was just babbling about monkey-eating dragons that were on Dragoon.

"Quick, do something! They might come through the portal any minute now! We need something to protect us, maybe my cloak has a button that makes it turn into armor? It has to, otherwise this cloak is useless!" Chip babbled uncontrollably, looking all over his cloak for a button to make it turn into armor. Carly and Feather Blossom were trying to hold a conversation over the loud babbling of Chip with not much success.

"You said you collected the crystals only for Lipay and its sister planets? Or did you say you collected the crystals for Kylee and Lipay and its sisters? Carly shouted above Chip's babbling. Feather Blossom laid the planet crystals that were in her mouth onto the ground. She gestered for Carly to count them. Carly counted them silently,"1-2-3-4...that means she got the crystal for Lipay and its two sisters AND for Kylee. Wow! Feather Blossom sure has been busy, no wonder she hadn't contacted me on Green Leaf! Chip was probably too busy running away from the so-called "monkey-eating" dragons to contact me either." Carly smiled at Feather Blossom and mouthed, "Great job!". Feather Blossom nodded appreciatively, then suddenly Chip started screaming as if his head had fallen off!

"AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!DDdddddrrrrraaaaaggggoooonnnnnssss!!!" He ran like crazy and bumped into Feather Blossom. A large, blue and green, sea-like dragon had come through one of the portals that hadn't closed. When Carly saw what it was holding, she burst out laughing. Chip stopped his screaming and looked at her as if she were mad.

"What's so funny? You and Feather Blossom should be screaming like me!! That dragon is coming to eat us!!!"

Before he could resume screaming, Carly started to explain, "Chip, the dragon's only trying to help us! Look, it's carrying some planet crystals you probably dropped while running away from it. Next time be more careful with those planet crystals! We can't afford to break one!" Chip turned a deep red in the face and mumbled, "I knew that!" and Feather Blossom started cracking up.

"Here, you dropped these. I tried to tell you that I was just trying to help, but you couldn't hear me over your screaming." The sea dragon said and gave the crystals to Chip. Chip only turned redder.

"Thanks! I'm sorry if Chip was any trouble to you. What's your name?" Carly said to the sea dragon.

It answered, "No problem, I just asked if he could give me some of the Mushroom Loaf he had, but I guess he thought I wanted "Monkey Loaf"! Oh yes, my name is Marina. If I am right, you are Carly, that Aqua Quinn over there is Feather Blossom and of course I know Chip." Marina looked at the portal that was starting to close and said, "I have better get going, the portal is closing. It was nice to meet you! Good luck on finding the last two planet crystals!" Marina waved her tail and gave them a toothy grin as she went through the portal just before it closed.

"Well, we sure had quite an adventure; but it's not over yet, we still need two more planet crystals." Feather Blossom said matter-of-factly.

Carly replied, "Oh, yes! I almost forgot! We still need to find the planet crystals for Flare and Mysteria. And...whew! it just me, or does it feel a little too warm around here?" Feather Blossom nodded, pouring down in bluish sweat. Strangely, Carly wasn't sweating at all, neither was Chip; they only felt a little too hot, but other than that, they were fine.

Suddenly the answer dawned on Carly, "The cloaks the queen gave us are keeping us from over heating!" She cried, then said grimly,"But Feather Blossom doesn't have a cloak and worst of all, she's a water animal; that means she needs and likes water more than we do, so she could over heat in just a couple of minutes! Feather Blossom, you MUST leave immedaitley, it's your only chance!"

"Wait a sec, can't she generate bubbles? If it can keep air inside and water outside; maybe it can keep the heat outside and keep water inside!" Chip said thoughtfully.

Carly was impressed,"Chip, you're a genius! Maybe that could actually work! But first, doesn't she need some water to generate a bubble?"

"Yah, I think so! I think the Ground Dwellers packed some fresh cave water around here somewhere..." Chip replied, rummaging around inside the bundles of food that the Ground Dwellers had given them, "Found some! Will this be enough?" He held out a large, brown container of cave water and Carly took it from him, saying,"Perfect! I'll give this to Feather Blossom." Just in time, she turned to face Feather Blossom and held the container to her lips as she drank.

"Thank you, Carly! I must admit, Chip, that was a really good idea for me to generate a bubble to protect myself." Feather Blossom said with a weak smile. Chip turned red again as she slowly got onto her hooves and generated a large bubble around herself. Feather Blossom breathed a sigh of relief from the blistering heat. Carly was just about to congratulate Chip on his success, when she finally noticed her surroundings. Everything was bathed in a pale golden light and hot to the touch. It seemed as if all the plants were made of fire and the ground was covered in orange weeds with sandy leaves.

"You know what Carly? I heard that Flare is located inside the galaxy's sun; that's why it's so hot in here. Probably why the queen gave us these robes, since she knew we'd have to go here. Plus, without a robe, we'd be burned alive by now like Feather Blossom!" Chip said in a hushed voice. He stared off into the distance with a face that Carly had never seen before. She realized he had a serious look on his face. He didn't look at all like Chip she knew.

Carly was going to ask Chip if he was okay when she saw something floating in the sky; it sparkled brightly in the sun's rays and seemed to be beckoning to Carly. Her eyes locked the beckoning thing in the sky, she started walking toward it. As she got closer to it, Carly realized it was a planet crystal. When she finally arrived under the planet crystal, Carly was excited, but out of breath. She found that Feather Blossom had spotted it too and was close behind her.

"Hey Feather Blossom, do you think you can fly up there and get the planet crystal?" Carly asked her.

Feather Blossom shook her head sadly and said,"Although I can swim with a bubble, I cannot fly with it. We could climb on top of each other, though, and maybe get the crystal that way. But we'd need Chip to be on the top, since he is the lightest and best climber."

"Right. I'll go get Chip; hopefully he hasn't eaten too much Mushroom Loaf to make himself too heavy to climb." Carly said as she looked around for Chip, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"That's strange," thought Carly,"I left him only a minute ago." Just then, Carly heard a screechy monkey laugh right above her. She looked up to see Chip on a male, human-like, flying, yellow creature above her. Another female creature was right beside him.

"Ho down there! Need a lift? We can take you to the planet crystal; but hurry, it moves every ten minutes." The male creature shouted at her. Carly nodded and he and the female creature flew over to her. Up close, they had a striking resemblance to each other and she guessed they were brother and sister. They were both golden skinned and had stars on their faces. The sister had long yellow hair that rippled in the warm breeze; her brother had the same, but somewhat shorter hair.

"Here, take hold of our hands and don't let go! We'll get to the planet crystal in no time at all." The female creature said to Carly in a sweet voice,"My name is Raya and my brother here is Rayon. It might get a little hot for you while we are flying, so be sure to wrap your cloak around you tightly!" Then Raya and Rayon grabbed hold of Carly's hands and with Chip on Rayon's back, they took off.

The wind whipped Carly's hair around and she could feel the heat that Raya had warned about. But she didn't really mind, it was an exciting and literally breath taking expirience flying with them. They soon came to the planet crystal within a minute, but it was already moving.

"Hang on, we're going to speed up a little!" Rayon told Carly and Chip. With some effort, Raya and Rayon caught up with the fast-moving crystal.

"Grab it, Chip! Grab it!" Carly yelled at him. He leaned over Rayon's back and snatched the crystal out of mid air.

"I got it!" Chip cried happily and Carly, Raya and Rayon grinned at him. Soon they were back on the ground and Feather Blossom, who had been watching them, congratulated on their success.

"Great job! You did it, Chip! Now we only need to get the planet crystal on Mysteria!" Feather Blossom said excitedly.

Carly noticed Raya's smiling face fell grim. "You must be careful there; it is said that whoever dares to journey through its misty depths will never come out. I have even heard that monsters lurk in the swamps of Mysteria." Carly shuddered, she had to admit, Mysteria DID sound more than a little scary!

"Feh! I don't believe in that nonsense at all, neither should you!" Feather Blossom said with a toss of her head, "There is no use standing around here shivering when there is only one crystal to go! Come, let's get this trip over with." Raya and Rayon looked at each other.

Then Rayon said, "As you wish. But we warned you, this part of your journey will be the hardest and most dangerous. Beware of The Evils!"

Raya waved goodbye saying,"Good luck! I hope you all survive the trip to Mysteria!" Rayon smiled grimly; then he and Raya flew away. Carly watched them until they were only tiny dots in the sky. When Raya and Rayon finally disappeared, she turned around, sighing heavily.

Looking into Feather Blossom's wise eyes and Chip's smiling face, she said with determination,"Come on, let's go. We have a journey to finish!" With that, she and Chip hopped onto Feather Blossom's back; then vanished through the portal to Mysteria. Little did they know, that a figure clad in white was following them.

As the figure followed them through the portal, he cackled haughtily and his eyes shown with fire. Then he was completely through.

Carly tumbled out of the portal and landed in a heap on top of what seemed like Feather Blossom and Chip with a loud "Ooof!". She groaned and heaved herself off of them. Carly dusted herself off and took a look around. A thick, heavy mist was all around them; so Carly could barely make out her own hand, let alone Feather Blossom and Chip. She couldn't even tell if there was life or vegetation around them! The worst part was that an eery silence had settled around them.

Then Feather Blossom's voice broke the silence,"Well, here we are. Thank goodness we're all safe." Carly was shocked to hear how cheerful Feather Blossom was in the depressing mist. Right now, Carly felt so depressed, that it was almost too much for her.

"Why do I have to go on this journey? Why did I even agree to? It's just wasting my time. While we've been looking for the planet crystals, I could have instead been looking for more important things, like my parents." Carly thought, starting to feel sorry for herself; she heard a small voice in her head, but couldn't understand what it was trying to say. Carly decided to ignore it and thought, "I'm so tired of doing what other people and animals want me to do; I want to do what I want to do. I'm just so tired.." She started to sway as a deep tiredness washed over her. Carly slowly fell to the ground and laid down. She yawned and said sleepily,"I'll just take a little nap..." Then she drifted off to sleep, oblivious of what Feather Blossom and Chip had been trying to tell her.

"Carly, Carly, wake up! Come on Carly, pleeeaaassseee wake up!" Chip's voice screeched worridly, Carly tried to open her eyes, but couldn't. She had a sinking feeling that the mist had some type of potion in it that made her sleep. But if it affected her, why didn't affect Chip or Feather Blossom?

"Oh no, oh no! She's not waking up! What do we do now?" Chip's voice cried, obviously panicking.

"Put her on my back, maybe if I fly around the cool air will revive her." Feather Blossom's voice said grimly. Carly felt herself being heaved onto something soft and realized it was Feather Blossom's back. Then she felt a jolt and then the gush of wind in her face. Carly felt Feather Blossom fly higher and higher; trying to revive Carly in vain.

At last, Carly felt the sleepiness go away and she slowly sat up, rubbing her eyes. After a few seconds, her eyes focused and she saw that Feather Blossom had flown above the depressing mist. They were now in the misty-blue, cloudless sky of Mysteria.

Then Chip's loud voice startled her and nearly made her fall off Feather Blossom. "Carly! You're awake! Thank goodness! I'm so glad you're okay!" Chip launched himself at her and gave Carly a big hug.

Carly laughed and said,"Thanks to you and Feather Blossom, I'm fine. I don't know what I'd do without you guys to look out for me."

Feather Blossom looked up and smiled,"I am not sure what you would do, but it is such a relief that you are back to normal; otherwise you might have been lost forever in The Land of Dreams."

Chip nodded with wide eyes and whispered,"Yah, that would have been terrible! For sure you wouldn't have us to look after you."

Carly was astonished to hear this. She could hear Chip's sentence ring over and over in her mind and shuddered. "I wonder what would have happened if I had gotten stuck in The Land of Dreams? Now I'm not so sure that I want to know why The Land of Dreams is so dangerous!" Carly thought fearfully.

Suddenly a deafening roar filled her ears. Chip started screeching wildly,"M-m-monster!!!!!! M-m-monster!!!!!!! Hhhhhhheeeellllpppp!!!!!!" Carly stiffly turned around in fright and screamed. A large, winged, purple monster with teeth as sharp as swords was behind them. She could even see some other monsters were right behind it.

"Hold on tight! We will be doing some evasive manuvures!" Feather Blossom yelled at Carly and Chip, over the loud roaring. Carly could hardly hear her and she could see that Chip was going overdrive.

Feather Blossom took a sharp right turn, avoiding the monsters' massive claws and teeth with care. Next she did a loop the loop to avoid the monsters' bulky tails that they swung at them. Then another sharp turn to the right, then to the left. Each time a monster tried to either swipe them with their tails or shiny claws, Feather Blossom avoided them. The problem was that the monsters were much heavier and bigger than Feather Blossom; so they weren't as nimble and as fast-moving as her, giving Feather Blossom plenty of time to avoid their tails and claws.

Carly could tell the monsters were getting pretty mad that Feather Blossom kept avoided their swipes and started bellowing in a strange way. Their strange bellows were answered and about a hundred more monsters came; these monsters had much bigger teeth and even spikes on their scaly skin. Also, they were not only purple, but gold, pink and blue! Chip started screaming even louder in panic and Carly almost fainted at the sight of them. She was very sure they didn't have a chance; Carly could already see that Feather Blossom was struggling to avoid all of the monsters' teeth, spikes and claws! Plus, the roaring was almost too much for her and the monsters just kept advancing. So at the last minute, Feather Blossom dived back down into the mist.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Cccccrrrraaasssshhhh lllaaannndddiiinnngggg!!!!!!!" Chip screamed at the top of his lungs; surprising Carly that his voice was still in tact, even when he had done so much screaming. But she had no time to think about that, Chip was right; they were about to crash land!

But right before they hit the ground, Feather Blossom veered up and landed softly on the ground. Carly and Chip breathed a sigh of relief, but their relief was short-lived. The monsters were even angrier now and their roaring sounded like one thousand thunder-claps. But Carly could still hear the flap of their wings over the roaring and it sounded like they weren't too far away. Feather Blossom looked around for a place to hide and Chip started shaking uncontrolably in fright. Carly wasn't in any better shape than Chip.

"Boy, those monsters are sure scary! I wish they would just go away!" Carly thought uneasily,"Wait! I almost forgot! I have a rainbow that brings good luck; so maybe if I take it out, then the monsters will go away!" She reached inside her cloak with shaking hands and brought out her rainbow. It started to shine brightly through the mist and suddenly the roaring stopped. Carly squinted in the monsters' direction; they were gone. She smiled triumpantly, but it just seemed too easy. Carly was sure that something was up.

"Good job Carly! What a great idea! But those were a lot of monsters, so I'm not sure if the rainbow can hold them off for long." Feather Blossom said. Carly nodded and looked over at Chip to see how he was doing. Thankfully he had stopped shaking and wasn't looking so pale. Unfortunetly, now the rainbow was shaking and it seemed like it would burst!

"Oh no! I just knew it! The monsters are too powerful! They're doing something with the rainbow and I don't think it's something good!!!" Carly cried. The rainbow continued to shake harder and harder; then, Crack!, it suddenly shattered into a million pieces! Carly, Chip and Feather Blossom stared at the shattered rainbow that littered the ground in dismay.

"Well, there goes our luck!" Chip said glumly and then screamed,"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! The monsters are using the rainbow's magic!!!!!! Now they're gigantic!!!!!" Carly looked up and saw that Chip was right; the monsters had sucked out the rainbow's magic and now looked like gigantic rainbow monsters!

"What are we going to do? How are we going to stop them?" Carly shouted as the monsters advanced. Their steps made the ground shake, making it hard to stand up.

"Hurry! In here!", A voice called,"Don't worry, they won't find you in here!" Chip didn't wait for Feather Blossom's or Carly's decision, he clumsily bolted over to where they had heard the voice. In a matter of seconds, he was gone.

Carly glanced at Feather Blossom and then they looked over to where Chip had disappeared. Feather Blossom nodded and they took off after Chip, trying their best to keep their balance on the shaking ground. Soon they too had disappeared, but into a dense mist.

"Chip? Chip! Where are you?" Carly yelled into the dense mist. She couldn't see anything at all in this mist and thankfully didn't hear any more roaring; plus, the ground had stopped shaking.

"That's good. I'm glad we escaped the monsters! But now I have to find where Chip and--Oh yes!--I also need to find Feather Blossom. Where could they be?" Carly looked around, trying to find Chip and Feather Blossom, but they were nowhere to be seen. Then there was a loud rumble and the ground shook. Carly fell and hit her head. Then all went black.

"Carly? Carly? Oh no! Not again!" Chip's voice cried. Carly opened her eyes and winced. Her head was throbbing and there was a large knot on it now. Carly's vision was a little blurry at first, but after a second or two it cleared. She saw that Chip and Feather Blossom were on either side of her; they were in a room with no doors and walls made of mist. The room had no furniture or decoration in it and she was resting on something that felt like a cloud. Carly noticed that Feather Blossom and Chip were staring at her in awe.

"What? You're already awake? H-h-how?" Chip said in astonishment. Feather Blossom seemed like she was about to say something, but couldn't; all she could do was stare.

Carly was starting to feel uncomfortable under the piercing stare of Feather Blossom and Chip. She decided to distract them and asked,"What happened to me? Where are we?"

"That's what WE want to know!" Chip replied,"All I know is that I ran through a dense mist, then there was a loud roaring and the ground started shaking. I fell and everything went black. Next thing I knew, I was in this room with Feather Blossom and you were asleep on a cloud in the middle of it. I think the same thing happened to Feather Blossom, right?"

Feather Blossom nodded. She somehow found her voice and said,"Exactly. But I didn't fall, I lost my balance and bumped into something very hard."

"Whatever. You still blacked out didn't you? Lucky for us, we didn't get a large knot on our head like Carly did." Chip retorted. Before Feather Blossom could answer Chip, the mist from the walls parted and a creature made of mist floated into the room. Chip yelped and jumped onto the cloud-bed Carly was on. Feather Blossom spread her wings protectively around Carly and Chip.

"You need not be afraid. I am here to help you." The creature said,"I am Mysta, a Myst Genie. My father would like to see you."

Chip relaxed and asked suspicously, "Hmph! How do we know you're not an enemy who's just pretending to be good? And by the way, what are Myst Genies?"

Mysta ignored Chip's suspicion and explained "Myst Genies are made of mist and can grant three wishes to those who are worthy enough for them. They can also tell the future and have great skill in making elusions."

"Then that means YOU were the mons-Owwww!" Chip said accusingly as Carly jabbed him with her elbow.

Carly glared at him and asked politely,"Does that mean you had something to do with those monsters?"

Chip cut in sarcastically,"Yah, right. Be polite to your enemy, just great. What a FANTASTIC idea!" Carly elbowed him again as Mysta began to speak.

"Yes. I am very sorry to say so, but we do have a reason. But first, please come with me." Mysta admitted sorrowfully. Then seeing that Carly, Chip and Feather Blossom had no intention of following her until she explained, Mysta said with a sigh,"We did not mean to scare or harm you; we just thought you were someone else who is not supposed to come here. Ever. When you had all fallen unconcious, we went out to take you prisoner. We found we had made a terrible mistake and carried you to the safest room in my father's palace."

"But then who called us over and into the dense mist? And if you guys can tell the future, how come you didn't know we were coming?" Carly questioned, puzzled.

Mysta replied,"To answer your first question; it was I who called to you. I realized our mistake and wanted help you. Only I had forgotten that I hadn't told all my people about the mistake. So when you got to Mystery Lands, my people still carried out our plan to stop you from coming."

"Oh. But what about my other question?" Carly said, starting to finally understand.

"Oh yes, sorry. Now your second question was "If you guys can tell the future, how come you did not know we were coming?"? Am I right?" Mysta said.

"Yes, that's right." Carly answered.

Mysta resumed, saying,"Since our world, inhabitants and galaxy are dying, we are losing our powers. Now our foreseeing powers are failing and we can only guess what will happen next. Oh, and even our wish-granting powers are going away; we can only grant one wish per person." Carly thought this over and looked over at Feather Blossom and Chip to see what they thought about it.

"Well...this is sort of hard to believe, but I'll trust you. I warn you, though, one false move and you're going to get it!" Chip said, still a little suspicous.

"I am glad you trust me. Do not worry, I would never try to hurt you intentionally." Mysta replied with a smile. Then she looked over at Feather Blossom and asked,"Do you have anything to say?"

Feather Blossom looked thoughtful for a moment and answered,"I have never heard of Myst Genies, even though I live in the same galaxy as them. I guess I can believe you and you seem trustworthy enough, Mysta."

"Good, that is all settled. Now come, we are already late." Mysta said, smiling even more while she ushered them to the opening in the misty walls. She passed through first, then Carly stepped through, next Chip and finally Feather Blossom. When they had all made it through, the opening in the wall closed with a "Swish!".

"Wow! This is amazing!" Carly breathed in awe. Outside the room the shimmered brightly through the light mist-walls in a long hallway; revealing swirling designs that covered them. A silver-colored carpet with tassels led to seven doors that led to more rooms. As Carly passed by them, she saw the rooms were all unique in color, use and items inside them. One room seemed to be a labratory; it had many strange-looking mechanical objects and what seemed like magic potions lined some shelves. Another was a magnificent library that held thousands and thousands of gleaming books all shapes and sizes; but the best part about them were their gem encrusted covers.

"These rooms are awesome! I hope we get to go inside at least one of them!" Carly thought wistfully. But that was not to be, for at the seventh door, Mysta stopped and led them in.

As soon as Carly saw the room, she totally forgot about the other rooms; this one had gray, satin drapes that gleamed like silver and hung gracefully from the ceiling made of mist. Smokey-colored flowers were clumped in bunches and lined the perimeter of the room. At the end of it were great slabs of stone carved into stately seats that seated important-looking Myst Genies. On the highest slab sat a king and a queen with flowing robes of misty cobwebs and a wise look to them.

"Now what do we do?" Chip asked Carly. He looked pretty much in awe of the king and queen and Carly sensed he felt uncomfortable in their majestic presence.

"Wait for my father to speak; he will instruct you how to find the last planet crystal. Oh, and have no fear, my father and mother are very merciful and kind." Mysta whispered to Chip helpfully.

"Thanks." Chip said sincerely. At that moment Feather Blossom nudged Carly and Chip to be quiet. Carly glanced at the throne and realized the king was about to speak.

"Welcome, travelers. I, King Myst, my wife, Queen Mystian, and my people are very sorry for the mistake we made. We only wanted to protect the last planet crystal from the evil of Blizzard. You see, long before our galaxy started falling apart from lack of rulers, we foresaw that an evil one named Blizzard would take the name of his twin brother, Snowmist, and join The Court of Snowfall. Then he would wait until you came and follow you to the last planet crystal. There, he would take it and the planet crystals you have already found for his own use; which is to take over the galaxy with the planet crystal's power. If he is able to succeed his mission, our galaxy and all of us will be turned evil by Blizzard. But that is not how the galaxy is supposed to be, so it will destroy itself in desperation to become right again. Then our world, galaxy and all of us will have perished forever and you would have too; for you are in our galaxy." King Myst said,"That would be terrible, but that is not the worst part; for when our galaxy destroys itself, the evil will be dispersed and it will search for another galaxy to devour. That means your own galaxy and others unknown are at risk."

Carly stared in disbelief at King Myst on hearing the terrible news. Their mission was getting more dangerous by the minute! She almost felt like it was a dream; but when she looked at Chip's pale face and Feather Blossom's wide eyes, Carly knew it was too real for it to be just a dream. She looked back at King Myst and Queen Mystan and looked deep into their eyes and saw a glimpse of fear in them too. But only for a second. The fear was replaced with sudden determination and Carly felt herself growing strong again. All her fear turned away and she stood up straighter, feeling invincable. Carly saw Chip and Feather Blossom were as determined as her and she felt even better.

"With Chip and Feather Blossom at my side, I can do anything! We are ready to do whatever it takes to retrieve the last planet crystal and finish our journey; without it ending in catastrophe." Carly said bravely.

Queen Mystian smiled approvingly and said,"Good. I am glad you are ready to complete your mission. Your guide will lead you to the last planet crystal. May the mist become denser! Good luck!"

" "May the mist become denser?!" What type of farewell is that?" Chip asked in annoyance. Feather Blossom shrugged and said,"What does it matter? We must concentrate on the mission ahead of us. Look! That person over there is probably our guide!" Carly and Chip followed Feather Blossom obediently to a person with a white cloak thrown over his shoulders at the far side of the room. He turned and motioned them to follow them through a dark tunnel of mist; but not before Carly saw his face.

She gasped,"I know you! You've been following us!"

Suddenly Carly stopped following him and said in realization,"You-you're Blizzard, aren't you?"

"Why did you say that, Carly? Now he's going to attack us! Quick, give me the planet crystals or he'll take them!" Chip cried angrily.

Blizzard turned around and laughed, but it wasn't evil laugh, it was just a laugh! He cleared his throat and said, still laughing,"I'm not Blizzard! Remember? I'm his brother, Snowmist! If I were Blizzard, I would have attacked you before you had even recognized me!"

"Oh." Carly, Chip and Feather Blossom said in unision, surprised.

"But then what are you doing here?" Chip squeaked.

"I am here to protect you from my brother. I have been following him ever since I found out about his plan." Snowmist replied,"Enough talk, we are here. Hopefully we have arrived before the--" Snowmist stopped short and held out his arm to stop Carly, Chip and Feather Blossom from moving any farther. Carly peered curiously under Snowmist's arm and saw that they had come to a room full of mist that had an unnatural look to it. She also sensed something was wrong.

"What's the matter? Does it have to do something with the mist?" Carly asked anxiously.

"You are right, the mist is the problem. My brother has sent it here to stop us from getting the crystal. If you go through or get too close to it, you will fall into an eternal sleep and be exiled in The Land of Dreams forever." Snowmist answered,"Now you can not get to the planet crystal that is hidden here; but I am not harmed by it, so I will retrieve the crystal."

"But what will happen if Blizzard attacks us while you are gone?" Feather Blossom pointed out.

"Good point. Well that is a problem, how are we going to get the crystal now?" Snowmist said with a frown.

"Hey, I know! Feather Blossom, could you make a bubble around us? Maybe that could keep us safe." Chip cried excitedly.

"Great idea Chip! Let's get some water out of the food bags the Ground Dwellers gave us." Carly said enthusiastically. She ran over to Feather Blossom and grabbed a jug of water out of one of the bags.

"Wait! This might not work. If it does not work, we will all fail the mission!" Feather Blossom said hesitantly.

"It is worth a try, if it means getting the planet crystal." Snowmist said with a grin.

"Well, alright." Feather Blossom said doubtfully. Soon Carly and Chip were on Feather Blossom's back and ready to go; Feather Blossom had generated a large water bubble was around them and Snowmist was wishing them good luck,"Good luck! I hope you succeed the mission! I'll be here fighting my brother. Hopefully I will be able to give you enough time to find the crystal and go through the portal to Flare. Next, join the planet crystals on Flare and your mission will be complete. If I can, I'll join you later."

Suddenly the dark tunnel started to rumble and shake. Then Blizzard appeared,"Give me the crystals!"

Snowmist hurled himself at him and shouted,"Carly, Chip and Feather Blossom, now is your chance! Go get the planet crystal!" Feather Blossom galloped off into the mist and Carly could hear loud blasts and glanced back at Snowmist; as a shower of sparks lit up the tunnel, she saw that Blizzard was firing blasts of magic at Snowmist.

She shivered and looked away, thinking, "I hope Snowmist will be okay."

"Planet crystal ahead!" Chip yelled. Carly saw a glowing shape in the mist and realized it was the planet crystal. It was on a pillar of stone. Feather Blossom galloped closer to it and Carly reached out to grab it. At the last minute, Feather Blossom generated a bubble in the shape of Carly's hand and she grabbed the crystal; retracting her hand safely.

"Got it!" She cried. Chip cheered and Feather Blossom smiled happily. Swoosh! A portal opened in front of them and Feather Blossom galloped through, just as Blizzard fell to the ground; defeated by Snowmist.

"Way to go! We've almost completed our mission." Carly thought on seeing Snowmist's triumph,"But no matter what, Chip, Feather Blossom and I will always be BEST friends."

Then the portal closed.

"We are here! Are all the planet crystals still in tact?" Feather Blossom said excitedly.

"Yup. They're all right here in my cloak." Carly replied. She, Chip and Feather Blossom had just arrived safely on Flare; now the most invigorating part of their journey was to come. Around them the sun shone as brightly as ever and it was still pretty hot. Feather Blossom had just generated a bubble around herself and looked like she was thinking very hard.

"Let me get this straight; so we're supposed to go to the middle of Flare, somehow join the crystals and then the magic will spread and heal our galaxy and all that stuff, right?" Chip asked.

"Well you're pretty much got that right. But the problem is, how are we supposed to join the crystals?" Carly said in a worried voice,"Hey Feather Blossom, do you have any ideas of how we could join the planet crystals?"

"I am not sure...yet. I am still thinking..." Feather Blossom murmured, still deep in thought.

"Why worry with an empty stomach? We haven't eaten in ages and I'm starved! Besides, if we don't finish that Mushroom Loaf it's going to go bad." Chip said and started digging around in the bundles of food.

"Chip! You ate only a couple hours ago! How come you're always hungry?" Carly sighed in exasperation,"Anyway, there's no more Mushroom Loaf."

"What!!!! So YOU ate the rest of the Mushroom Loaf! How could you?" Chip cried angrily.

Carly rolled her eyes and said dryly,"No, Chip. Of course I didn't; I didn't even have a BITE of it. YOU hogged the Mushroom Loaf and ate it all."

"Oh." Chip said blushing and looked at the ground shamefully.

Carly felt sorry for him and said, "It's alright, Chip, Feather Blossom and I had more important things to worry about it than eating." Chip smiled appreciatively at her.

Then he turned to face Feather Blossom and asked,"So, have any ideas of how we're going to put these crystals together?"

Feather Blossom nodded and replied,"Yes, but I'm not sure it will work."

"So what's your idea, Feather Blossom?" Carly asked as Chip scooted closer to them.

" Well, I thought we could line up all the planet crystals in a circle on the ground; then I could generate a bubble around them and slowly shrink it. Hopefully when the crystals are close enough together, they will join." Feather Blossom answered.

"That's a pretty good idea, Feather Blossom!!! But why can't we just put the planet crystals together by hand?" Carly asked.

"If we did it by hand, our hands might get in the way when the crystals are bonding. Then we will have our hands stuck between crystals and that will disrupt the flow of magic; making the bond very unstable and it might do something we do not want it to do. If I generate a bubble around them, nothing will get in the crystal's way. Plus, the bubbles I generate are magic. So it will help the crystal's magic stablize." Feather Blossom answered.

"Wow, I'm impressed, Feather Blossom!!! You must have thought of EVERYTHING!!! This is an AWESOME idea!!!" Carly exclaimed.

"Yah, it rocks!!!" Chip agreed enthusiasticlly,"What are we waiting for? Let's do this!!! I think that place over there would be a great spot to set the planet crystals on."

"Perfect!" Feather Blossom said approvingly as she walked over to the spot. Carly and Chip followed close behind.

"In what order do you want me to put the crystals in, Feather Blossom?" Carly asked, handing Chip some of the crystals from her cloak.

" about you and Chip put the crystals in the order of when they were found." Feather Blossom suggested.

"Okay." Chip said as he lined up the planet crystals in a ring,"So that means the planet crystal for Dropslet will come first? Then Whirlwind, Red Ring, Shifter...what next?"

"That's right, Chip Dropslet's crystal will come first then Whirlwind, Red Ring, and Shifter." Carly said, then admitted, "Honestly, I really don't know which crystal comes next; we split up at that time. Maybe Feather Blossom knows who found which crystal before the others?"

Feather Blossom stared quizizickly at the planet crystals and answered,"I can only guess which ones come next. For some reason, I believe Carly found the planet crystal for Greenleaf next, then I found the crystals for Lipay and its sister planets, then Chip found the crystals for Petla and its moons, then also for Dragoon. Of course the last crystals we found were for Flare and Mysteria. Did you get that?"

"Yes." Chip said as he arranged the last planet crystals,"There, finished. Okay Feather Blossom, do your stuff!!!!"

"Stand back!!! We don't know what is going to happen!!!" Feather Blossom commanded.

Feather Blossom closed her eyes in concentration and a bubble started to form. It slowly started to get smaller and smaller until all the crystals were only inches apart. Then only an inch, then...ZAP!!!! A bright light shone and Carly covered her eyes. The light dimmed and she saw that the crystals had bonded together!!! It had been so easy!!!

"Maybe a little too easy." Carly thought,"I have a feeling something will go wrong!!!"

"Hooray!!! We did it!!!" Chip cheered, giving Carly a high five.

"Great job Feather Blossom!!!" Carly cried and asked,"Are you okay?" Feather Blossom looked a little tired and Carly realized she had been trying to keep the bubble surrounding her up AND generating a new bubble. No wonder she was so exhausted!!!

"That's gotta be hard work!!!" Carly thought. Then a loud noise snapped her out of her thoughts--it was Chip's screaming. It took her a couple seconds to figure out what he was saying, but it was too late. She could see the lump of bonded planet crystals getting closer and closer, pulling her in. The last thing she heard was,"--nd Queen of galaxy!!!" Then she had disappeared.

Carly opened her eyes. She was in a bright, crystalline room of some sort. The walls glittered and glowed with a cascade of colors, making Carly feel dizzy. She stood up and found there was a passage to her right. Carly was about to step through it, when a movement caught her eye. A creepy feeling that she was being watched made Carly's heart thud against her chest. She slowly turned around to see a tall, slender woman with pale skin and dark eyes watching her. Something about the woman seemed familiar...but Carly couldn't remember when she'd seen someone like this before.

"Now what am I supposed to do? A mysterious woman is watching me and I'm stuck inside the bonded planet crystals. For all I know, that woman could be the one who sucked me in!!!" Carly thought as she studied the woman.

Then at last the woman spoke in a quivering voice,"P-p-princess? Is that you, your majesty?"

Carly looked at the woman, very puzzled at being called a princess and asked,"What do you mean? I'm pretty sure I'm not the princess you're talking about; you must've mistaken me for someone else!!! Anyway, how did YOU get here?"

The woman let out a gasp and cried,"It IS you!!! It is truly you!!! Come quickly, the King and Queen will want to see you!!!!" The woman rushed over to Carly, bowed respectively, and took her by the hand.

"Wait!!! You're making a mistake, I'm not the princess!!!" Carly yelled as she tried to pull away.

"Now, now, your highness, do not tell such lies!!!" The woman said reproachfully,"As your royal handmaiden, it is my duty to make sure you are safe, presentable and well-mannered."

"You're supposed to be my Handmaiden?!" Carly asked dubiously.

"Exactly, Handmaiden Floretta Flowerette at your survice." Floretta replied as she dragged Carly into the passage.

"You can let go, now. I know how to walk by myself, you know." Carly said.

"Of course, princess. But please follow me, no wandering away." Floretta answered firmly, but Carly could see a glimpse of a smile on her face.

"Floretta seems pretty nice, I guess if I'm stuck here forever; life won't be so bad with her. Plus, I'd get to live in Royalty." Carly thought.

Floretta had guided Carly out of the passage now and she took a left ( after making sure Carly was behind her ); then walked straight ahead to a dead end.

"What's going on? Why are you taking me here?" Carly asked Floretta suspicously.

"You will soon see, your royal highness." Floretta said mysteriously.

"Oh, and, Floretta, would you mind not calling me "your highness" and all that stuff? Because I'm really not the princess. You see, I live with my aunt and my pet squirrel monkey, Chip. One day I found this portal and then I found myself in your world. Then they asked me to help save your galaxy and..." Carly tried to explain.

Floretta cut her off, crying triumphantly,"Ah-ha!!! That is proof that you really ARE the princess!!!"

"But..." Carly said desperately.

"No buts!!! Now are you ready to see your parents? Oh my!!! We need to find something more suitable than those rags you are wearing!!!" Floretta said disapprovingly, while checking Carly's complextion.

"I'm not wearing rags!!! Wait-- I'm going to see my parents? Do you mean my real ones?" Carly asked rather puzzled and thinking to herself,"First I'm sucked into the bonded planet crystals, next I'm escorted by "my handmaiden"; now she says I'm going to see my real parents, or at least I think so. What next?"

Carly didn't have to wait long for an answer ( or to regret asking the question ); because before Carly could protest, Floretta turned and went through the wall, pulling Carly with her.

"AAaaahhhhh!!!!!" Carly screamed.

"Shush!!! There is nothing to worry about, princess." Floretta commanded,"You are going to disrupt the King and Queen." Carly opened her eyes and to her surprise, found she was in another room with crystalline walls.

"Where am I? How did we go through the wall?" Carly asked incredously.

"We are right next to the King and Queen's chamber. They will call us any minute now, so be on your best behavior." Floretta answered, totally ignoring Carly's other question.

"Yes Ma'm." Carly said aloud, but thought,"Goodness!!! Floretta sure treats me like a girl younger than 12!!!"

Then a large door to her right opened and a tall, young man came out. He was dressed in fine clothes, like Floretta, and gasped in surprise when he saw Carly.

"T-t-the K-king and Q-queen were r-right!!!! You HAVE c-come to save us!!!!" He stammered as he quickly ushered them through the door and into another crystalline room.

This crystalline room was even larger than the other ones and was even more colorful. But what made Carly's eyes widen were none of those things, but the two figures in royal robes coming towards her; HER PARENTS!!!!! Green eyes and all.

"MOM!!! DAD!!!! How did you get here? Are you okay? Why are you wearing those robes? I've missed you so much!!!!!" Carly cried and hurled herself at them.

"CARLY, MY GIRL, YOU FOUND US!!!!!" Carly's Dad yelled, catching her in mid air and whirling her around.

"CARLY? CARLY? It IS you!!! Oh, I am so glad you found us!!!! You are so grown up now!!!!" Carly's mom called, tears streaming down her face. Carly's Dad put her down and she found she was also crying. "After all these years, I finally found them!!!" Carly thought happily, then asked the question she had been saving for this moment,"Where were you?"

At once her parents looked at the ground shamefully. Finally, taking her hand and looking straight into Carly's eyes, her mom said,"Carly, we have something to tell you. We should have told you earlier, but you were too young to understand. But now we can tell you."

"Tell me what?" Carly asked, her brows furrowing.

Her dad sighed and said,"Here, take a seat, my dear." He lead her to a bench and she sat down. Carly's mom settled down to her left and her dad took a seat to her right.

Her dad started off again, saying,"First of all, you are not truly human. You are actually just in human form." Seeing Carly looking at him blankly, he explained furthur,"Well, you see, we are actually the rulers of this galaxy. Ever since the last rulers of this galaxy died, me and your mother have been ruling it. We ruled the galaxy as best and wisely as we could and all was well.

Now a couple years ago, some of the other creatures got restless; they had heard of another galaxy called the Milky Way and it intruged them, especially the planet Earth. They asked our permission to explore Earth and its galaxy and to even live along with the other creatures on Earth. We were intruged as well and granted their permission.

We then ordered a portal to be built, that would allow us to go to Earth. When it was finished, everyone who wanted to go to Earth gathered up the supplies they would need; then they all met at the finished portal and disguised as humans, went through. As our duty, and interest, we went along with them, also disguised in human form." He paused to take a breath and continued,"At that time, your mother was pregnant with you; so I was worried if the trip took too long, it would be too exhausting for her. But I needn't worry, because after a little exploring, we found Earth did not suit our needs. Their was no magic and the water and air their was somewhat polluted; not clean and fresh like ours. We did not like that humans were not always truthful and loving to each other; their ways were just sometimes too horrible to describe.

As soon as our group learned this, they became unhappy. But in spite of all that, we--your mother and I--had settled down already. We had even made a human friend, your Aunt Marisa.

Soon you had been born. Then after your first birthday, the creatures decided to go back home. We knew you were too young to go and knew you wouldn't understand; so we decided to wait until you were old enough before we returned home.

The creatures then went without us, but something went wrong with the portal. We sensed this and knew we had to help them. At the same time, we knew we couldn't leave you alone. Thinking we'd only be gone for a short time, we asked your Aunt Marisa to watch you. We told you and your Aunt Marisa that we were going on a ' walk in the woods' so that you and your aunt wouldn't worry too much. Anyway, it was partly true, we WERE going to the woods. But for a different reason.

Then disaster struck. When we found the portal, the creatures, still disguised as humans, had been sucked into it; somehow ending up in the planet crystals for their planets. We tried freeing them, but instead got sucked into the planet crystals, too; also still in our human forms. We've been here for years now, waiting for you to rescue us.

Now when you bonded the crystals, all of us were reunited. We knew that you had finally come to rescue us after all these years. And here we are, together again." Carly's dad finished with a smile.

"I'm so glad I found you, but I could never have done it without Chip and Feather Blossom." Carly said. Then asked, looking up into her parent's faces,"I have one question, though, if I'm in my human form, what type of creature am I for real? How come you and the other creatures couldn't get out of your human forms?"

"Well, your REAL form is an elfin princess, dear. We are an elfin King and Queen, of course." Her mom replied,"To answer your other question, we couldn't because the planet crystals have too much power. You see, if we had tried to get out of our human forms, using magic of course, our magic would have over-loaded. We would have been completely destroyed and the planet crystals we were in would explode because of too much magic. But if we stayed in our human forms too long; we will get stuck in them forever. You came just in time, Carly dear, and you did a wonderful job in finding us. Your friends did, too. Thank you." Carly's mom gave her arm a squeeze and smiled.

"So are you ready to lead us out of the crystal?" Her dad asked.

"I sure am. I'll manage, somehow." Carly answered with a grin,"Another question, how come you can't get out by yourselves."

"Because this is something for you to do, dear." Her mom replied, giving her one last hug. Then everyone gathered around Carly, and she led them out of the bonded planet crystals; then to where a cheering crowd of creatures were gathered. In the middle of the crowd was Chip and Feather Blossom, grinning ear to ear; holding a crown.

As they set the crown gently on her head, Carly knew this was the best moment of her life.

Then she turned to face the new life ahead of her.